Urgoth (EUW)
: Ruining games for others
plat is legit the worst elo to be in i had like over +300 games in plat 3-1 couldnt do anything 30% were my fault 70% were trolls afk and flamers its insane
Hunting (EUW)
: Kalista needs changes
when she is relevant she becomes so toxic and unhealthy due to her absolutely broken kit free baron and dragon secure kite for days bullshit ult an e that u cant know if it will kill u or not a free ward that also gives massive % hp damage with the soul mat kalista is a broken champion when u look at how many times she had to be hard nerfed
Rismosch (EUW)
: What ADC fits me the best?
u should main like 3 or 4 adcs bot lane matchups are hard for some adcs that u have to pick anotherone agressive play style{{champion:202}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:29}} sit back and farm : {{champion:81}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:42}} corki is so usful as a secret pocketpick when u cant choose any adc or u have full ad team win lane or a strong support that u want to combo with {{champion:202}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:236}} need a mobile adc since the enemy team is heavy dive in {{champion:42}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:81}} usually u wanna pick depends on your supports or the enemy comp when playing bot lane mostly u wanna calculate the enemy bot lane what can they do .. when to go in .. when to freeze .. when to engage and when to not since one bad engage could absolutly ruin the bot lane bot lane is the most camped lane literally u need to have a really good map awareness and good positioning are 90% of a good adc
Klordix (EUNE)
: Kennen a broken champ?
didnt u see ap malphite or ap amumu?
Almighty (EUNE)
: Why Voice Chat should NEVER exist in LoL:
i"d rather play with a toxic #@!##@%$#%$#% guy then actually hear him last thing i want is a guy calling me a !#!@
Walefor (EUNE)
: loss prevented and i lose 17 lp :))))))))))))))))))
ASebastian (EUNE)
: My friend is playing a normal since 730-50 minutes
its when ur friend gets dont click continue after the game ended pretty normal
: Afk In Ranked
if riot did that people will start intentionally afk so they can prevent the loss from the team for example a 20 mins game were the blue team is massively ahaid kills are 20-0 one of red team can afk so the rest of the team dont lose any lp since its 100% loss
: Fix your client or server or whatever it is that made me lose LP
DaRaLt (EUW)
close league change the date on your computer and then get it back log in to league should be solved and if not press reconnect it worked for me if it didnt work try this go to your Finder->Applications-> (right click) League of Legends.app->Show Package Contents->Contents->LoL->RADS->Projects->lolair_client->releases->{release number}->deploy->preferences Delete the file there which will look like shared[username].properties then close Finder and start up League Its a long chain but it works
: Jhin W passive bug
same the mark stays on a champion for like the entire game -.- its also on the normal skin i belive
Meritas (EUW)
: You can get lucky only so much times.
but when u do u get to carry a monkey how wanted the team to loose in the first place and gets a 20 lp that he shouldn"t have gotten it in the first place sigh
Metharius (EUW)
: oh ... so he is not live yet ? because i check the client i thought the rework was out and it was this. well lets forget this thread until he is out and the details of his ratio/damage etc is out yet he still have his instant root ...
instant root for 1 sec (2 with the debuff) with a super ass long cd like 12 secs or something its not that useful tbh
TeknoTel (EUW)
: Does riot reward early quitters in ranked?
had the same but instead of afk the amumu who forgot smite was flaming me to oblivion even tho i carried and did half of my team damage sad thing that alot of poeple gets free lp that they dont deserve sigh
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
its different from a person to another some has 5 chests but no keys like me
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=NightKnightSai,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HeIQE3Z7,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-06-30T08:26:27.037+0000) > > idc about them > im saying there should be a system that allows you to get smite if u forgot it in champion select > im so tired of this So you dont care about your team. Why should we care then.
did i ask u to care about them?
: When these tragic thing happens its important to know what to do, {{champion:35}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:19}} can handle these, just give them a Little more help on the frist camp. Jungler with less self-sustain needs more help and the support who had to go whit him until he can afford a {{item:1053}}. I Think the best item for the jungler to start with is {{item:1055}}. Whit no help most jungler will be unable to farm and it will be a 4 vs 5. These is a bit risky and your adc will probably lose some cs but that happens sometimes anyway and isnt a compleat disaster.
idc about them im saying there should be a system that allows you to get smite if u forgot it in champion select im so tired of this
: League of Premades
If u cant beat them . Join them
: That doesn't change the fact that you didn't have smite to secure the baron anyway. YOu should play around the weaknesses of your jungler without smite and not just force things and then complain because it can't work, when you could have known this all along. You know, think realistic.
3 of the enemy team just died the enemy leona 10 secs to respawn give me a reason on why we shouldnt take baron?
