: Youre g5 but wants p5-1 mmr . ok.
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: Hey is it allowed to ask for duoQ with higher ranked ppl on boards on offtopic? or is that forbidden
nah my mmr got rekt when i had aloosing streak on g5 and now its hard to climb up^^ i just want to have anormal mmr like g5 with that guy so i can get up ez alone i win 4 games and loose 1 but doesnt work :) too muhc lp loose thats why i want that i dont call that eloboost :D
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: Once you make it to Challenger and stay there for a while it might happen that you get the attention of one of the Professional teams in high challenger that compete for entry in the challenger series and they might ask you to join as a sub or regular player. If you play consistently well either your team makes it into the challenger series or LCS or you will get an offer from a team that's already there. As far as I know it happen rarely that someone gets directly drafted into a LCS team even as a sub. Being well known (f.e. by being a streamer with lots of viewers) probably helps with getting into LCS teams directly. It might happen in some cases though. Klaj who is the current support for Fnatic got into the team because he played soloq with Rekkles and they found that they synergized well and so Klaj was invited to join the team when they split with Noxiak (who as far as I've heard didn't work together with Rekkles well). However if you can't make it to Challenger your chances of ever becoming a progamer in League are about zero.
thanks bro :) allright cya in challanger :D
: > [{quoted}](name=NightWingBoC,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=5Filjc59,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-03-28T21:46:59.353+0000) > > nono u read the title wrong i wanna become a PRO gamer xD > like rekkles or xpeke ^^ > how do i start that? not looking at skill get to challenger first. then get drafted by a pro team.
what do you mean by getting drafted? i saw the lee god on youtube he got on team energy as substitute. is that what u mean?^^
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sffc,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=5Filjc59,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-03-25T11:26:31.582+0000) > > "there are game programmers." > > There are game designers and there are programmers. Programming a 'game' is nothing more than a software magician bending several interactions on top of a nice design obviously, i was talking strictly about the guys that program the tools (the engineers if you will), we can easily break game programming into tens of fields by itself, from tool creation, to game design, to network management, to many other fields.
nono u read the title wrong i wanna become a PRO gamer xD like rekkles or xpeke ^^ how do i start that? not looking at skill
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Skere (EUW)
: You showed the edit link, not the view link. We can't check the guides this way
Oh damn xD how can i change that? Allright got it :) have fun studying ^.^
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Fler (EUNE)
: I myself never say "report X for this n this" I just say "you are reported" that is pointless, and dno why I even say that, but usally I just report the player w/o sayin anything, and tbh I dont talk that much in like 10 games overall, as u do in 1, u didnt wish cancer or had hard insults, but u had alot of trashtalk m8... trashtalk that is pointless and will make NO ONE play better, but worse. Good luck still m8.
not rly bro if you were in that game and saw the palys etc ud think different ^^
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
this one chatlog is not toxic at all i have a nice game with my team and enemyteam the otehrs are fine judged but this one aint ^^
: Oh sorry I thought you taunt you enemies^^
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
i deny that in my last chatlog is sth insultive thta can cause a ban its not right.
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NightWingBoC,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=R52gW72Z,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2016-01-09T19:18:41.473+0000) > > still 9 reports get ppl banend all guys of the elo say False. Completely false. Unless the guy actually had something in his chat that could get him banned, it doesn't matter if it's 9x or 1x ... And reports don't ban, reports lead to a review and then comes punishment, if deserved. Even if the system is automated, it must review/process the chat logs before issuing a punishment (from warning, chat restriction to time bans) ...
: Saying "9x [insert player here]" is never a good idea (unless it's obviously joke/banter with someone and it's clear that it's banter to both parties). Saying reported, or "please report x" is never a good idea either. I don't know exactly what will get you banned in these terms but it's better to just not do it, and just report them at the end of the game yourself if you think they deserved it. If your teammates/enemies think that person deserved a report they can also report them of their own accord, but the number of reports doesn't usually make a difference. Edit: I saw in another post that you had chatlogs from other games originally? Those might explain why you got banned.
