: Full Map of Runeterra
file:///C:/Users/Thomas%20Parkerson/Downloads/Map%20of%20Runeterra.jpg I found this on Google Images to give you a better idea, it displays every key place in Runeterra
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David 777 (EUW)
: Perhaps she needs more slows to the enemies, but she looks quite cool at any rate.
thanks for the feedback! i will try to incorporate another slow somewhere
Dadoune V3 (EUNE)
: Gragas mommy?
she woild probs be younger than gragas but a fun idea nonetheless
VoidMastar (EUNE)
: that q is basically a vi q
Kioshek (EUNE)
: I like it in general, but it reminds me Singed a lot.
Thanks for the feedback, I have tried to base her kit around movement buffs and slows so I'm guessing that's why you think she's a bit like singed (the alchemy?)? I would love to know why so I can make her more unique!
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AstralJoker (EUNE)
: An ideea for 5 new skins
it would be great if there was no such thing copyright infringement
: (NEW CHAMPION CONEPT) Kore, the Crystal Colossus
Hi guys, I would love feedback and shares as I am struggling to get this concept out there in the forums! There will soon be some rough concept art as well
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: This is a really nice concept. It sounds fun, has clear advantages and disadvantages and doesnt seem too OP. If I may point out some drawback, I think that the passive and R are a little underwhelming. Especially with the ultimate, I think that for 3 secs of channeling (which would leave Ireness vulnerable) she and her allies could receive something more... hmm... I dont want to say more useful since the health regen is awesome, but its not exactly interesting. Receiving something more flashy or interactive would make the ability stand out more. Still, nice concept, I like it.
Thanks for the feedback! I definately see what you mean with the ultimate and passive and will be sure to take that on board whilst still keeping old concepts like the health regen. Thanks again!
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: Kayden, The man and the monster
I wouls love some feedback in the comments as to what I can do to improve!
: Kayden, The man and the monster
I just realised that I didn't post the lore! So................................. Life for Kayden was tough in Zaun. He was constantly under threat from the likes of gangs and thieves - but never something like Go'Fell. A shadowy spirit who enjoyed the thrill of a fight and would take over the bodies of the weak to use them to get what he wanted. When it came to Kayden, he could not fully take over his body. Kayden resisted and Go'Fell insisted he embraced. The two struggled and fought for Kayden's body at first, but as time grew longer they came to an agreement. Kayden wanted to clean up Zaun and Go'Fell wanted chaos. Now, with the struggles becoming a bickering friendship, Kayden and Go'Fell clean the streets of Zaun their way with the power that comes with two who are one. _I hope the lore clears up any thoughts that this champion is incredibly dark and depressing. I realised this in developing this champion and thought it would be a good idea to stray away from the norm. Kayden and Go'Fell wander now as a bickering duo, which is a lot more lighthearted than you would expect from someone who is possessed by a show monster thingy. _
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: (NEW CHAMPION CONEPT) Kore, the Crystal Colossus
I would love more feedback on this page in particular! Please be sure to tell me what you think once you've read it thorugh and give props to the other people who have given feedback from the original page! -NGT
: (NEW CHAMPION CONEPT) Kore, the Crystal Colossus
The next update is going to include state on Kore's health and damage numbers. Please stay tuned for it and, if you have any suggestions for balancing or stats comment!
: I came up with the Dragon Trainer Rumble idea if you want to see the concept design.
that sounds pretty cool!
: Rumble could use more skins, that's for sure, but probably better ideas than the arcade one.
yeah, it was just a funny idea i came up with at the end of the day really XD
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: NEW CHAMPION IDEA (Need Name!!!!!!)
ATTENTION READERS! I would like to thank you for your support and constructive feedback! I would also like to inform you that **a much cleaner and more organised page for Kore is up now.** It includes the final design and ability choices for him.....her...uh.... it. I would appreciate if you have any further feedback or await further updates on Kore, then you should come over to the new page here: [](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/MbHbXJAH-new-champion-conept-kore-the-crystal-colossus)
: I was refused help by a rioter.
