RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: New Resolve Runes Idea
1) Strength of the Ages was removed for a reason, it was simply giving too strong a mid game to champions who wanted damage but had to expose themselves to also take some in return. It is *absolutely not* a rune that tanks want above other champions, they want it far less. There are runes that scale with your tanky stats - Grasp deals damage and heals based on your health, and Aftershock is more efficient the more resistances you have. SotA was used by pretty much every jungler by the end of season 6, removing any keystone diversity in the jungle, and beyond that, was core on Olaf and on Ryze. > I think having a free warmogs for tanks will be good since Riot wanted to remove warmogs from a long time ago, but they havent done it yet. That was with how Warmogs used to be. It has since then become fine in the way they've changed it, giving an extra aspect to tank initiators in the ability to being able to stay in the area after a fight in which they didn't die. 2) PvE runes no longer exist since Runes Reforged, nor are they meant to exist. (Dematerializer is no PvE rune, it's a tool to gain lane priority for optimal recall timings). 3) Reinforced Armor: That's a rune that could have existed in seasons 6-7 and that no longer has a reason to, now. Back then, masteries were "Pick this one or that one based on the match-up", now it's "Pick this one or that one based on how you want to play". Bone Plating, Second Wind and Conditioning all serve different purposes (Do I want to take heavy fights in lane / Do I want to trade AAs / Do I want to passively scale up), while the choice between Conditioning and something against crits would simply be "How many marksmen am I facing", that is not something you play around and will as such not exist as a rune choice. 4) Double Healing: There is no reason for such a thing to ever exist. Pure randomness that cannot be played around like that feels extremely bad, both to play and to play against. As it stands, randomness only exists in the form of crits, or of things that you can adapt to ahead of time / that give yourself something to play around. Crits are there because ADC duels have absolutely no variance (you just right click each other and the person with more items wins, that's it), which isn't the case for any other class as they'll rely more on spells, so crits are necessary to make these not be predetermined. Things that you can play around aren't *about* randomness but about adaptibility, which is fine (with the exception of things like dropping an elixir from Kleptomancy in the middle of a fight, and that *is* one of these things that feel bad, and that's removed in a week). To go back to the point: Instead of randomness like that, instead of an x% chance of doubling your heals, what is done is increasing healings by x%. Over 1000 casts, statistically, you'll wind up getting the same amount of healing done. So, that's why there is the rune Revitalize, which is the viable, healthy version of the one you suggest.
: No just terrible ideas as a whole, and you cant remove warmogs since hp reliant tanks like zac, mundo and mordekaiser would all get clamped by it
Mordekaiser is neither a tank, nor HP-reliant.
Euroneto (EUW)
: That's nice! Good Work {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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: well, maybe in the pbe login queue?
: Did you do that while waiting in tft queue?
As a 3v3 player, I don't see an issue with TFT queues :p
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INoKami (EUW)
: > Reddit works much better for that… May be true. I´m not on Reddit and I´m not planning to go there anytime soon. Idk it just not suceeded in making it interesting for me. I´m weird, I know that :) The german boards are all I need.
That's fair too! I didn't like Reddit when I first went on it - it's weird, it's impossible to find something from before because there's no search (practically speaking), most things aren't interesting, most people aren't interesting either. I do still have these same complaints except for the weird part, I'd say, now that I got used to it. But I found my ways to get the enjoyable parts and push the bad ones away when I can. But if the German boards are all you need, then it's all good that way! The primary reason why I went on Reddit was because I couldn't enjoy the "new" Boards as much as the previous ones from earlier in 2014... one of the reasons being because they are too Reddit-like :D
: well then they should just kill tt, its just unbearable having to play plats and dias to get to bronze2.
"I don't enjoy how the game mode is, therefore the solution would be to delete it" No, actually, you have the option to just not play it.
INoKami (EUW)
: Just insanity. You know, the good kind of insanity. Unfortunately the boards don´t offer enough attention for what this and plenty of other stuff here deserves, like a lot of other stuff, e.g. champion concepts like... ~~mine~~ _*_ _cough_ _*_ _defineitly no advertising here_ _(It actually isn´t since I gave up the english boards a while ago xD)_
Thank you :D They don't offer a lot, indeed, but heh, sometimes some people tell me that seeing this brightened their day one way or another, or made them smile, so if putting that on the boards can give that to just one person or two... I'm fine with it! Hahaha :p Well, I do know the feel. Reddit works much better for that...
: That was pretty cool. Not gonna lie.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Oh and really, just opened the video in YouTube and you really are! Sorry, my mistake!
Yousef37 (EUW)
: Can someone invite me to a game on pbe?
