: Didn't you see the blue essence store a while back? Ward skin, emotes, summoner icons, chromas (temporary) etc. Other than that, mastery emotes.
So you have a currency you can only spend once every six months???
: The Problems with the Loot System in League of legends
If you have all champs what's the point of having a currency you can't purchase ANYTHING with???
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: To Riot: How do you decide which rioter posts a controversial discussion/announcement?
In my mind I see Riot employee's standing in a line and a manager standing in front of them asking for a volunteer, everyone takes one step backwards except one poor fool who wasn't paying attention! Wakey wakey Eambo now's not the time for daydreams ;)
Horodrim (EUW)
: Helping players that are stuck
Nice idea.... First let me say that I, We all make mistakes! But I think the problem is not going to solved by watching replays to see how we can individually improve. The games we lose are mainly because of these reasons 1. Autofill Support. We have all lost games when the support player picks Malphite or whoever and won't buy a sightstone for love nor money, then proceeds to constantly get flanked because of lack of vision. 2. Teammates that won't look at the minimap to see how many enemy they can see before running into the jungle with no wards placed only to be ambushed again and again and again. 3. Teammates with the mindset that pushing hard from start to finish is the only way to play this game and ending the game with a loss 1/15/5 and then doing the same thing the next game and the next game and the next game. If you really want to help player's improve then getting as many of them as you can to understand the above will improve about 95% of the player base! Good luck matey
Nightsaur (EUW)
: Dark Star Singularity
Ok 7 games in, 5 kills and over 100 deaths! I guess this game mode is just not for me! Have fun
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LegacyAD (EUW)
Try cleaning out your logs files in your Riot Games folder. I had over 5000 files, once I had cleaned them out no more ping spikes!
: Is anybody else having a problem with ping spikes?
Try cleaning out your logs files in your Riot Games folder. I had over 5000 files, once I had deleted them no more ping spikes!
: You are literally in the worst division of the game and you are speaking about reaching gold :/ This is a typicall low eloplayer reaction: My team is so bad blablabla, don't blame your team if you are ranked bronze 3 it has a reason. It's a teamgame and if you have trouble climbing there are still some problems with yourself. Believe me, the best tip i can give you to rank up is to stop blaming your team and admit that you did mistakes too.
I am so fed up with hearing this nonsense... I admit I make mistakes in game, but that's not what we're talking about here Just played a game where our mid Cass with 500+ normal wins spent 30 mins standing at her tier 2 turret, was too afraid to come out and defend her tier 1 turret. Our gold 5 support was level 14 at the end of a 43 min game! Try climbing out of that game after game after game. I understand the OP's point, I feel the same way.
: Who is your ISP and where are you playing from? You can try several things like: * Disconnecting devices that don't need the internet. * Closing programs that eat your bandwidth or automatically download huge amounts of data like torrent programs, Steam, Origin etc. * Using a wired (Ethernet) connection * Running [this](http://netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/) and seeing if you're experiencing any packet loss. You might need to use a different browser to run this. Chrome doesn't support Java. * If you are experiencing packet loss, call your ISP and ask them to look into it. * Rebooting your router * Changing your DNS to a public one. * Clearing your DNS cache and releasing/renewing your IP address.
Hi I ran Microsoft Malicious removal tool and found 117 infected League of legends files. Once it was all cleaned up I tried a game and NO DISCONNECTS :) Thank you everybody for all your help Nightsaur
: What DNS Server are you using? I had this same issue just yesterday then I changed my DNS Server to 8:8:8:8 and 8:8:4:4 (google public dns server) and now I got no issues =) Try changing the DNS Server, should solve the problem Also disable IPV6
Thank you for the reply Already on the Google DNS server Already disabled IPV6 :(
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