As bad as your condition Scott, the rules of the game mean that you can't get given any UP for something like this. As sympathetic they may feel for you, it is possible for so many people to take this sort of thing that it becones impossible for Riot to know if it is true. I would however recommend finding some sort of mild, psycological treatment or some sort of exercise to help you. I'm sure if your OCD is as bad as it seems, you or your parents would be doing things to help it.
: (NEW CHAMPION CONEPT) Kore, the Crystal Colossus
Please be sure to give your feedback and stay tuned for more updates and balancing! ALSO, check out the link to see the people who helped with feedback and improvements
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: NEW CHAMPION IDEA (Need Name!!!!!!)
The new changes to Kore include the Crystals having health as opposed to a time limit to make it fair on the enemies whilst giving the player enough time to set up an attack
: Uhm....has anyone though of which role he/she should go? From what i see Kore is like a mixture of zyra and anivia with the aoe and the crystal/plant zone mechanic. She/he has too many utility skills to be a full on mid laner and they would have to buff her/his Q ratio and cd to make it work for mid. But then she/he doesn't have any sort of utility for her/his adc to make her a good enough support and as a support should would need higher base damage, allowing her to be in a position like karma used to be, should be support but still dominates mid. A heal/shield on an adc would be too broken so that can't work. Cant set up her crystals (should have fairly short range or else broken in lane) if she plays as jungle. Too "casty and magey" to be a top laner (can work if tweeked her flat damage into %health damage)
My fault for not specifying, Klre is most definately a mage or a control mage type champion, there Kore is supposed to be played in the mid lane and later on as a sort on zoning champ when it comes to teamfights etc.
: Okay, now with an updated version, I will look it over again. His E's effect, I really dig it. It's a good addition as it's something different and the only thing is, I don't think it's going to be easy to use both the projectiles. The rest of the fixes I'm not so sure about though. The passive seems to have problems still, or atleast I feel like it does while reading it. The way it seems right now is it's a two-part shield. One is temporary and gained from killing minions, the other is permanent and regenerates over time, but you gain it from kills and assists. Correct? This doesn't seem like healthy design as if you're behind, your shield doesn't scale well and as so, your ult doesn't scale well and then you'll have no chance of getting back into the game. I think the passive should work more like a combination of Rengar's Necklace, bard's passive and Cassiopeia's old passive, Aspect of the Serpent. What I mean by this is, there should be thresholds that can be achieved by killing minions, champions and procing his E. The threshold should work like Bard's scaling, getting better at like 5 stacks, 10 stacks and so on. Writing this out would be kind of hard, but I think it would be the best way this could work without being anti-fun. Regeneration opportunities could even be added like, it starts out with only regening when he returns to fountain, then becomes better at 50 stacks, by regenning to full when he kills champions, 75, he regens at assists too, 100, he gets it back by killing strong monsters, 200, he regens when out of combat for 10 seconds. Something like that, though the numbers and stuff should probably not be like that. His Q had a pull added, which doesn't really seem very interesting and just a thing that was added on. I really think you should think over what this spell should do for him and see if you can do something that helps that. Maybe a movement speed bonus or something. His W seems like you changed it from a boring tank buff to a Yasuo wall on wheels. I get that you want him to be more tanky with this spell, but I think you should add something that works more like a shield than a barrier. I know this might work like there's too many shields, but maybe he could get something like a toggle that costs 20 mana per hit and then he gains another shield that rapidly decays whenever he attacks. I'm not sure how it could work, might even be cool to have something like Sivir's spellshield. I understand you want a tank buff, but directly blocking things for multiple seconds with no counterplay isn't fun. Like I said before, the E's awesome, though I think you yourself should proc it, not your allies too. Like I said in the passive, him activating the mark could even work towards his shield becoming better. The only thing is, I think it should be reworked from throwing a piece in opposite directions. Maybe make it on a charge system, like Vi's punches and just throw one piece at a time? His R is fine. Maybe make the ult drain less for each champion hit? Not a lot, just enough for him to be able to keep on the ult as long as all 5 enemy champions are in the radius, so they'd be forced to attack him to remove it. I will say, all these changes are just suggestions. I'm not trying to take over your champion, just spark your imagination as to what doesn't work and how you COULD change it.
