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: Please can we fix the client bugs. They are simply annoying.
: In-client Long Lags/Freezes
I'm having the same problem. I do have smaller lags normally, but right now I'm smashing the ban or lock in button for 10 seconds, while my champ doesn't even appear before 5-10secs after clicking the champ icon. This led to 2 champ select dodges in ranked and it's insanely annoying.
: Comet is easy to hit with E, if you want to play ap/poke nunu.
But it's really mediocre for him as a jungler and isn't really the kind of keystone he actually wants. It might be easy to proc, but even as his best keystone it's still really subpar.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: I honestly have no idea how to by pass that but have you tried PaySafeCard? You can buy them at some newstands and booths. Sorry if it does not help but this is the only thing that came to my mind.
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CriboR (EUW)
: Ivern 100% useless !
Ivern actually is one of the most broken champs around right now. Many people just don't realize how insanely broken he is. Have a look at how better players play Ivern.
: ***
This is like the worst reason for why runes should be removed I've heard so far. Runes should be removed because the time it takes to create decent runepages is way too long, but what are "the best" runes? Many people don't really change their runes too often, while I do so for most champions I play and even 9 runepages are by far not enough to just have your runepages ready. Many people I know even have different runepages for every single champion they play and this is where your combination of runes really starts to matter. Of course, adc runes for example are super boring most of the time 8.5AD, 9Armor, 12MR/27Sc.MR, 14% AS and they're decent for most champs, but there's still a lot to optimize before using them on other champs. Having the best runes is not about "Oh wowzer, this single red AD rune gives me 10 damage and all of you other scrublords only got 5." it's about optimizing your runes for certain champs, matchups and playstyles and this is like the biggest problem, especially for new players who'll generally swap their roles several times and thus often are in a disadvantage, because they have to make like 2 new runepages to play most jungle champs.
: Think you can beat Doombot Level 100? Prove it!
We did it, but it took quite a few tries and actual teammates (we've been from Bronze-Silver-Gold to Gold-Plat-Diamond) :D
: I guess she is kinda easy, but there are some mechanics involved. Positioning your tibbers well and deciding which abb you will use as 4th. The value of those mechanics could be debatable tho. I feel like she is harder to play then Garen and Atrox imo
A Master friend of mine who sometimes teaches newbies to get out of Bronze told me that literally the only thing he had to teach a B4 girl was:"Don't play LB, don't play Ahri, don't play Annie and you'll get out of Bronze!". She played Annie, 3 months later she was S2 after being stuck in B4 for months with 200 games played. There might be tricks and stuff to think about, but the basic mechanical skills needed for Annie are really really few.
C9 Shiny (EUNE)
: I posted a thread about what could be done considering this issue, but later I've seen that Riot employees don't even check the boards (maybe 3-5 times per year only), so it doesn't matter anyway. Yes, I was plat last season, this season I couldn't climb up to plat, been up and down in G5-G3 but ended up in G5 anyway because of this bad matchmaking system. Oh and guess what, i got permanently banned. Why? Because I couldn't stand getting shit on, flamed, trolled and stuff like this every single game and I used some bad words in a game when I lost it. 3 minutes after the game ended I was permabanned. Does Riot care about the reason that lead to a player's toxicity? Nah, better insta-ban, with no option to "take it into court". Really fair. Edit: I can't even check my stuff or play with bots on an account that I credited with 300+ euros because I sad a few bad words. No other rules broken. Why not perma chat restriction instead? Nah, that doesn't work. They earn more money now if I want to keep playing and get everything that I had back. Fortunately, in my case, they will earn less. I'm not gonna make a new account, and I would've kept buying RP if this one wasn't banned.
