: Am I the only one who cannot log into lol Esports page?
Had the same problem a few weeks back as well. For Chrome, go to: Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Cookies and add the following entries to the allowed list: https://[*.]leagueoflegends.com:443 https://[*.]watch.euw.lolesports.com:443 https://[*.]riotgames.com:443 Should you still have problems, click on the globe symbol beside the login button and choose your region/language. Sometimes that makes him recognize your login. Good luck
: The joys of 1 v 9...
Had the same shit just yet. Cho'Gath brought me through but boy am I getting pissed by this inability to just ban the stupid accounts as soon as they pop up or at least after 3-5 games. I am a total noob software development like, but hell, even I could write a script that scans for the telltale signs of those bastard accounts and lists them for convenient banning. But I think that they let them spread on purpose for a few weeks before banning so the statistic looks nice regarding new accounts created and active playerbase..
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: Bot-Leveling usage is out of control.....
Forget it mate. I contacted support like ages ago and made a thread. Only answer on the boards was "I think you exaggerate...."
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