Right I will now attempt to adress tuis paragraph as best as I can: E, thank you, I am glad that you like it now ☺ PASSIVE, ok so the concept is still that he gains a sheild but mow it is fully capable of regenerating (probs based of level). However, as stated at the bottom, I dlnt know whether or not the sheild should be gakndd off of minions or kills/assists, one of these should be balanced enough but they both change his play style dratically in the long run. I think there was just a misunderstanding of how it works there (its not pat reen part not, its what you suggested, all regen) Q, yeah it was added on a nit, but I wanted a more 'detailed' stun, in which it pulls them in to him, with Gordell being the cast point. However I totally agree that there needs to be more thought what this ability could be and jow it could be more unique to the kit and lore etc. W, I was basically going for a spellsheild, but I thought it was too generic, so I added the idea that it could only block projectiles, as a way to maybe prevent poke but still not have an advantage against meled champs to keep him balanced in dueling. However I have a new idea that is vrry unique but differs slightly from the two versions of the ability so far... E, I thjnk he shou,d be the one to proc as well, otherwise he becomes too support oriantated (with the stun, shield etc). R, I like that as a good little addition, I'm guessing its sort of like trying to keep rage bar full like on shyvanna ult?
: Okay, on to this champion. The idea's interesting, but the execution's poor. I've made some assumptions throughout the review. One, the champion is ranged. Two, I'm guessing he's supposed to be AP. Three, the way I remake the crystals is how they're going to work for the rest of the kit. I had to make this assumption to make the kit better. I'll start with the W because it's very central. While I'm guessing the W would be on a low cooldown, the duration is a problem as you'd never be able to set them up properly and then use them. Personally I think the crystals should have health instead and then never expire. Something like Illaoi's tentacles. This would allow counterplay if someone wants to, but it also allows you to set up some really strong scenarios. Maybe have them have 10 health and whenever an enemy champion hits it, it loses 5 health, whenever an enemy minion attacks it, it loses 1 and whenever you yourself attack it to bounce your attacks off, it loses 1, towers, 10. Your E could then give more shield the more health it has and stuff. Okay, back to other spells. The spell could still have an 8 second or so cooldown and it'd be fine. Passive: I really don't think it should bounce as much as it should spread. If you've Ever played Sivir, you know how annoying bounces can be. If it spreads, then each crystal in range would lose a life and you'd be sure to hit champions. No crystal should be able to be hit more than once per attack of course, but the code should be possible. You could even make it deal AP damage with these bounces, increase it's damage for each crystal hit, increase damage for each crystal in range of champions and so on. Q: Looks cool. I think the spell could also have some direct interaction with the crystals. Like, when it flies through a crystal, the crystal should shatter, increasing the range of the missile and if empowered, it should also make the passive attacks jump off the champion as if he was a crystal. The spell works as is, just wondering the cooldown. Personally, I would say it should be kind of short. W: Already talked about it. E: I think a heal would make more sense and such. With this, it would also make sense that the spell should be on a longer cooldown so not every missile can be empowered. R: This spell should slow in a range around the crystals and spread to every crystal in range, not just 3. Maybe like 400 radius. Once again, I'm not trying to tell you what to do, just trying to steer your imagination. Feel free to take anything from this comment and to ignore just as much if you wish to.
I see where you are coming from here. I agree with you on tne idea that crystals should have health instead of timers (also helps to differenciate my champ from the likes of azir a bit more). I will also take into account the cooldown proportions and the idea of the E scaling off of how much health each crystal has. Be sure to check out the improvemnets. PS I WILL CREDIT EVERYONE AND THE INPUT THEY HAD ON THE CHAMPION TO SAY THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT AND HELP YOU HAVE ALL PROVIDED!
