Mazginoo (EUW)
: I've heard people say worse things
well deserved ban, go make a new account, maybe you will learn something
: Looking for a duo with %60 + WR
youre at 54% and look for 60+? something's not right here
Eadbert (EUW)
: > most of the time the animation on champion select doesnt move do you use low-spec client? that might be the issue on that one still upvoted for others i have as well
nope, everything is maxed out
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XaRˉ (EUW)
: [EUW - 18+] Looking for your special "home" community? Check us out!
Hella toxic server. If you dont invite somebody who wants to play they will start flaming and crucifing you. get ready for "you piece of shit" etc the leader is toxic
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