Firmena (EUW)
: Soraka Skin?
I feel your pain. I mained soraka since i started the game. Anyway, i also main Ivern. And i bet you know the story about him. I think if riot wants a champion to give a new skin. Legandary or even a chroma. It should be him. Who cares if he's not popular, there are some people who will buy the skin anyway. Please riot. Satisfy us. GIVE IN ON UR DESIRES AND MAKE IVERN HAPPY. {{champion:427}}
: Maybe this time riot will reply
Ivern is the one that needs skins, icons and emotes.
TheRaka (EUW)
: Climbing outta silver
I've been playing support for a solid 2 years now. And i was stuck in silver hell too for about a year. Luckily i got out. I'm a soraka {{champion:16}} main since the beginning of me playing and what i learned was. Learn from yourself, there's always a thing you can improve yourself on. And don't be toxic. That really hurts espcially early. Also keep a clear mind. Too much ranked games (without breaks) is really bad. There are times when i just play 1 ranked match for the day. If i win. Nicerino. If i lost. Glad i'm not gonna play ranked again today.
MikeCome (EUW)
: Yasuo Skin Bug Q
Yup, I hope they fix this soon. Like REALLY soon.
Rioter Comments
: Dutch Esport team manager op zoek naar Top laner Dia 4+
%%%%! Te lage rank en ben support main LOL.{{item:3070}}
: ahhhhh I need a support main in silver to duo with to gold for fun.
Yo, I'll add you when i'm home. so we can talk a little. I main {{champion:16}} and {{champion:201}} . I prefer discord though lel.

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