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: I've always wanted to play riven properly but i've never given it time. I'm also not the strongest top laner, as I am good with burst champs and lose my head slightly against tanks!
Riven was just an example, just pick something that punishes mistakes easily and snowballs hard, if ur mechanics sucks annie is pretty good at this.
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: Also what you said is my usual route, however I would then waste time and sometimes be stupid and run all the way to bot for a gank!
I'd personally go for 12-0-18 masteries and run AS Reds Armor seals and abillity power quints and blues, when I played amumu I'd go full AP but you can just grab the AP jungle item to never go oom and then build tank. Imo you should always get AP jngl item on any champion that needs mana and has AP ratios,
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: I NEED HELP :( Junglers hola at me
As amumu grab a talisman and a refillable pot. and then u wanna go - Gromp - Blue - Wolves - Wraith(chickens) - Red(smite it when ur low) Golems. IF you're around 50% health after the clear you can look to do a level 4 gank after healing off scuttle crab, if theres nothing to gank go shop and get ur junglers item, then run back gromp and do the same route and maybe look for a driveby at mid after wolf camp, or top after gromp
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: The best champs to carry you out of Bronze/Silver
I'd recommend something that punishes heavily for mistakes and snowballs very hard. Riven would be a good choice if you use time on learning to play her properly, the higher elo you get the less useful riven will be tho.
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: still 1 shots lucian
lucian is level 2 .....
: About the nidalee nerfs in 6.11
Lets say I'm playing jungle nidalee and I'm looking to gank botlane at level 3 or 4, I'll land the spear jump in do my combo, and usally people at diamond or higher will turn and try to get a kill on me, but because I have the option to jump out the risk is alot lower. If I am forced to stay close range after jumping in for 3.5 seconds I'll most likely have to trade my flash for some damage on them. My problem with this nerf is they're trying to nerf the clear speeds, but it's gonna hurt her alot in early skirmishes too.
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