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: Weak af, pretty much every meta toplaner destroys him plus several offmeta ones.
But meta toplaners are booooooring What's weak about him, anyways? :T
: Ummmmmm, frozen mallet maybe? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} Well, either that or you go for the juicy full ap shyvana goodness: {{item:3020}} , {{item:3146}} , {{item:3907}} , {{item:3089}} , {{item:3135}} , {{item:3157}} and just try to kill him before he kills u.
Is that a thing holy heck I've mostly just been playing boring AD Shyvana. Which, weirdly enough, sometimes procs Camille's passive by giving her an AP shield? It's the best feeling because suddenly the shield just means nothing.
: Oh please, that's so obvious. First you... You... You uhhh... . . . Yeah no, actually, I got nothing. {{sticker:sg-janna}} [On the real tho, u just kinda gotta bully him early as much as possible before he gets stacks and then try to kite him late game by slowing/stunning him while your backline hits him and hope that you kill him before he gets to the backline.]
_Sideglances at her Shyvana top_ Yep. Slows and stuns :^D
: Get your team to push through mid 5v4. Most Nasus players won't react and you just win the game.
~~What if they're feeding~~
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