lmao Ayy (EUW)
: My Katarina highlight motage, rate it <3
: Some random champions pixel art
This is pretty cute! I love pixel art ^^
Awesome, looks like you put in some work here! xD
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nicklasius (EUNE)
I can't connect to the chat as well :/ EUW, UK
: Daily reminder: Matchmaking is perfectly garbage
Matchmaking in normals is abismal, just play ranked and it's fine :) Problem is you can't even practice in normals, because it's always a stomp.
Enlight13 (EUW)
: You guys got any idea on how to make the team not throw games?
My only suggestions would be to /mute all and play carry roles if you're looking for success in solo queue, or play in a team with friends if you're looking for fun.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Spellthief Lux : Animated Splash
This is amazing! One of my fav skins too ^^
: Increased trolling in ranked
Yeah trolls have too much control of the game at the moment.. :/
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efol00 (EUNE)
: Karma Ult + Q hit area
It's supposed to change her Q like that I think.
Rioter Comments
: like i said, i tried my best. you dont need to be so goddamn harsh about it. even though its true, i dont need someone else to point it out for me. you should know that i made this story when i was tired, i didnt notice the mistakes until you 'pointed them out' for me. i propably would've adjusted it anyway after a couple days or so.
You know, maybe something my friend once is true. People do get offended too easily.
: look, i only made this for fun and tried my best. i dont always need to have correct grammar if im making something for fun. the least i need is some random stranger critizising my way of writing when i poured my heart & soul into it.
Sorry for the constructive criticism, I'll take it to someone else who can handle it. I'm only saying the story which you've poured your 'heart & soul' into isn't going to get read by that many because it's one block of text.
Branchesman (EUNE)
: Fun Art : Ward
RIP stealth ward.
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: What triggers you?
^ Taliyah nerf xD Fizz, Riven, LB, Pantheon, Heimer. Anti fun champions basically, with little counterplay and/or too simple playstyles.
: Game Breaking Bug - Jayce's R
You don't even need a graphics card to play LoL...and there's more to a PC than a graphics card anyway. The RAM and CPU will doubtless be much more important than a graphics card, assuming you have an adequate power supply and storage space.
: another boring saturday night.
Would read it, if the grammar was correct and it wasn't one massive block of text. Learn to format! Few will take the time out of their day to read this, it just puts people off, and it would be a shame to have a good story undiscovered just because there's no paragraphs or anything.
RuneiX (EUW)
: Poro Pile
: League of Legends the movie - Trailer . Riot answer us, have you ever though about the movie?
This was actually an awesome trailer put together from a hundreds of little clips, it looks like a lot of effort went into it! A league movie would take a lot of resources though, and judging by the how the state of the game is stillv ery much changing I doubt they have the resources availabe for one...I'd love to see one though!
: Kindred Speedpainting (Oil painting)
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: We know about the problem and the team is currently triaging. Please keep checking our Status page for more info.
Must be hard dealing with people like this all the time :/
Crainer92 (EUNE)
: Petition to Riot Games
I would love an option to play a champion's theme song in the background, or an event's theme song. Maybe even something like queuing them up and having them play for login screen and in game music :)
XIC Wolf (EUW)
: How many of you actually 'enjoy' the game?
Nah, not really all that fun anymore.
Zonazz (EUW)
: Whast up with super long queue times?
I just can't find a game at all :(
sdsdfdf (EUW)
: Fix EUW, please.
Yeah I can't get in a game either :/
: Respawn animations should begin before actually respawning
muffinspree (EUNE)
: What is life? Why my cat wont talk ? Why don't bees multiply like crazy and conquer the world ?
I gave up ranked because I like to try lots of fun and strange builds, and I realised to climb I would need to pick what's strong at the moment and follow the meta. I'd rather make my own builds and decide who to pick rather than have it dictated by the pro scene and Riot's buffs and nerfs :)
: I would like to take a break, but i don't know how
Maybe play a different game (Rocket League, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Civ 5 are all fun games, althoguh if you like mobas you could try Paragon, Smite and Dota 2) or find another hobby to occupy yourself if you're bored. Start learning to draw. Play an instrument. Volunteer to help the community. Go on bike rides. Do stuff :)
: Best TWISTED FATE/SHEN/AHRI Live Action Fan Cinematic!
This is amazing!! How long did it take for you to make? Imma share this with some friends and sub, I'd love to see more stuff like this - keep doing what you're doing, it's awesome ^^
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: Kindred Fanart =^● ∀ ●^=
Kraungard (EUNE)
: Why is Aurelion Sol so rarely played?
Weird playstyle, expensive.
: While it's true, they all are fast champions. Leona can pull herself to others, Lucian has a dash. They are all quick. And while Syndra is a lovely champion, she lacks any type mobility. So if we would follow it as a legit theme then syndra doesn't belong in the project, due to her lacking speed.
