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: when will neeko comes to euw server ?
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Fajerk (EUW)
: > 3.2. Can I do stuff with Riot’s intellectual property? _(We reserve all the rights to our IP, but do allow for some personal, non-commercial uses like fan art.)_ For more read here: and here: > Our logos - Unless we’ve given you prior written consent, you can’t use any of our logos (including the Riot Games logo and the League of Legends logo) anywhere on your Project or any website, advertising material, video or other publication.
Thanks this helped me a lot :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Poem Contest - ❄️Volunteer Event❄️
Hi Here is my poem from someone I am sure everyone loves :) <3 ________________________________________________________________________________ Twas The Night Before Christmas, When Santa was away. Who best to replace him, Than Braum with his sleigh. His laugh is charming, You look forward to tomorrow. And why should you not, When there is Braum and his poro. His shield is mighty, Nothing gets past. You are safe right now, So go on and have a blast. Twas The Night Before Christmas, When Santa was away. Who best to replace him, Than Braum with his sleigh. He protects the weak, And encourages the strong. Whichever you are, Simply come and tag along. Sight means victory, And so does stone. Then what are you waiting for, Bring even your clone. Twas The Night Before Christmas, When Santa was away. Who best to replace him, Than Braum with his sleigh If Santa comes back, Then should Braum stay. Perhaps he will, Or maybe he will go out to play. There is one person we love, And his name is Braum. He may not seem much, But he is better than Trump. Twas The Night Before Christmas, When Santa was away. Who best to replace him, Than Braum with his sleigh
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pliok14 (EUW)
: "Authenticating..." forever
Did you try repairing the files? Sounds like corrupt files
: Instant 14-day ban for defending myself?
You do know that 90% of the time flame goes on ingame is because of people arguing back? How are you different from the guy flaming you if you are equally flaming back? Obviously if I am the 3rd person I will report you both for ruining MY game with your bickering. 2 week suspension is absolutely right, gives you time to think of flaming other people or making use of the mutes button that Lol has given you so that you don't get banned (= See you on the fields of justice {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Being matched with gold and platinum players at level 1????
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: hours spent on league
Its a Riot games policy that you can only check stats of ranked games. I don't know why normal game stats is not available but that is the case so I don't think you will ever find what you are looking for
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: Leaver buster for trying to make the game fair
And what if the afk comes back while you are afk?
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: I cant unlock the new champion Kayn
He is not yet released but will be later released this patch. They have simply announced that the champion is almost ready
Tawheed10 (EUW)
: Where is Twisted Fate in this Meta?
He is actually off this meta. Many mid lane champions can snowball him in and out of lane, popular picks being Zed, Ekko and Fizz are just a few of the champions that give him a hard time. With the high skillcap required for TF he isn't a popular pick at all this meta.
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: Riot gives free chests for good grades? Get pranked kid, you thought it would be that easy? xd
Riot is at a decent monetary state but I wouldn't call them multi-billionaire, they are far from that for now xD
: Is AD Nidalee completly dead?
In this meta no, Riot has pretty much killed off ad Nidalee so if you are a solo ranked fan this will not be ideal. All other modes is fun though
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: looking for a premade to climb elo ;)
Hi im S5 and the highest I have made it is S1 If you are interested I will add you, I am main mid and jungle but can also play support
RandyOorton (EUNE)
: Any sight on Rakan/Xayah nerfs?
I see Xayah feathers interactions being tweaked in the near future
TraceOn (EUW)
: Can someone tell me (specifically me) how to carry
From what I can see you are a consistent mid laner. Lux is a good pick for carrying but she does somewhat rely heavily on teammates for team fights and stuff. Talon is only good for assassinating an adc and is pretty weak this meta. Ahri is a good pick but requires practice and skill. You just need to practice more and more till you know the limits and abilities of the champions you play. Only then can you actually hard carry
Ìxeas (EUW)
: And what to do if I have 0 friends and client still laggs?
Biuvoc (EUW)
: RUNES doesnt matter???
Its always pointless to go full ad or full ap runes. Runes are there to help you get through the early phase. They don't have much impact in late game, but they do influence how well you do in lane. As for Ekko damage he probably was trading better than you and from my past experience as an ekko main it is pretty easy to out trade a zed, everything in an Ekko kit is practically countering zed, his e to dodge zed abilities, his q to keep zed at bay, his w to mitigate some damage and his ult to completely nullify zed's ult. Basically you were countered by ekko. As for Zed build it is best to go Flat Ad reds, Armor yellows, Magic resist blues and Armor Pen quints to get you through those annoying tanks
: Fervor vs Bloodlust on Twitch
Bloodlust is decent but now scales with critical strikes. Depending on how you are building twitch if you have high critical strike chance then bloodlust is ideal and the movement speed bonus is very decent. From what I have seen, twitch is more attack speed based and in this case fervor is better since you can stack much faster
: Yea i figured it might be the cause , but how did i patch in the past then, if my internet is unstable
Packet loss can happen at any given moment. I had the same issue as well when I used to have Wimax internet. Never did I have that problem then all of a sudden it wouldn't patch (be stuck at 33% or 99% all night through) After talking to Riot Support they told me that wireless network was the problem so I simply plugged the network cable directly to my laptop and the problem was solved. Then I switch to wireless fibre internet and I have never had a single issue for over 3 years
: My patcher doesnt work i tried everything 7.8
Seems your internet is not stable enough for a download. Try to connect to the internet via cable and see if this problem persists
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: Ranks after game is rigged.
Depends on what role you were playing and what role she was playing
Arklíght (EUW)
: where are the item sets on the new client
Not added into the new client yet. It will be months before they actually work something out
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: where are the diamonds?
Yatuzor (EUW)
: Help Please!!
Seems like your firewall is blocking the connection. You must disable the firewall or allow LOL in the exceptions
: I am fairly sure that you get the same matchmaking regardless of whether you are in promos or not. A lot of people seem to be saying that it is different matchmaking in promos but I haven't found any information about this anywhere.
Next time you are in promos check the rank of your teammates ;)
: Fiora W + Courage of the Colossus Bug ?
If you read courage carefully it says that you get a shield when you use a hard cc ability so regardless of whether it was block as long as you activate a hard cc ability you will get the shield
: Am i not allowed to get out of bronze?
Promos purposely match you with lower elo team mates so you need to be at your best. Don't let the promos get to you, play like norml
: Do you have any ideas for a Garen player username ?
Don't base your username on a champion. From what I have experienced I will eventually get bored of the champion and end up wondering why my username is behind him in the first place. But should you choose to name after Garen anyway then I would suggest: Righteous JusticeR
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