But mmh, I've never heard of anyone I know who got punished for verbal abuse/unsportsmanlike conduct and got instantly permabanned. If one gets instantly permabanned just for verbal abuse that would mean this person said some really really bad things. Besides botting/scripting/boosting (by letting others play on your account to gain better ranks) I wouldn't know what could cause this. Only thing I've recently learned is that you can instantly get a 14 day ban if just one game of intentional feeding is being detected (which may happen on the first game or on the 30th game, due to a bad tracking system). The only punishment I've ever got was this thing where you get longer queue times for leaving games, which happened due to random connection problems I couldn't control. I'm playing since 2009, so I've had quite some time to collect punishments. I don't mean to disrespect you, but there has to be something you won't tell here or you don't see as a big problem (even tho it has to be if it really was an instant ban for verbal abuse. Of course I sometimes get tilted as fuck and hate my team so much I'd not even blink with an eye if they fell into a volcano full of lava, but in the end I just won't give a fuck and give those idiots a stupid reason to report me. If people are being hardcore douchebags in an onlinegame they're not even worth the effort of using my keyboard to answer their bullshit.
C9 Shiny (EUNE)
: You, as a player, will start to make less mistakes, but don't worry, your teammates are there to compensate with more mistakes for you. It's not their fault, it's always yours, because you don't have 4 friends who are also good players and available to play whenever you want to play. It will always be your fault no matter how flawless you play. You have to accept and agree to be shit on, flamed and dragged down by others, and maybe, someday, with lots of luck you will actually get teammates with the same skill level as you and you will be able to win a few games. And then again, back to compensating and being your fault.
Well, that's for sure. You can't carry every single game by yourself and if you aren't a Master/Challenger smurf you shouldn't expect to do so. That's the games nature, but what could you do about bad teammates? Only thing you can possibly do is trying to lead them in a better direction by calling what has to be a mad man. As I can see you were Plat last season (didn't look up how it looks now), but do you believe you couldn't easily carry yourself back to your actual rank when smurfing, just because you'll mostly have total bonobos, especially in the beginning of your climb? Just by being in your team you'll hopefully have deleted one bad player, so you'll have 4 potential idiots while the enemies will have 5 potential idiots. That's just how it works. A friend of mine dropped from Dia4 to somewhere mid Plat after not playing for some time, he easily carried himself back to his old elo. I'll sometimes rage about my teammates as well, but in the end, who does it help?
Ravnir (EUNE)
: Simple strategy for new players
A few special tips for the Bronzies out there who really want to climb out of Bronze and feel stuck: Don't play Yasuo, play Pantheon. Don't play LeBlanc, play Annie. Don't play Kalista, play Ashe. Don't play Thresh, play Leona. (Even tho support's a tough one in Bronze, try to play supps with carry potential instead. Annie, maybe Lux) Don't play Rek'Sai, play Warwick. In general, play easy to play champs with less potential to fuck up. If you're Bronze, you belong in Bronze and it definitely isn't your teammates fault. In Bronze/Silver/Gold/Plat all that counts is to make less mistakes than the enemy, if you make less mistakes you win the game. This also counts for newbies. Sure you should play champs you're having fun with, but if you really want to improve your gameplay and possibly climb in ranked take champs where you don't have to concentrate on your mechanics, but on winning the game.
Alex3995 (EUW)
: it shouldnt be that much of a problam maybe your screen isnt calibrated properly? for me its even easier to see than the classic one (ofcurse for colorblind people that something completly else)
My only problem is when it's being cast during a fight and on low range. Especially when she has Runaans and shoots her Volley. Her normal ult always seems very clear and you'll know exactly when she casts it.
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: See Blood Moon Yasuo... His wind is so hard to see.
Yeah, but at least it's kinda being telegraphed before. I for myself also find it very hard to predict how big Ashe's arrow is and at which point it's gonna hit me, especially on low range it's kinda irritating because it's effects look exactly like her other abilities. With the normal Ashe skin it's very clear and easy to see the arrow and it's proportions.
: Help EU win this tournament - Equip the 1IP Icon and earn points for your region!
