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: Racism
I think it's really rubbish. Any child of any race can walk into the H&M store and wear that jersey. The fact that a black model happened to wear it in the picture is completely irrelevant!
Great Gaic (EUNE)
: Is that {{champion:103}} She's definatly not a pirate
Nickry (EUW)
: Guess the champ
#6 is up!
im car (EUW)
: 5th one is {{champion:86}}
Nickry (EUW)
: Guess the champ
Number 5 is up!
: Number 4 is definetely cho'gath {{champion:31}}
Nickry (EUW)
: Guess the champ
Number 4 is up
Kippiiq (EUW)
: 3 - Lux
Kippiiq (EUW)
: 2 teemo
Yes. Well done.
Gostmanen (EUW)
: You can't build him AP xD You can build him Full Magic damage, but not AP... Literally only his W scales with AP, none of his other spells do...
It does work
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: ok i was trolling with teemo, so its{{champion:36}}
Kippiiq (EUW)
: Ekko
ØutLaw (EUW)
: viktro
: Singed
: It's definitely Zac
Nope. There is an extra clue in there.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Zac
> [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OPoc5bu8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-14T16:29:39.243+0000) > > Zac Sorry no.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: {{champion:17}}
> [{quoted}](name=ShadWooo,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OPoc5bu8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-14T16:29:03.365+0000) > > {{champion:17}} Sorry, but no.
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Nickry (EUW)
: Champion Idea
: So much CC and a gapcloser Very interesting but kinda OP imo I mean he doesn't scale that well and has kinda medium high cooldowns, but e.g. His Q if you have 45% CDR you can silence him for 2 seconds and after ~0.7 seconds you can do this again And thats just 1 CC Imagine all of his spells with 45% CDR You can silence 2 seconds, Stun 1 second silence 2 seconds repeat Totaly fucks most of mages xD
When I designed him I intended on him having a lot of CC. You have a good point about the 45CDR on the Q but remember he does not deal much dmg. A 45CDR build would not help that. Having tones of gap closers and stuff is all good as long as you can deal damage as well. But I will make the Q cooldown longer
Nickry (EUW)
: Champion Idea
Here is a level breakdown of all the stats through out the game. Lv 1 Stats: Health: 529 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 6.9 AD: 49 AS: 0.625 Armor: 32 Growth Stats: Health: +79 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: +0.55 AD: +3.8 AS: +1.2 Armor: +2.8 Lv 2 Stats: (StatIncrease = g (0.65 + 0.035 * NewLevel) Health: 580.84 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 7.296 AD: 51.641 AS: 0.625 (+0.900%) Armor: 34 Lv 3 Stats: Health: 638.51 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 7.6975 AD: 54.529 AS: 0.625 (+1.80%) Armor: 36.1 Lv 4 Stats: Health: 700.92 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 8.132 AD: 57.531 AS: 0.625 (+2.70%) Armor: 38.3 Lv 5 Stats: Health: 766.10 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 8.585 AD: 60.666 AS: 0.625 (+3.70%) Armor: 40.6 Lv 6 Stats: Health: 834.04 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 9.058 AD: 63.934 AS: 0.625 (+4.70%) Armor: 43 Lv 7 Stats: Health: 904.75 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 9.55 AD: 67.335 AS: 0.625 (+5.80%) Armor: 45.5 Lv 8 Stats: Health: 978.22 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 10.06 AD: 70.869 AS: 0.625 (+6.90%) Armor:48.1 Lv 9 Stats: Health: 1054.45 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 10.59 AD: 74.536 AS 0.625 (+8.10) Armor: 50.8 Lv 10 Stats: Health: 1133.45 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 11.14 AD: 78.336 AS: 0.625 (+9.30%) Armor: 53.6 Lv 11 Stats: Health: 1215.22 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 11.71 AD: 82.269 AS: 0.625 (+10.5%) Armor: 56.5 Lv 12 Stats: Health: 1299.75 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 12.29 AD: 86.335 AS: 0.625 (+11.8%) Armor: 59.5 Lv 13 Stats: Health: 1387.045 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 12.89 AD: 90.534 AS: 0.625 (+13.1%) Armor: 62.5 Lv 14 Stats: Health: 1477.105 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 13.51 AD: 94.866 AS: 0.625 (+14.5) Armor: 65.7 Lv 15 Stats: Health: 1569.93 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 14.15 AD: 99.331 AS: 0.625 (+15.9%) Armor: 69 Lv 16 Stats: Health: 1662.75 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 14.81 AD: 103.929 AS: 0.625 (+17.4%) Armor: 72.3 Lv 17 Stats: Health: 1761.105 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 15.49 AD: 108.66 AS: 0.625 (18.9%) Armor: 75.7 Lv 18 Stats: Health: 1862.225 HP Regen Per 5 Seconds: 16.19 AD: 113.524 AS: 0.625 (+20.4%) Armor: 79.2
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Koscum (EUNE)
: Don't leave games and you won't have a problem with LeaverBuster >:3.
