Uzzlegorf (EUNE)
: I just opened it. It gave me... Sett. No one asked for him. I don't want him.
Yeah, it worked now ^^ ty for replying :)
Billiast (EUW)
: Same here...
I read somewhere that it won't work until prob tomorrow..
TataDraw19 (EUNE)
: How much time we have to open Sett card?
It doesn't say. I got the card but I am still unable to open it. Someone said it won't work until tomorrow
Rioter Comments
: PlayVIG
They're OK with it, it's a sponsorship. But I think you will have too use paypal, and IDK if it will work in Europe
elin990 (EUW)
: How do i get the free garen skin?
I asked Riot about it just now, and I got the skin right away! Just submit a ticket ^^


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