Sorry, I can't do this. I'm using this Summoner Icon since about 6 years, I can't change it anymore. Even the cutest Poro or whatever won't.
: AKALI isn't an assassin anymore?
I actually like playing a tankier Akali, but I can't stand the new way of doing it. It just doesn't fit her identity. If you still want to tear adc's apart and feel like an assassin with being instagibbed I recommend this build: Sunfire Cape Hextech Gunblade Rylai's Abyssal Sorc's/Merc's/Swifties and in very rare cases (heavy ad autoattack dmg) Tabi's Last item depends on your needs, Void Staff/Zhonya's/Raba/Lich Bane. Runes: 9x Hybrid Pen/9x Scaling Armor/9x Scaling MR/3x AP You become beefy early and can towerdive well, but after completing Gunblade you deal significantly more damage with each item and can assassinate people reliably without feeling like a jumping Ninja Mundo.
Saryn (EUW)
: Pay attention to me and Focus on those 2 things.. Prove to riot that your email was hacked, and if they believe you and unban your account, they will ask you (very likely) around 15-20 questions regarding your account details.. Like your first 5 champions you got, how many euro was your first RP purchase, when exactly you created your accound, 5 friends on your friendlist and some more stuff.. So.. First: focus on proving to riot that your email and league account was hacked, keep contact with them and pay attention, try to explain them and take few pictures as a proof or w/e they ask you to do.. Second: be prepared for some very small but important details that they will ask you regarding your account, you dont have to answer them 100% correctly, but if you cant even remember many of them.. RIP
Haha, I'd get fucked up those questions. How shall I remember my first 5 champs? I bought those at some point in January 2010 or something when GOA was still owning the game. There'd be some things that are just way too long ago for some players.
I208iN (EUW)
: I think I didn't get the meaning of ARAM account right then. Are you talking about accounts that only have a few champions ? I am talking about accounts that mainly play ARAM.
Yeah, he's talking about people who make an account so they can buy the strongest ARAM champs only so they'll have a really good champion 90% of the time (there still are free to play champs).
: Riot might prefer NA over EUW, but..
I hope this thread is deleted soon. I don't want to see those right-wing f***tards on my favourite games boards. It's painful enough if you're a german facebook user who's gotta deal with all this bullshit they spread throughout the whole network.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tosha,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=A6lBfkrz,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-01T20:46:59.346+0000) > > no, we got Wilders, LePen and Pelida. And Rapefugees. For today, i prefer Donald Trump, not because he is smart, but because he is the only man who does not want World War 3 to begin as other candidates in US. They are all about bomb out assad, fight with Russians for middle east, bomb bomb and more bombing. If he will lose this election, just remember my words, WW III will begin at the middle east and escale to defenceless europe, full of home wars on the basic religion and point of view level
If I should ever be your enemy in LoL, I hope I can make the game the most unfun and unpleasant experience you've ever had while playing this game. Have a bad day and alot more of these. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: SAME PROBLEM HERE! Please help!! fix this!!! Recently, 2015's ending and start of 2016. EUW. Game says attempting to reconnect ALL OF A SUDDEN! Then it doesnt reconnect. then i quit game and reconnect but it wont reconnect, cant even log in. internet works totally!!!!! Browsing internet at the same time, but LoL WONT connect!!
It didn't happen that often too me recently, but I still have this bug from time to time and it just isn't funny if you disconnect right after the game starts so you'll be in a real mess when coming back. If the reconnect button would at least work... :(
Sefi (EUNE)
: Nothing more to add than: I'm a troll, i'm admitting it, but i'm not that kind of troll, i'm the kind of troll that takes Leona top, wins lane and once the enemy starts bitching i rub it in their face (politely). Never had any form of punishment outside of leaverbuster (for internet issues that caused me to change providers, but what can you do?)