I agree with your edit there but this game doesnt really give a reason to ban it thats the game that caused it and its not legimitated if you take a look at the whole game (both chats) yea you might be right about this one ^^ still 9 reports get ppl banend all guys of the elo say
: > i NOT intend to harras and NOT intend to be negative > this ban is NOT JUSTIFIED correctly!! ;( > > > In my ban review only the first game is listed wich is not toxic You are harassing other players a lot in this game. Examples: "be happy that u get some more chances ;:D" (This one makes you sound as if you won the game already) "i outplayed you all at least once ;:D" (This makes you sound arrogant af again) "my opinion is that im more skilled :D" (Good for you, but no one cares, so just keep it for yourself) "u might see that im pretty confident that i can afford much feed and can still win" (IRL you deserve a punch for this one, you sound like an arrogant prick) "ull get rpeorted for neg attitdue" (Report calling is toxic, even if the reported one is guilty, it's like trying to form a mob to lynch someone, just less harmful) "u just lost ur fight spirit i can carry ez" (Saying ez in this context is really unsportsmanlike behaviour) Conclusion: These are all just minor incidents, but you should really stop being so annoying, this just makes all people want to end the game asap to get rid off you and ruins their fun. I hope you learned your lesson!
Allright its sad that u cant see the enemy chat cuz this is all so fine in context when u read it :D lux was rly happy about this style she said she learend to play and had fun ^^ she said i am her bff this game! the hecarim didnt believe me and was very arrogant to me and checked if i was correct i told him when i outplayed him in this chatlog. the otherone was a evidence of my fact i told him i told it cuz he was so strongly negative that i wanted to be sure if the mates think it too and they said +1 this chat was in my own teams chat wich was said to motivate my teammate graves(who was the negative guy) to try to win again conclusion: sorry but you are wrong buddy if you take a close look this chat is completely FINE with summoners code and general behaviour i encouraged my enemys and mates to play good for a win learned with the enemyteam and mine how to play good (improvement of play) isnt that good :)?
ZartarUK (EUW)
: i said its not the first time youve been banned, you said it was and now you admit it wasnt riot obviously felt you haven't learnt you shouldnt chat so much in the game, just asking for trouble, just focus on playing
im not asking for trouble and i learned playing same good while chatting i type rly fast ^^ riot isnt riot its a computer system theres NO HUMAN on this tribunal its a MISTAKE of the system! i want it to be redone
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I am not gonna create a new account to play differently if my long time intense efford acc gets banned for no reason! just not logic bro..:/
: It does not matter if you changed or not... It's good to see heavily provoking players like you get a perma
: > NightWingBoC: could oyu guys pls 9x graves Asking for your teammates to be reported can get you banned, even if it's for a legitimate reason. (I think if they went AFK that's an exception, but otherwise don't do it). Aside from that your messages were very obnoxious. Calling yourself challenger and acting like you're the best is a surefire way to make people hostile towards you, I would strongly recommend NOT doing it. But, I don't think it warranted a ban.
well i am as good as an challanger ^^' why not say it its the truth im sry :/ okey :o didnt know that tho isnt negative attitude a reason to report one?
ZartarUK (EUW)
: dont believe you for a second, no one gets perma banned straight away, just doesnt happen
Bro i got banned already before but i dont behave like that anymore i changed! you can read it in the chatlogs its not toxic. its defensive and win wanting with joy bringing to enemys wich sadly isnt shown in chatlogs u get
ZartarUK (EUW)
: dont believe you for a second, no one gets perma banned straight away, just doesnt happen
I of course got banned before but i dont act like that anymore lol u can read it in the chatlog the robo system did a huge mistake!!
