: > Is it possible to be false banned? Possible, yes, but very unlikely. The vast majority of players who claim that they got falsely banned for scripting... a) are lying b) have a much too narrow definition of scripting and use some other illegal software they do not consider to be a script, but is still illegal c) share their account and someone else was scripting d) are not the original creators of the account and the previous person was scripting e) downloaded some shady software If none of those or any similar reasons apply and you are truly innocent, the support is the way to go. Mistakes can happen and if Riot notices, they fix it. About the process: Riot will most likely send you a standard reply first, most likely declining your request. That is not the end of the world, just reply (in the same ticket) again if you feel some info was not considered. If they give you a final answer at some point, it's final. Additional tickets won't change that. How long: Usually less than 24 hours for the first reply, but this really depends on how busy they are. Sometimes it's just a few hours, sometimes it can be several days. On the weekend, most of them are not working of course, so it might take 1-2 days longer.
The only things that I would have open in the back round are league, spotify, discord and this app called blitz which from what i've read is allowed https://blitz.gg/. All the other options don't apply to me.
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: How new are you to the "League scene" considering you're lvl 133? Did you buy the account?
Its fully my account, I just play the game. I don't use things like this unless I have a problem so I have no idea how this is going to work.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Ninmini You need to go and delete that DLL file. Then uninstall League and reinstall. Let me know if you still have that issue?
In the end it was something to do with my laptop. My disk was nearly fried and had to get it repaired. This fixed the issue as its working perfectly fine now, sorry for the late reply :P
Geri9250 (EUW)
: have you tried reinstalling it?
Of course. Was one of the first things I attempted, but no luck. Still the same error.
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