That's not trolling as long as you try to be effective in what you're doing. I love to see people trying stuff different from playing Lee Sin, or playing Lee Sin and just different from playing Lee Sin.^^
Eurybia (EUNE)
: i got 6/10 and got bronze 2 with good score in almost every game win or loose, and my sister who suck, 4/10 with bad score and bad cs got bronze 1? boyfriend got silver 5 with 2/10 what is going on here?{{champion:32}}
Did your sister and the boyfriend play ranked last season? If so, where were you all placed?
: what a u talking about? i also fall from g5 to b1, i got silver next day, but my promo to silver was full of ex gold, and couple ex-plat players. Stop talking about boosting, mmr and another shi, if u a good anough u a climb, u say. Why wtf I should wanna climb to gold THROUGH platinum? a u going crazy?
Plat players being placed this low most likely means their MMR is quite low. I was G5 and played my placements 3W-7L and got placed Silver4. A plat player being placed just as low or even lower most likely means that he didn't really belong to Plat or he just had really unlucky matches.
Eurybia (EUNE)
: But doesnt new season mean full reset?
No, it's a soft reset. Imagine any player being at 1200 Elo/MMR. For at least a month Bronzies, Silvers, Golds etc. would be randomly matched with Challenger, Master and high Diamond players. A hard reset would fuck ranked games pretty hard.
: If u dont have hard CC as a team u cant stop any assassin, wether its rengar or talon or zed or w/e ur adc will always be exposed. U just need one CC to stand by ur adc and its gonna be fine , mby ur adc will need to get a def item if it goes too late. and also a good rengar would never dive an adc with ga thats next to its support. IF the adc is alone thats his fault he needs to learn about positioning before picking such a critical role
Even if you've got a Taric support with you, a more or less fed Rengar will kill the squishy while Taric's stun projectile is still on it's way. I've seen it way too many times that people try to protect their adc or mid laner and Rengar still jumps on them, kills them in 0.5 seconds and then dies since the cc finally reached him. Even if your supp is just trying to ward a few meters away from you, while you maybe do a jungle camp or hit a few minions, the reaction time you need to counter Rengar just can't be expected from most players. He has counterplay, of course, but he's still way too oppressive for many champs.
: he can only gapclose really fast if he is already close to ur adc by the time he pops his ulti , u can counter that by warding the map. Rengar doesnt have that much of a healthy early jungling , counterjungling him early on isnt that hard, a bad start for rengar means a lot. PS: what im complaining is the burst nerf , the indicator range increase nerf is really awesome , i totally agree with it, but just this should be enough u know
The problem just is, if you don't have the hard cc to stop him or your main hard cc champ is dead, the counterplay once he gets near you is literally zero. A good Rengar will burst you down in way less than 1 second. He's one of those champs that limits a teams options for plays heavily just by being in the game, since you need at least 2 people with some sort of hard cc and heavy protection skills to make sure your carries won't die. Even though Zed is annoying as hell and I hate him, he offers alot more counterplay while still being a very strong assassin.
LorD MehrAD (EUNE)
: We already tried the TR server it didn't make any difference. :(
That's weird, hope you guys receive some Rito love soon :)
: Thank you for the kind words, Friend. It sucks to have that.. my mom has it too so I understand a little bit of how it is. But you sound like a very strong person since you are fighting through life! Keep fighting, friend, giving up is only for those with no will to win. but you see to have a lot of will! Try to focus on making that will guide you forward and i'm sure you will be on top sooner than you think! <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: A message to Riot..