Added you - I had a similar issue and indeed, getting invited to a lobby then getting kicked solved the issue for me.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Are you the new Naerlyn?
neropa (EUNE)
: That's cool! You have earned a sub. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it :D
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M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: any updates? yes i'm necroing the legendary thread
: > [{quoted}](name=NightWind42,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=0OdK7tEt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-09T13:18:41.124+0000) > > That's a tooltip bug only! You sure about that?
Yup. That's 100 (Wooglet's) + 20 (Amp. Tome) + 80 (Echoes) + 18 (Runes) + 7.2x3 (Conqueror) AP = 240, rounded up, out of 299. Times 1.25 and you get 299, so that works correctly.
: Wooglet's Witchcap passive "UNIQUE: +25% ability power" Is not working it doesn't grant bonus AP.
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Even posted on YouTube on my birthday. Best present ever.
Shamose (EUW)
: Missed an opportunity by not doing this with Morde. Because everyone knows MORDEKAISER ES NUMERO UNO. HUEHUEHUEHUE
Well, I [have]( dedicated a lot of time to Mordekaiser already :p But alas, that is simply not doable by him.
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JacobChan (EUNE)
: Thank you again. Sorry I haven't went on a forums for a litle while but thanks for answering my question. I hope you will make more good videos like that!
No worries! You can tell by the delay in my answer that I am not using them so much either, haha Thank you! I am doing that :D I'm releasing them [here](!
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: Call me back when you have 5 different champs, doing the melody by champions as well. Not just a Zed doing stuff in a rythm {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
I already did that with three champs for [Bonetrousle]( Problem is, the more champs, the messier it gets (audio clutter). I don't want to do anything with more than two champs again because the result isn't really something I like. And I do already have a good part of the melody - you've also gotta realize that there are things that I choose not to hit, because it's not strictly about getting every note, but also about getting the general tone of the music. For example, the very beginning. It's a build up in three parts: the melody alone, then the melody with one "line" of things in the background, and then the famous "0:16" moment when the full thing kicks in, repeated once. I could very well play these four things the same way, since I'm showing in the last part that I can play the melody and fun fact, that was one of the easier aspects of the video, very surprisingly, and also sadly given how long that one part already took. But I don't. Because that wouldn't make sense. You can't just play over a build-up something that will be the same as the main theme. So there's that.
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: I dont think anything will top Jhin playing his own theme but I can appreciate all the time and effort that has been put into this.
In the fittingness way, I don't think so either. I can't do more than what's possible, and Jhin is just something special. But there are other things I'm as happy about as this one, if not more, such as [this one]( in particular. I don't just look at doing something that'll be like Jhin's. Sure, my goal is to make each of them as good or better. But not in the same way, because as I said, that's not possible. But not all things will be on the same level, because I can't get everything to that level or I'll sometimes just not have the right ideas, and I'm fine with that too. I'm just doing the best I can every time, and I know that this "best" has already gone quite a bit higher since I started doing these. So, I'm happy with this!
Wolfy D (EUW)
: Appreciate the time and effort that was put into this, WP! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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MrGerund (EUW)
: why didnt you make aurelion play it? his ult is a literal old meme (fus ro dah)
Whether the theme fits is only one of the things - it's also very important for the video to be doable, and it wouldn't have worked well with Aurelion.
JacobChan (EUNE)
: Hey thanks for the reply ! I'm curious how long does it take to make one video like this ?
Oh of course! It depends, really. I think overall you can count about 1h30? It starts with mapping the song (for champion themes, it's about playing it randomly until ideas come to make it better; for other things, it's about finding how to make the hard parts actually doable), and then once I've got something fully planned out, practicing separate parts if needed, then doing the whole thing over and over until I get it right once. That last part can be done in as few as 6 takes (once), but can also go as high as ~100. So I'd say 1h30 is a good average, the fastest taking 40-ish minutes, the longer ones 3h, and the really longest ones ~6h.
Hansiman (EUW)
: This. I like this.
JacobChan (EUNE)
: Man I love you so much. You are doing the thing I wanted to see a long time ago in league !
Aw thank you! :> Well I'm doing [a lot more of these]( if you're interested! I'm glad you like these :D
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Gόld (EUW)
: that MS that FPS i go cry {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I was in need of a new PC for a while, so... there was some investment put in there :')
: Gimme those juicy FPS. And love the video btw <3 {{sticker:sg-lux}}
A recent investment that I certainly do not regret :> Thank you :D
Riryz (EUW)
: Nice job. Ive seen the jhin one on the boards as well some time back. Always enjoyable to watch these.
Thanks :D it's the first one that I *post* on the boards, but yeah, I've seen the Jhin one be shared, haha If you want more, I've currently made 26 of them, with the playlist being linked in the main post! :)
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