: when you try to log in to the account it should say something like : you are banned until feb 22 2222 or feb 22 9001 or something similar. what year does it say exactly? while it seems unimportant the year is a code for the offense you did, and i might be able to tell you why you got banned just from that year alone. also if you got banned due to failure to pay for an RP purchase its fairly easy to get unbanned in most cases, you just pay the money you owe and they unban you.
It says u are banned permanently there are no numbers. And How much is the amount and where do I pay it?
Hokuto (EUNE)
: Well, considering Riot needs to keep info on why your account was suspended for quite a while, they should know why exactly you've been banned. From what you've said, it could be a chargeback issue, meaning that you've bought and spent RP and requested a refund from the bank. If it is so, your account would have been permanently banned. The only way to get that account back would be to pay the RP once again If you contact the support, you'll get more information EDIT: [Support Page](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us)
Yahh thanks so chargeback it is, but i cant contact support. when i try to log in to support page it says "signing you out" then refreshes to a page that takes me back to support. When I get back to support I am not signed in. Its weird a bug in the system or something. To send a request to contact support i must be logged in :/.
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