: oooh... i am soo relieved xd anyway you deserve perma, and i don't even know why you think the enemy team counts towards your ban. only what you type does.
wow so rude... ;W; i donr deserve it at all im a nice guy! i DIDNT TYPE STH that counts for a ban !!:(
ZartarUK (EUW)
: you talk far too much, just asking for trouble also this isnt your first ban is it?
: Your chatlogs got gradually worse... First of all, the constant report calling, that's just stupid and serves no purpose whatsoever You also started criticising your teammates: >"STOP FEEDING" <- This is not a good advice. This is simply useless. Threatening them for some reason: >"ill rpeort oyu for boosting if u dont answer" "i will report none if u surr" And generally being rude...
Bro i am talking about the first game wich is listed it doesnt show any negative chat the others are indeed toxic but i changed as u see in the game 1 illl remove the other ones if you dont read properly :/ ... the i understand thing in game shows only one game btw
: please tell me you just lied when you said you're in challenger tier.....
No i didnt why should i lol, i didnt say im in challanger tier i said im playing on challanger level. bro^^
: lol my teammates agreed with me to report him because he was very toxic, i muted him immediately
i wanted to get the opinion of my mates if he rly is toxic and they said yes
Bombardox (EUW)
: calling to report someone is toxic ..
lol my teammates agreed with me to report him because he was very toxic, i muted him immediately
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jana (EUW)
: clearly NO. > i dont play for rank bro i play for fun anf improvement ^^ i play for fun and improvement and not for rank but i tent to still end up in low/mid dia every time. you play in a less compatitive enviroment and still pitch around ppls mistakes. and that even in a way thats not understandable. you could have explained anything but you argue with cs. cs do matter but they arnt even that relevant. you can play champions who offer you tools to make csing a nobrainer for everyone. you had thousends of things to help him out. tell him about positioning, trading, minion management etc...... and you didnt chose only 1 of them(and that in multiple games). you should consider not "teaching" others in your current way. if offers no value to the openend and dont help them. the report is justifyed. so is your ban. you now have enough time to create a topic where you who only play for "fun and improvement" can reasonable try to coach players arguing to the fact that you **did** play also for **improvement** and went down 2 ranked divisions doing so. to be clear i dont see a reason to neutralize your punishment. but i am not here to decide. you still can teach players with a lvl 1 account and the spectate feature (i think it works on lvl 1). you can reffer to this account to prove them what you are capable of. good luck.
he said that hes better than me so i took the thing he should be better than me in the specific game wich he wasnt. cs and position :) i could easy outtrade him wich was possible due to my higher skill level wich he didnt think i have
: >i try to make riot realize that they did a wrong thing But they didn't. Your ban is perfectly justified.
Stell (EUNE)
: The amount of games does not make you the best katarina though. My friend who was bronze 4 after placements kept convincing me (and especially himself) that he's the number 1 Jinx in europe. And i asked why does he think that, and why is he only bronze 4. "because teammates blabla" the usual. And the biggest reason "well, i have alot of games and i don't know anyone who's better" -> Well how many jinx players do you know? "like three" ok wow. He was seriously deluded, and i mean **seriously. ** He kept living in his fantasy of being so awesome and no matter what happened in the game, every kill was because of his awesomeness and every death was because of others. It's even hard to explain this because he was so ridiculously deluded that even today it boggles my mind..
i train since i started palying league i did research in all different parts of league to master them and i did that my best champ is katarina mechanically cuz i played her the most
: Okay... 1. The actions of others do not justify your own. This ban is about what YOU did. If the other guy was toxic as well, he will get his punishment in time. 2. Secondly: >he didnt see that im pro since i lost the lane on purpose {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
thats how you can comeback man ^^ how should you show others their mistakes if they are lossing in all parts if you play serious
: Deciding wheather you report someone or not is of course up to you. However meteing out your own punishment and pretending to try and teach them something just to be an asshole in the game is not considered a proper alternative to reports. Thus you should either learn not to "teach" others in such a manner or be willing to accept that if continued such behaviour will cause pemaban.
i am not pretending to teach i do teach them this is the only way to teach them cuz they dont listen otherwise (its low elo) kk still id like my ban to be put away since i didnt know that this kind of teaching isnt allowed i wasnt banned before for 7 days so why 14 day ban???