Fugees (EUW)
: Well, since this champ is based on skill usage, I love it. I also like when you can manipulate more units than just a champ. In LoL cases it's Orianna, Azir for example. And I would buy this champ immediately. Good Job, I wish I had a name for it :D
Thanks for the kind words! We are working on a name as we speak
Yansharia (EUNE)
: Well, I've got a few names right off the bat. Grevli Mal'nku(Mal-een-koo) Kore(Kor) Blistris Jutry (Joo-tree)
i'm oiking the sound of kore, thanks for the help! :)
: I was thinking of a few names there and realised how hard it is lmao, good luck mate
: NEW CHAMPION IDEA (Need Name!!!!!!)
Thanks for the banterous comments guys, but I would be interested in serious names and feedback too XD
: Taric jr. myb :P
haha I like skarner jr better tho
: Crystal
I mean.. it would be an easy name to have reasons for XD /]Thanks for the feedback[\
: This actually seems quite nice. After having looked over a lot of concepts on the boards, I'm glad to see a genuinely good concept kit. That isn't to say that it's without problems, but it seems genuinely nice. I'll list my few problems below: His passive: Could be worded better. His Q: There's no reason for him to ignore traps only. Should be either completely untouchable, which seems too strong, or not untouchable at all. Even without being untouchable, the spell still works. His W: Too low cooldown. Maybe add 4 seconds or so. His E: Slow scales weird. Start at 30%, scale 5 at a time to 50% or something like that or it'll seem too weak early game. Also, once again, too low cooldown. His R: This is the only spell I am not sure works. It buffs his passive and forces enemies to be revealed IF he attacks them. Either there should be more to the spell or it should be changed entirely.
Hey, ninja! I though I would quickly say i made some improvements on the Gurdell character following your advice! PS: GREAT CONCEPT I QUITE LIKE IT, the only improvement I would make is the lore as it isn't as interesting as it could be due to it basically being lee sin training and convincing him. :)
Fugees (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Champion with advanced skillcap (stance dance).
Wow, this is cool, instead of having the need to waste an ability on toggling ranges, it just does it based on how near you are to champions!! Love the idea and the champion seems very skilled to play like you wanted! PS i would love if you checked out my new champ design as well, it needs a name, but uses chain reactions and bouncing between summoned objects!
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: I'm Silver 5, making a ranked team. Talk here if interested
Unfortunately, I don't have a mic, but I do communicate as much as possible in games as I am a Support Main. If you are at all interested, please check out my records and profile and drop me friend request at NiceGuyTom
Shippex (EUW)
: Hi, im Gold V im the adc for my team, were looking for a Gold V+ support, im currently playing on my smurf acc so just add my smurf and dont add my main, I see u didnt drop rank, if u aint over silver II u can probabaly forget it unless u know ur good enough and smart enough for our team. were a serious team and looking to play quite a lot. So if u only have time once a week u can forget it to. my smurf acc is named HoneyBooBoo3 age:15+
Thank you for your offer, the reason I haven't dropped a rank is because I don't really ever play ranked :D. However, if you are still interested, I will try out some ranked again and see how I fare. I will get back to you soon. PS: IF YOU FIND A REPLACEMENT SUPPORT MAIN, PLEASE TELL ME SO I DO NOT BOTHER YOU WITH A POINTLESS REQUEST xD -NGT
: Hey, thanks for the feedback, be it a somewhat 'destructive' choice of phrasing. Despite this minor issue, I feel as though you prove some valid points in regarding the impact of the abilities. I will be sure to work on the W into something of a spell sheild and the Q into a slightly more interesting stun (perhaps pulling you in or something?). However the passive and sheild, I beleive to be a unique part of his kit and I think shows some originality as he, not only has rhe bulk of his health as a sheild, has an ultimate that's power relies on his ability to survive and stay healthy. This should promote a riskier and mlre thought out play style. Finally, I would like to thank you for your concept kn the sheild being able to regenerate as , without the right numbers, it would be a lot of hard work gone to waste when a champion uses a full combo and wipes it all out for good. Thanm you flr your feedback and I hope to work with you on this character making him unique and balanced in the future!