I really feel you dude. Even though as a diabetic I'm having a far easier time than you, but I can somewhat connect to how you've gotta feel when you dissociate. When I suffer of a very low bloodsugar (Hypoglycemia) I just ain't myself. I can become extremely aggressive towards others and sometimes can't even remotely control what I do (if I don't just break together and have something similar to epileptic seizure). I once "woke up" at a bus station, where I had no idea how I got there. I could see through my eyes and could think about my situation, but I couldn't control my body or what I did. So I ran on the street, ran down the street a few hundred meters, jumped on a car and kicked in the front window. After that I just fell down and couldn't communicate with the people who saw me, for about 5 minutes. I still struggle with my diabetes, since I can't really accept this disease for myself, which causes quite some problems with how I care for myself. You're inspiring me to work on that and to get over the obstacles I'm building up by myself. Keep it up and have lots of fun with League. :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Takamitsu (EUNE)
: Thanks man, this was an useful post, I'll take up the {{item:1006}} advice cause I clear pretty fast and without much problem, tho about my shaco build, I like to build him with {{item:3156}} and {{item:3053}} cause of the passive stacks and they have damage stats as well as defensive stats which is useful in late game
Oh yeah, I forgot about Sterak's, a really good item for some builds. Keep it up, try stuff and stay positive^^
: The origin of 'Heal' on ADC's, Why though?
Because of the safety it offers the ADC and his support. A few years ago heal would just heal you and any ally around you, without another special effect. When barrier was introduced it was in the same position as heal is now and was used on any adc, because it's the spell offering squishy ADC's the safety they needed. Now heal is the stronger choice, because it doesn't just offer you something to counter burst or just death in general and it also gives you and your ally a small burst of movement speed, either to land the final hit on an enemy under tower or to bring you and your support back into safety abit faster. The overall utility for a role like ADC is just too much to be outclassed by other summoners.
Takamitsu (EUNE)
: I just seem to can't win ranked games
Hey, I think you should wait abit longer until you play ranked. Your rune pages are still pretty messed up and incomplete, so you'll have problems to perform well, since your rune pages just lack power and specialization. As I see you like to play Shaco. For most AD junglers you'll want 9x Flat AD Marks, 9x Armor Seals (for Shaco I prefer 9x scaling health, since his jungle clears are pretty safe, easy and those runes make you alot more safe vs. burst). Those might not be optimal on any champion, but you can use them on AD Carry, any AD or Tank top lane (not guys like Maokai maybe) and any AD assassin. For AP champs, you should try 9x Marks of Magic Penetration, 9x Armor Seals (better vs. this AD Assassin mid meta, vs. most AP mids 9x Scaling Health Seals is better), for Glyphs it's either 6x Scaling CDR + 3x Mres or 9x Mres/Scaling Mres and then you add 3x Flat AP Quints. Play some normals, try out stuff, ask people who are better than you for some tips and tricks. And remember: It will never be your teammates who stop you from climbing and winning. Of course you'll have feeders, flamers, trolls and afk people, but every other person has those people ingame as well, so it all lies in your hands. Be humble, know when you make a mistake and try to better it, don't flame (no matter what, it won't help you in any case, if you wanna talk to flamers or trolls, try to be nice and calm, sometimes this makes them become normal people). AND JUST. ONE. THING!!!!! NEVER PLAY WITHOUT BOOTS, buy boots in one of your first two times going back, you'll always need them to get away, move around the map, engage efficiently, ward without losing lots of time and just for being able to react better to skillshots and stuff like that. Just buy boots. Always. ;) Cheers, NichtHurz PS: Some tips for your Shaco build. Infinity Edge is not a good item on Shaco, since it's too expensive for what it gives you. I'm more a fan of Ninja Tabi's on him as well, since boots of mobility become absolutely useless in combat. Try him with those items, depending on the situation, remember that all Shaco needs for good burst is tons of AD: {{item:1400}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3812}} {{item:1316}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3102}} Statikk and Trinity are best with GA and I personally wouldn't build them in a more tanky, flat AD build (since you'll lack the AD). So build those items if you have a good start and are not in too much danger to be easily bursted in early. For or more sustain and tankiness focussed build (which I like the most) it's best to start out with Ravenous Hydra (just as normal) and then going for Maw of Malmortius + Tabi's if the enemy team got AP dmg. After that you're pretty free in what you build, Deadman's Plate if you suffer from AD dmg, Randuin's if you've gotta deal with heavy crits (and don't get the chance to not eat those crits) and some more AD of course. {{item:1006}} is better to start with than {{item:2031}} {{item:2033}} , if your early jungle clear is easily done, if you struggle I recommend potions of course. Shaco is one of the most versatile champions in the game, regarding the number of items he can build and be effective with. Try out some stuff, watch Shaclone if you like and go on with your strive to be a better player. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
OnkeI Tom (EUW)
: He's in my eyes not OP, but a mess to deal with, especially late game when nobody is able to buy pink wards because no space in the inventory. His counterplay is clear: Pink wards for his stealth and grouping up, protecting the carries. If you're playing a squishy and run around solo, you know rengar is going to fuck you with his (E)bola anal beads. So far I've seen {{champion:421}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:80}} and especially {{champion:78}} work extremely good against him for multiple reasons. With the nerfs to vision and sweepers detecting stealth, a new item (possibly for supports or something with tankstats) that detects stealthed CHAMPIONS would be good. I've heard riot plans on nerfing him soon, i don't know specific stuff. Rengar always has been a mess to balance since he is so easy to get fed against uncoordinated teams (which are a lot in SoloQ). Stuff I'd change on him: **Make his Q not able to crit.** This solely makes crit rengar such a mess to deal with. Crit still would be a valuable stat on him, but less appealing overall. I know that people would then focus more on items like Bloodthirster, Deaths dance, etc, but you'd trade Pure damage for survivability. **Make his Ult CD longer, especially in Lategame** A lategame rengar with 40% CDR has his ult about every 40 seconds. This means in longer games his ult CD can be lower than the deathtimers of his victims. **Nerf his jumping range** It would make getting chased by a rengar less oppresive, especially in the jungle. Also, the reaction window during his ult would increase, since he needs to get closer while the range of the ! stays the same. **Make the indicator ! scale with his movement speed.** The reaction window against a rengar with a full stacked necklace, T2 boots and active youmuus is barely a splitsecond. The more movement-speed rengar gains/has during his ult, the bigger the range of the indicator should be. What do you think about these ideas?
All together this would absolutely destroy the champion, the best thing would be a higher range of the !-indicator and maybe something that makes the combo of Rengar still rewarding and able to destroy somebody in a very short time frame, bzt just not as easy as it is now.
LorD MehrAD (EUNE)
: In Some Parts Of Iran People Have 300Ms As Normal Ping Man. It Sucks
Man, you guys are pretty unlucky with the overall situation in the middle east right now. I don't think Riot would set up a Server for a not toooo big player base, as long as the most optimal (ping wise) countries for the servers are getting fucked by anybody in, around and far away from them. :/ You better pray for an iranic server or maybe try the turkish one (even though this might be unchallenging for some, due to the relatively low number of players).
: >The disgusting secret juggernaut I completely agree with everything in your thread, except one thing: There is nothing **secret** about the fact that Tahm is just amazingly powerful. Not any more. I remember the time when noone either banned nor picked him, and I could just destroy toplane after toplane with him...ahhh, good times :D
Yup, those were good days when people were like "Tahm top? You kidding me?" "Tahm top troll, report" and you were like "Oh you tasty little top laner." :3
: the objective of ranked is to gain "LP", not to have fun,you play normals for fun and ranked to be the "best/highest ranked". you know this so please stop lying to your self,there really is no excuse for practicing in competative game modes,you've openly addmited this soon as you say you use smurf accounts so you don't loose LP on your precious mains,but other people can loose LP during your practice? sound logic{{summoner:3}}
Any game should be about the fun, the only difference is how you should achieve this fun.
: Keyboards, Mice and and Micepads, present your Weapons Ladies and Gentlemen!
Keyboard: Super cheap white Speedlink Keyboard with bad keys Mouse: Speedlink Decus Black, nice mouse I got for 29€ during amazon's cyber-monday Pad: Flat WoW Cataclysm mouse pad. Very very nice, it's soft, has grip and is more than 20x30cm but one of my main weapons is my 24" Asus Screen, can't play without that thing anymore.