: What you think you are doing is irrelevant in this case I'm afraid. Your statements are rude, you belittle others, praise your own abilities and gloat over success. if you think that's not flame, well, sorry to tell you this but: You are wrong.
he harrased me as beeing bad ( he didnt see that im pro since i lost the lane on purpose so i can teach him) i had to show him that im better in order to be able toi teach him and make him more open he was very arrogant and didnt believe me (but the tribunal cant see that => wich makes the ban not the right decision)
: Lets say that he started flaming you. That makes him an asshole, who should be reported. You responded by retaliation - it doesn't matter that you didn't use offensive language, you were still verbally abusive. Congratulations - now thanks to you the number of people acting like assholes in the game just doubled! Ongoing policy is that no matter who started the flame, anyone who does join is responsible for their actions and will be punished accordingly. The "but he started" excuse did not fly in kindergarten and it will not fly here. Please, don't pull out the card of justified defense, since that is not nearly as simple as people tend to think and there are big enough differences between Summoner's Code and criminal law, that the comparison makes no sense.
i didnt report him since ima nice person. i dont want to punsih ppl for not having the ammount of knowlage that i have wich causes them to flame (they dont get what i told them there it seems)
Silisa (EUNE)
: You were so nice to bother. ^_^ Have a cookie, you polite person you. {{item:2054}}
: > he flamed me so i contnued a kind of more rude way Thats not an excuse. Others breaking the rules doesn't make these rules invalid, they still apply to you. That's why it is completely irrelevant what the other players wrote. I might be interesting when we want to know WHY you flamed, but thats not really relevant here, since the behavior you have shown is NEVER ok, no matter what reasons you had for it. > its not seeing wether the reporter is correct Of course it does, thats why you got the chatlogs. You didn't get these chatlogs by accident, but because the reports for these games were judged to be justified (since you were actually toxic in these games) > he flamed me and i responded so he is the agressor who caused that "flame" We are not in kindergarten, it doesn't matter who started it. If you both break the rules you both get punished.
it seems like he took it the wrong way and reported me i didnt intend to harras him this way he felt it the judging is wrong the intention is different
: > im not arrogant im a great player Don't you notice the inherent irony of this sentence? Also, being silver after 8000 games isn't exactly what most people concider to be a "great player". Most people only need a few hundred games to reach that skill level. A bit of humbleness wouldn't hurt you. > i dont bash them Look at your chatlogs again, that's EXACTLY what you do.
i am NOT playing for rank im playing for FUN and SKILLimprovement i was after 1 season plat3 90 lp :D when i started that kind of teach method i used that word from a guy who commented
: >i dont flame them :) Did you actually read your chatlogs before you posted them?