Yes, perhaps, but I would still say Leona is far from mobile, and even Yi can only gain movement speed and has no dash/blink abilities. I can imagine Syndra controlling and manipulating many spheres at once, sending them at high speeds towards enemies, shielding herself with them, charging them up to fire all at once - actions like this that would be quick and sharp, especially as she would have to focus on many spheres at once. While I agree that for the most part mages and the PROJECT theme don't really fit, I feel like an animation with Syndra could easily be dynamic and fast-paced - someone like Lux or Orianna are too slow and don't have as many tools to work with.
DaveRod (EUW)
: It really doesn't fit the overall theme though. Sure she may look like a futuristic machine woman with flying orbs of lasers around her, but the idea of the theme is cyber, high octane, fast paced action. If you notice carefully, almost all of the champions who have a Project skin have immense mobility and speed. Also, they're capable Assassins... Syndra is demi-goddess with unlimited power who can be slower than a Blitzcrank after his W has been worn out and he just got hit by a Nasus W. She doesn't seem like the high octane, action packed killer that the Project skins so encompass. Riot are very thematic on who they choose to add for a particular skin set. BUTT! I do love the idea! She looks gorgeous (and a little bit like DJ Sona). I'd hit that skin with 1350 RP if I get the chance. adioso! (also, riot, hire this doood...or i will riot {{summoner:14}} )
Leona and Lucian are _definitely _not 'capable assassins', and Yasuo and Master Yi are somewhere between fighters and assassins. I think the skin concept could definitely still work - the tight fitting clothes, the visor, and the trailing hair all fit the PROJECT theme very well.
: League Of Legends Playing Cards (Community Creation)
Nice idea! The position of the suits looks fine to me, but if you wanna change it go ahead ^^
Nakhishia (EUW)
: My fanart of Dragon Trainer Tristana.
Αngst (EUNE)
: My cute drawings ^-^
This is awesome!
: What really bothers me about Riot and Dynamic Queue
They said one of the main resons was so people could play with friends more in ranked - they said Ranked 5's wasn't cutting it.
: Poro Drawing
That's so cute ^^
: This is Riot
More like: Riot: We have announced this new awesome queue system that we call dynamic queue! Community: It sucks and we dont like it. Riot: We're trying to fix it and optimise it as best as possible so that both solo and premades have good quality matches in ranked, as well as trying to fix queue times (especially at higher elo) and role selection. See: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/dynamic-queue-and-future-league
Luda (EUW)
: My League of Legends Experience
Perhaps playing with a group of friends will remove the toxicity and refresh the experience for you? Just a suggestion ^^
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Of course I'd rather call the majority of players in my friends list 'random strangers' instead of 'friends'. But there are some who I got familiar with, usually playing with voice-comms, and we usually message each other when we are online. I think of them as 'buddies'. Now if my 'buddies' would quit LoL, I bet I would get others pretty soon from the 'random strangers' residing in my friends list. It just takes minimal effort to form and **maintain** those relationships. See one online? Ask him if he has the mood to play. Ask him to come to your TS / Discord / Skype. Ask him if he minds if you take other buddies too. I'm not a very sociable man. Yes my English is rusty, and yes I'm also shy to get onto voice-comms with strangers. But getting trough that is better for my gameplay experience, and makes it easier to maintain parties.
Yes, I could make more of an effort, and with the discovery of Discord it should be easier. My mentality that almost everyone playing is an immature kid needs is wrong, and I'll see what I can do in the next couple of weeks. I've just had a break for a few weeks, so I need to get back into the game and try a little more to make some friends before I complain next time XD
Encrux (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nightlock64,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZyAw1MUB,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-18T09:16:05.526+0000) > - It&amp;#039;s a less accurate rating of a player&amp;#039;s skill. If you're referring to mechanical skill, you're partially right. If you're referring to game-knowledge and makro-play, you're wrong. Knowing what to do and when to do it is a huge part of the game and that's what this is about. I've been mostly playing solo on my main and I did not realize any problems with premades, heck I mostly didn't even notice if there even were premades. What I think is really funny about this topic that there are 2 parties on the same side, with paradox arguments. One side is talking about how premades dominate Dynamic Queue and make it impossible for solo players to progress. The other side is talking about how 4-man premades are trolls and therefore make it impossible for solo players to progress. As I like to view things from a (slightly) mathematical point of view, I'd say those two cancel each other out. And that's just one of many arguments. --- If you don't have enough friends to play games with, then you're doing something wrong. I do agree that it's weird that Riot implemented Dynamic Queue and then made the restrictions to elo-difference tighter, but that might just be due to complaints about "boosting your friends". There are **so many** ways to get to know people, here are some examples: - boards - gaming communites - playing the game - real life friends Saying that you don't have enough friends to play with simply means you're not trying to get to know anyone. Also, what I just said was under the assumption that you need to have premades to progress in this game, which really isn't the case. Yes, you do get an IP-Bonus but it doesn't really affect you in ranked. greetings, Encrux
The problem is yes, although the teams are fair for both sides, the experience for the solo players is much worse as they have to rely on the premades a lot and have little impact on the game. As for the friends thing, I may have been too hasty in my post. I have taken a break for a couple weeks, and need to get back into the swing of things before I make any judgements, but I am fairly sceptical of the outcome. I've tried to make friends with people who I've played with/talked with on boards before, and it didn't really work out. Now I've discovered Discord, I'll see if I have any more success.