: ??????{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
German guy lost in the english forums^^
A Ocean (EUW)
: Nah, worse is when you're on your main ({{champion:420}}), your team feeds like hell, spams surrender votes and the surrender goes through during the jump animation that would've given you your first penta. Happened to me yesterday.
It's dangerous to cry alone, take those cookies and my honest feels with you my friend! {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}}
Helitim (EUW)
: hello iv just got perm ban
Well, ggwp to Riot I'd say for once again showing that the system actually seems to work. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Zarnotox (EUW)
: He's just one of those players who try to feel better by making other players mad, I mean i'm platinum myself and if I would have added you after the game after you played shitty it would probably be to tell you how you can improve your gameplay and become better for example by changing your build, which objectives to take first, etc., etc. However if you were flaming in the game yourself like you said, I would probably mute you, then report you and never talk to you again.
Even though I'm just a GoldV scrub I do the same^^ In the end it often ends up in a nice talk or premade game.
Castiel (EUW)
: Poppy was flaming me all game and vayne told me to "get cancer". Vayne also flamed me in all chat. Yet I'm the one getting banned because I'm asking the enemies to report these toxic players?
That's because you've already shown massively offensive behavior before and report calling is just another thing on the list. Of course they deserve punishments, but that's not what you should care about too much. Report them, be happy. Stacking reports in a game won't help getting anybody banned since one report is enough if there is negative behavior to be detected and punished. Just don't cry reports, be humble and nice and show appreciation for good stuff. What do you even care what some random idiot in a game calls you? Report him and get over it. If you feel like there's a special kind of toxicity or extreme offensiveness try to take screenshots and contact the support about that. I play League since 2009 and I never had a single chat restriction or ban. Never. I think I was messaged about my behavior one time when I had a really bad week, but nothing more. I'm also chatting quite alot ingame, so it's not like I never say a word. Even when I discuss with flamers, feeders or whatever I seem to able to stay fair and not be the bad guy. Be nice, be fair and have fun. That's the best way to "counter" bans.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: thats why sweeping was the team thing and warding could be done by team + invididual. unexperienced junglers would feel this the most because their inability to have eye-map control / communicating with the laners were and when its warded. As it stands right now due the lack of vision, junglers just dont know what to do anymore. (in terms of proper planning) Although ganking has become alot easier, counterganking is totally gone due to jungler having no experience to play by knowledge instead of vision. I see it all the time were junglers literally just dont know where and when to ward/deward for counterganking. Right now the role is very liked because of easier gank possiblities. Killing few pinks and dewarding early leaves almost everything open on the map, hence early on its extremly hard to not have a jungler control the entire pace of the game. you fall and die by it in soloQ. The few games were i would take jungle recently i would literally win with rengar seightstone + trinket + junglerward item. It pretty much brings me back to the point where 1.) i can coordinate with my team without chat since you basically see whats going on 2.) progress the game in a pace thats controlled and in your line of strategy (in constrast to the blind random factor) 3.) help teammates that tunnel feed less and become useful. The problem with that is exactly what we have seen already in competitive gaming where junglers would have to buy seightstone for double vision. Meaning that you take away wards with the intention to make supports relevant but only shift it towards junglers to pick up the slack. Not to mention that currently , with thunderlords and frost queens literally every single midlaner that is not good enough to play mid would just sit bot as support and rush AP items. This creates even more blind early game which as result gives super powers to junglers. Live and die by his decisions and see the "open mid" , "ff20" spams incoming. While the jungler that made more or less a lucky decision in order to get the lead and get praised, the other end of the stick gets trashed talked to death and blamed.