i know my intention so i know that i dont flame and that isnt flame ^^
: You don't have a choice in that matter :-)
i try to make riot realize that they did a wrong thing ^^ i hope they do it
: A great player... http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/28314495 After 8000 games played...S3...okay.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. I'll try to answer your post here to the best of my ability: --- > I am demanding the lift of my 14-day ban wich i just received i really didnt mean to harras the ppl! I'd just like to comment your title first, as that's the first impression we get from you here. Note, this is commenting before I even read your case. * You're in no position to demand. You can ask, or request, but demanding is pretty harsh. * The excuse "I didn't mean to" isn't something you can use. If you're broken the law in real life, you can't excuse yourself to the police claiming you didn't know the law. It's your responsibility to know what actions you are allowed to do. --- > My general playstyle/strategy to train random players in league of legends is direct confrontation with their mistakes not by a flaming way but i an telling them straight wich you can read. So I'll look at some of your direct confrontation, but keep in mind that this way of 'teaching' players is usually seen as very rude and a form of behaving superior to others. Constructive criticism is ok, but that usually doesn't imply 'direct confrontation'. > NightWingBoC: u think ur betetr than m,e :D? This is a way to express yourself as superior to others, and a mild form of mockery. I don't see how this teaches people. > NightWingBoC: ur 2 leagues below my skilllevel mate NightWingBoC: i read u like a book :D NightWingBoC: overallskill level bruh :DE NightWingBoC: u should learn what this game is about The same applies here. You're not trying to help a person, you're trying to bully them because you feel superior to their ingame ability. This is just being rude. > NightWingBoC: tell me when i shall paly seirous NightWingBoC: ;3 NightWingBoC: do you realize that i am trolling you :D? NightWingBoC: :DDDDD NightWingBoC: so sad that low elo cant see the difference between skilla nd joke NightWingBoC: but if they flame me i wont comeback :) NightWingBoC: ill let u get 10/4 :) NightWingBoC: then comeback should be fair game I can continue posting stuff like this, but I hope you get the picture. You're not trying to teach people by being direct; you're mocking them because you're outplaying them. This isn't helping them, and only diminishing their gaming experience. It's one thing beating an opponent; but kicking him when he's down and rubbing salt in his wounds isn't being a good sportsman. And poor sportsmanship is a violation of the Summoner's Code. --- > NightWingBoC: reported Here's another phrase. Any type of report threats, regardless of the actions of another player, has at all times been considered as unwanted behaviour by the majority of the community. This in itself isn't enough to warrant a punishment, but it adds up to a bigger picture to show how you've been treating other players. --- This was all just some of the negative behaviour I saw in the first game. However, there's a lot more, and it goes on in your other games as well. You're disrespecting other players, you're mocking them, you're acting superior; all in all it's pretty clear these are violations of the rules and not wanted by the community. --- As for your demand of getting this ban lifted because you didn't know you were breaking the rules; your ban is an extension of the chat restrictions I believe you've already gone through. These restrictions are an indication to you that your behaviour isn't in line with what the community standards are. If you chose to ignore the restrictions, then Riot needs to escalate you to a ban. Keep in mind that a 14 day ban is a **final** warning. The next step is usually a permanent ban, from which you'll never get your account back.
you have a good point there ^^ the thing is that you dont know what the oponent wrote this game that i wrote this kind of "mocking" stuff he flamed me so i contnued a kind of more rude way that i defensive i didnt want to flame back like he did still the system should recognize things like this. its not seeing wether the reporter is correct he flamed me and i responded so he is the agressor who caused that "flame"
jana (EUW)
: lolking says you where plat last season and now stick in low/mid silber with near 2500 games. i am not sure but detectives would say there is something wrong. neverless. you did say that you dont repect them and that they are bad. this is not any meaningfulla advice. this is straight out flame. comfronting somone with their mistakes is good but i didnt see you do anything else then pitching about cs in any case you didnt pich about cs you did mention that you dont take the game seriouse. in both cases thats not and yadvice. i did coach many players and i do know how to make advices. and i did not think that you are in the position to in most cases or that you helped anyone besides your ego. so well maybe you learned your lesson. you have 14 days time. i am not here to judge. also this are 3 examples out of all reports, there could be even more evidence. you dont get banned for only 3 games :) i go with riots opinion still.
i dont play for rank bro i play for fun anf improvement ^^ this game the yasuo didnt get what i tryed to say so i pointed out cs cs wich were equal even tho he won his lane cuz i let him if i won hard like always whehn i paly serious he coudlnt learn from his mistakes when i comeback ego is good and nice :D especially when ur good and have to deal with ppl that are flaming you cuz they dotn see it^^ i dont need a time to learn bro :/ i know that they got it wrong and that i need to make my teaching clearer but i dont like the ban and would like it to be neutralized.
: And how exactly are you in a position to teach people? http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/28314495 After almost 2400 games played this season.
i am training to become the best katarina in the world and a really high skilled player wich i am very near of :) after 8k games
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