: I have two counter arguments for the problems you mention: > Solo players are put at a such a big disadvantage and it's unfair for them to play against premades - being able to queue up as 5 in the same queue where you can queue up solo won't work. There's no adjustment that can fix this in terms of numbers or fixing queues and whatnot. That would be the case if solo players would actually be matched against premade teams. But in close to 100% of the cases (98% if i remember correctly, not sure) premade constellations on both teams are identical, so it's 5vs5 or 4+1vs4+1 or 3+2vs3+2 etc. So concerning matchmaking it's not a disadvantage. The fact that matchmaking tries to look for identical constellations is part of the reason why queue times have increased (in case you ever wondered where that problem comes from). > It's a less accurate rating of a player's skill. That depends on your definition of skill. It's a less accurate rating of a players skill as a solo player, thats right. But it's a more accurate rating of a players skill as a team player. And since LoL is definitely a team game and not a solo game, one might argue that it's actually more accurate than before. However I agree that making friends in LoL is not exactly easy unless you put in some extra effort. Just meeting someone by playing a match together is an incredibly thin basis for a friendship. But there are other methods. Today my friendlist contains about 300 people and I would consider at least 100 of them to be my friends, many of them on the same level as the friends I know from RL. And I'm neither famous nor extroverted. I am a very silent guy and I don't make friends quickly. But still I've got all those friends today. I met none of them in a LoL match. My first LoL friends were people I knew from the boards (or forums back then). Having long discussions with someone is already a pretty good basis for a friendship, way better than just a match. Later on I created my own LoL community (a "clan", althoug I hate that word) and met a lot of people there, some of them in RL later on (meetups, gamescom). I also met a lot of awesome people in the volunteer program, they are like my second family by now. What I want to say: You CAN make friends in LoL. But exactly like in RL friends don't just fall from the sky but you have to make an effort and actually invest in a friendship.
Yes, reflecting on it I could try more to maintain friendships, I think my problem has been I took a break for a few weeks and have then come back to find no one to play with. I only recently found Discord, so I'll try and see if I can make some friends from matches or on boards more. I'll come back to reflect on this post in a couple weeks to a month or so, and see if things are as bad as I make them out to be. I think it might just be a problem with me, to be honest. As my argument on friends has proved weak, I'll look past it for now and move onto Dynamic Queue. 'Premade constellations are identical' - so whenever I queue up solo, chances are I'm with a 4 man premade? They can be dismissive of you and rude, which I have experienced before, but that wouldn't be my main complaint. My issue is that here the solo player will be playing against a 4 man premade, which heavily disadvantages the solo player on both teams, and they basically have to hope their premade is better than the opponents. Yes, they won't have absolutely zero impact on the game, but it'll be significantly lower than the 4 man premades. This may have already been considered, but would 1-2-2 matchmaking be better than the current 1-4? This would reduce the reliance of the solo player on the premades, and make a more level playing field for them. As for the 'skill' argument, I think Dynamic Queue does promote playing in a team well by reflecting their skill as a team, but absolutely screws over solo players, as their mechanical skill is less effective than team communication. Does Riot intend to fix this by encouraging people to never play solo? I think that might work, but the fact that Solo Queue has been in the game for 5 or so years might take everyone some adjusting. Overall, I'm definitely less hostile towards Dynamic Queue now I see it seems to make sense, but getting everyone to only play in groups is going to take some convincing.
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Emberlynn (EUW)
: Friends to Play With
Problem I find with adding and tring to play games with random people is that the freindship breaks down in just a couple days and they become just another name on your 'friends' list. Even if it's with a really good team mate who invited you to play another game after you both did really well, it never lasts long.
Majomhusa (EUNE)
: Luckies Vel'koz shot you will see today
Luckiest* xD Made me laugh though!
Myahana (EUNE)
: Kindred
This is awesome, Kindred is one of my favourite champs ^^
: Hmmm i love the loo of star guidian lux... so maybe her ^^ i thinks shes sooo pretty
Yeah it's a really nice skin, and it fits her positive personality and quotes really well! Maybe a bit tooo pink though xD
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