I think they really need to find a way to allow a sustained vision control without making it completely oppressive. In S5 I had games where you didn't have a chance to ever come back, leave base or whatever since the enemy team just cleared all your wards while having almost complete vision control over the jgl. A game like League needs the dark spaces and unsafe areI as to really work. Vision should include decision making which wasn't really given in S5, since it was possible to spam long lasting stealth wards all over the map. Especially as a jungler I sometimes felt like my only chance were lane ganks because it sometimes was just impossible to get to any lane without the enemy knowing about 10 years before you even started your gank. There needs to be a balance between dark spaces and areas you have vision control over if you want to set up a fight or take an objective, it shouldn't be possible to have your own blue, the enemy blue, red, drake, baron and important brushes warded while 5 people run into your bot or top lane towers. It should take some work to optimally ward for a situation. I certainly don't want the S5 vision game back, but especially solo laners, splitpushers etc should have a reliable option to have some safety vision.
: Biggest limitation in soloQ
I think it was a good idea to limit the warding capability of a team/player. In Season 5 it was just stupid what kind of massive map control you could get by warding. Especially when you were in a lead and the team that's behind couldn't even move a millimeter without being seen. The problem now is that as a single non-support champion (if not in the in the jungle) your only chance to consistently ward is the blue trinket. The yellow trinket needs some of its power back or should've some actual upgrade to be more useful in lategame.
: Luck was on your side my friend. Also never forget. Fuck Soraka.
Oh yeah, I'm with you on that as well! :D (But I won't be the one doing it if it's not about stomping her in game)
A Ocean (EUW)
: Well, I didn't mean "ADHD children" in the literal way. More like... 12-year-old Riven mains who think they are Faker and flash ignite me under my tower at lv 2. This pretty much sums up half of my opponents. If you play just a little bit carefully instead, the lane is won. Period.
Well, she can still be really oppressive even if you play carefully, but she is countered by low cooldown mobility and champs who can trade fast, but who can also win a longer fight. Nasus, Ekko, Vayne, Singed (he just runs around not giving a fuck for anything^^), possibly Cho.
: What the actual hell Rito?
I'm a Shaco main and I got offered 40% off Wildcard Shaco, 50% off Workshop Shaco, 70% off Mad Hatter Shaco, 80% off Dark Flame Shyvana, 70% off Imperial Xin Zhao and 20% off Soraka. Shaco main? Check! ( Workshop and Mad Hatter) Playing Xin Zhao sometimes? Check! (Imperial Xin Zhao) Shyvana's skin is super super cheap, has quite nice effects and you even play her as well? Check! (Darkflame Shyvana) Soraka's skin absolutely sucks and is like 790RP too expensive to be even considered? Check! F this skin I got lucky I'd say {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > [{quoted}](name=NichtHurz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fWVq0war,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-12-04T18:20:01.329+0000) > > but Rammus commits his skills to deal and soak damage. He can't save your adc from any unfavorable position and even though he has his Q he doesn't have a Tahm Ult. Rammus mostly does one thing very good, killing aa based champs and dealing some good aoe damage in fights, but he doesn't have all those possibilities to choose. But he's a tank that does a lot of damage. He also has some different strong points that Tham doesn't have. Tahm is frustrating to play against, but it's not op unless you let him.
I actually feel like it's alot easier to play around rammus as a team than around tahm. Even though I'm all for diverse playstyles, but I feel like Tahm really needs to be toned down in some department, because his versatility in any role is just a little bit too much. And by the way, especially as a low cc or mobility champ it's quite tough to get away from Tahm once he hit you with his Q. It's just insanely painfaul to be hit by the Q in botlane when his ADC is nearby. Especially if there is some kind of follow up he can swallow you quite easily or just start focussing your supp and eat him. Combined with the damage, the repositioning and the possibility to have your own and your allies abilities back up right after feels really oppressive. I have alot less problems laning vs Thresh or Blitz, they still do decent damage, can be pretty tanky, but you can poke them. They have one combo that can be deadly, but that can also be denied in a fair way. Tahm just puts you in a chain of endless cc once he got you.
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