My game crashed :c
: He used to be deacent but after slows becomed unstackable and hes Q got nerfed, he is in best case not viable for ranked. He needs buffs or rework.
: Have you considered the option that you (or the jungler that played him) are playing him the wrong way? (hint: COUNTERJUNGLING)
This is not the first time a Nunu has been pathetic. In other games they have not fed but they have not contributed at all. I have tried him and he is just horrible.
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: Believe it or not Feeders exist (normal and ranked) and they can be sorted in 2 categories : -Guys who are actually really bad (lack skill and experience) and somehow still got level 30 by playing (mostly losing) a huge amount of games and still without putting the effort on improving (guy lvl30 with less than 100 wins and who wants to carry on a Zed; Yasuo or a Lee sin etc) -Guys who are average players finding themselves on a loosing matchup (your Fizz) because of champ msimatch or facing a more skilled player and who just won't admit it and try to play safe (too arrogant cuz they silver IV) ,usually the typical guy is 2-3 levels behind and keeps going ham and buying offensive items, and then starts roaming and feeding on other lanes. PS: sometimes you just get queued along with a bunch of really unskilled players and there is nothing to do but surrender.
I completely agree. And it is most annoying when people flame and are toxic to someone who is not unskilled, but is just not having a good game.
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I have read the comments and I think it is pretty unfair. I have played a 5 Zed game and a 5 Lux game. You'd think that would be pretty easy but we were hard countered and we still lost. Fck it! I mean there's no guarantee that he will get picked anyway. As I said Karthus I understand but Teemo....
: Easy to Learn, Hard to Master
{{champion:6}} , {{champion:74}} , {{champion:83}} ,{{champion:143}} ,{{champion:11}}
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anikitos940 (EUNE)
: Why do we fucking lose League Points When there are afks in ally team?
Just use /remake when it comes out. Stop complaining and wait!
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Soft473 (EUNE)
: Items are too strong
Please think about what your posting before you post. Firstly, if you see a Zed building {{item:3074}} GO FRIKKIN ARMOR!!! Get a thornmail and you might be ok. Also freaking farm. If you're letting this Zed farm the entire time it means you're not farming enough. Then Zed buys an item and then congratz, you are a feeder. Please don't post rubbish like this again.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Aladyyn (EUNE)
: There are no tanks on that list though.
LOL. Wait.... is this sarcastic or not. If not, please go make love to a Poro {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: My top bans right now: {{champion:122}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:106}} Who'd've guessed, tanks still broken OP, :D eh??? Garen is a low-skill champ basically that get rewarded for doing very little. You either need to camp the shit out of his lane and hope the rest of the map can manage themselves since he hasn't got a real escape once he goes all-in. Other than that your next best bet is to camp the shit out of your ADC and get them fed and hope to the good lawd that they know how to build vs tanky opponents.
This is one of the more stupid comments I have ever seen on the boards. First of all you need to learn who to ban and not just do the same bans every game. Learn strategic banning and learning to counter pick against the bans.
FireAway (EUW)
: How to stop Garen?
Dude. Garen is just a tank. He has amazing HP regen and if you build 5k Max HP then he is unstoppable. Infact all you need on Garen is {{item:3071}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3065}} There you've already got a tonne of HP, the damage and speed from Black Speed and you have an unstoppable. But I have played some truly bad Garens and I have been countered on Garen a couple of times since I main Garen. So just make sure he can't farm and DO NOT LET HIM KILL!! Then you're fine!!
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Stormsdead (EUNE)
: Ranked
Just don't loose brah XD
: u no need attack speed , your core dmg skil E and Q + R
That is true. But I have put very few CDR. There is only CDR in the Yommuu and Black Cleaver. This is why I like the Yommuu. I have found CDR is extremely useful on Garen and if your E and Q are on Cooldown and you need some quick damage some quick basic attacks with the Attack Dmg from the build Yommuu is excellent.
: {{item:3748}} or {{item:3053}} would better instead of {{item:3142}}
I have experimented with those two as well. I must say that Hydra is also a fabulous one but for late game the Speed and Attack Speed boost from Yommuu is better.
: only Black Cleaver others armor mr hp , maybe buy last item last whisper {{item:3035}} better {{item:3142}}
Naww. Last whisper is good but Yommuu gives the Attack Speed and Movement speed boost which is better late game...
Çhaòs (EUW)
: Yorick
Yorick is only good early game. This means, if you let him use this to his advantage and feed him early game, you are dead. Otherwise, he is useless. This is why no-one plays him...
rozoulini (EUNE)
: urgot
Naww man. Urgot is hard enough as he is.
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: No, that's completely intended.
> [{quoted}](name=The7thSeal,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=wNAzmeKQ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-07-13T18:23:18.078+0000) > > No, that's completely intended. Well that is pretty useless.
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