There is a new edited version using some your feedback now live! Be cure to check it out and see if it has improved!
: Okay, ignoring the lore, because I just want to focus on the kit... There's not really anything special about Gordell's kit. I have some problems, but it's not a lot, mostly due to the kit being very generic. My biggest problem actually lies with the passive. It sounds like whenever you kill some creeps you get a shield that doesn't regenerate, nor go away over time. It's not very interesting, but it's alright. Then in comes the interaction with the ultimate. While this makes the passive a lot more exciting, there's a big problem with this. If you've been harrassed for a while, you'll likely keep on losing your shield, meaning you can't cast your ult for it'll run out almost instantly. Even if you haven't gotten harrassed and have a lot of shield, all it takes is a single spell from a mid laner or a few autoattacks from a champion to remove the shield entirely. If you really want your ult to drain from the shield, you need to give Gordell a way to regain it without slaying things and if you give him a way regain it it's really hard to not to make it either underpowered or overpowered. Okay, his Q, AOE stun, deals damage. Not much to say. Generic. His W, Tank steroid. Would feel like it had no impact on the game. Yes, armor and MR is important, but really, you'd never feel like it did much. It doesn't negate spells, it doesn't nulify attacks, it just gives you more effective health in a short while. Boring. His E, Line nuke. Don't see many times where throwing in both directions is useful, but leave that be. Not very interesting, but it gets the job done. Questionable. His R, while having an interesting interaction with the passive, like I explained earlier doesn't have much use. Also, it is nothing more than more damage. All in all, he doesn't seem like anything special. While surely possible to be played, not brokenly OP or anything, even being quite a good pusher, he doesn't seem very interesting to play. Look at Riot's recent champions. They all have something really special about them. {{champion:163}}'s zones, {{champion:136}}'s passive, {{champion:420}}'s tentacles and so on. This character's just an aoe burster with some tankiness on the side.
Hey, thanks for the feedback, be it a somewhat 'destructive' choice of phrasing. Despite this minor issue, I feel as though you prove some valid points in regarding the impact of the abilities. I will be sure to work on the W into something of a spell sheild and the Q into a slightly more interesting stun (perhaps pulling you in or something?). However the passive and sheild, I beleive to be a unique part of his kit and I think shows some originality as he, not only has rhe bulk of his health as a sheild, has an ultimate that's power relies on his ability to survive and stay healthy. This should promote a riskier and mlre thought out play style. Finally, I would like to thank you for your concept kn the sheild being able to regenerate as , without the right numbers, it would be a lot of hard work gone to waste when a champion uses a full combo and wipes it all out for good. Thanm you flr your feedback and I hope to work with you on this character making him unique and balanced in the future!
Hi im Emma (EUNE)
: Need a Support
Hi, i would be happy to help you as a support main myself, if you still need a lane partner, then just send me a friend request over the game! - NGT :)
Nathiar (EUW)
: Hey mate i see your looking for people to play with as support well i main ADC so maybe we can game together :) im from a great multi gaming community with many gamers for all roles and game types, we are all friendly and helpful people looking to have a laugh and enjoy some League if this sounds of interest to you feel free to drop in a application at https://ethereal-gaming.com/ look forward to hearing from you and hopefully play a few Summoners :) Nathiar
Thank you for providing a community for me, I would be more than happy to apply amd hopefully pkay a few games with you j the near future. :) - NGT (NiceGuyTom)
Gympie5 (EUW)
: It sounds cool but it looks a lot like {{champion:412}} .
Well I guess you could point out a similarity in the sense that both Gurdell and Thresh have a 'need' for souls, but that is about it really. I get what you're saying though
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: What about this kind of PROJECT skin for next ?
PROJECT: Braum tho, with a big digital sheild :0
: Gordell, The Forgemaster (COMMUNITY PROJECT-HELP NEEDED)
I would love it if you could, up vote this concept as I would like this to be recognised as a community concept and project <3
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: Dane, Knight of Gods (NEW CHAMP IDEA!)
Thought I would repost this as it didn't get as much notice as my other champs ;P
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