Evanitis (EUNE)
: For the team decided to take Baron when they had no Smite and the enemy had?
the enemy jungler was actually dead
: Shit happens. But it's kinda amazing how some players make it even worse by giving a terrible leash and not allowing him to tax, going super mad if he takes a few minions and then bullying him for being useless blah blah. If your jungler forgot smite you either gotta help him so he doesn't fall behind immediatly or just go double top for the first levels, if he can't clear camps at all. Also successful ganks can nullify the disadvantage of not having smite, so don't be a douchebag and react to ganks.
without the jungle item u get nearly no exp u cant even clear the second camp without dying both my jungler in those games were lvl 3 at 10 mins couldnt do shit we got a baron stolen 2 times ask me why?
Rioter Comments
: In all honest...
i dont think u can get out of bronze be playing support lol
efol00 (EUNE)
: Draven's Q has too high damage.
he doesnt have any damage aside from his ult passive : no damage q the only damage sorce w a shitty speed up e lol r decent damage if draven has too much damage look at lb or illaoi
Rioter Comments
: skype distracts you ?
talking while playing is always distracting but u will get used to it dw
tumppi25 (EUNE)
: I think you should try to start using that 1% crit rune...
Yasxuo (EUW)
: Best ADC in meta?
probably ashe and mf ashe arrow can win games on its on
: Bronze V
How can u die 5 times as leblanc in bronze ? Its fake
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Yasuo is overpowered
double crit chance makes him able to build 2 damage / attack spd /crit items and then full tank while having insane damage
Najns (EUW)
: Why would you change "GG Darling" to anything else, it's an awesome name :D
: "Hey, im plat. Do how i say"
im plat 2 and the attitude there is worse that tyler1 one of my games yesterday our mid laner wanted to run it down mid just bcuz he was up agianst azir
: Zyra is the cancer of the botlane
i played zyra jhin bot lane i was the jhin and i legit got a sightstone cuz my zyra was 8/0 in 10 mins
> waiting for euw to get back so he can play ranked > euw back without ranked > QQ"s
: let me tell u where u went wrong.... those 15 asists...when u gank .. take all ! kil;s tax farm all ! if they rage mute them ! and carry the game! IWDominate challenger jungler does this on his solo q games ! imagine how this works on low elo !
if i had a jungler doing that in one of my games im gonna run it down mid x10 times tyler 1 style xD
Pink n Sexy (EUNE)
: Don't forget marksmen like {{champion:51}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:202}} that crit 80% of time with just {{item:3031}} .
y they dont have any issues killing a tank with{{item:3143}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3047}}
Threxes (EUW)
: Play good and you climb?
same story except in plat
Rioter Comments
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Ignite vs Exhaust (on support)
i play with a premade adc all the time i take ignite if i want to snowball the lane aka good matchup for us exhuast in bad matchups or i need to peel i noticed that exhuast is really good vs jax irelia rengar etc ... the adc jumpers in late game i do prefer exhuast cuz its scales insanly well into the late game
: I just started abusing one of the "balanced" champs
{{champion:34}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:112}} balanced and completely not freelo champs
die Nihil (EUW)
: Top 10 Sick Ulti
u just got ur self a sub great work m8 !
: TeamSpeak/Skype in LoL
hell no last thing i want is a toxic player calling me a %%% in skype lmao
AxelOxstrna (EUNE)
: Why can I just NOT get any key fragments?
my last key fragment was on last urf played like 100 games of all kinds or more
: Why does poppy appear when you type "ass" into the search box in the shop?
Frostmane (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NightKnightSai,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hyWnWYKF,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-06-15T16:09:01.859+0000) > > i mained swain for like 6 months before anyone even knew that he is a champion > he is 100% more brain dead than sona > if sona gets cced she is fucked > if she miss positioned she is dead > swain can pop his ult and bam > immortal Why'd you play him then? I don't understand this about people. Does nobody have a concept of honor and playing champions that are harder because its more rewarding and fair to the other team? Why is honor such a dead concept around the world?
well i dont play him anymore for like alot of reasons 1- he is not fun to play 2- i dont play mid or top anymore 3- perma banned 4- his new q makes me cringe
Senkou (EUNE)
: Platinum promos
it took me 8 promos to get plat in this season and 10 in season 5 dw u will get there
: Worst players - say ez
if anyone said gg ez be nice to them they never won a game in their lifes
Frostmane (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NightKnightSai,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hyWnWYKF,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-06-15T16:02:45.965+0000) > > u forgot{{champion:50}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} Swain has to aim his snare, if he misses it, his kill potential goes down quickly. Her also has to put down his Q. Garen has to stay close to a target, Sona doesn't. She can just poke and then use her free speed boost to escape.
i mained swain for like 6 months before anyone even knew that he is a champion he is 100% more brain dead than sona if sona gets cced she is fucked if she miss positioned she is dead swain can pop his ult and bam immortal
Frostmane (EUW)
: Why does Sona get rewarded for doing f**k all
u forgot{{champion:50}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}}
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