: Team Pass & Fan Pass Hit the Rift on May 31st
I'm really sad that EU and NA aren't allowed to have the cute, actually usable icons... :'( I was looking forward to those and now I'm disappointed again. I don't understand the divide, and I don't understand why you're saying I'm supposed to want another TSM icon, just because I'm European. It's not a good replacement for actual icons at all, and there are already team icons in the store that look almost the same. Please reconsider. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Missions are not working
These mission nonsense events are driving me nuts. Not even the "win a matchmade game" missions are counting at all, and I have one that's about to expire. In fact they all expire with no progress, no rewards, nothing. "It's a display issue" doesn't cut it as a response at this point. :( This event is stressful, and it's timed really poorly. Why release hard-to-code events right before summer holidays? Lots of Rioters probably take a break to be with their kids during the kids' school holiday, it would make sense to not drop these big events at such times. Events are also kind of a big source of BE ever since the move away from IP to this more grindy model. Really sucks that they don't work and there's hardly any communication on if Riot's aware of exactly what is not working. I mean, is it pointless for me to play right now? Are the missions going to be fixed? Will the expired missions return to be re-completed at least since the bug made them impossible to complete before they expired? Yesterday I even didn't get any exp from a game. Like any at all, it literally showed zero and no progress on the bar. This makes me wonder if the entire reward system for the whole game is broken at the moment. Europe's kind of in the dark here.
: What are you people's main?
{{champion:44}} . Laugh all you want, I'm serious, he's the most fun to me. Soraka is second, Sona third, because sometimes the enemies are all AP and not building armor on Taric makes him feel clunky.
Tiichu (EUW)
: If you would rate yourself
Oooo fun thread! Current rank: B1 Warding: 3,5 (smart placement post-laning phase needs work) Mechanics: 3 Making Calls/Strategies: 1 (I'm nowhere near assertive enough to actually make people hear me) Itemization: 2 (I need to think for way too long what to buy) Positive Attitude: 5 Adaptation skills: 3 Map Awareness: 3 Hooray for being average, it suits me no matter the game. c:
Hansiman (EUNE)
: The person that manages to get a jacket with the summoner name "challenjour" is going to be rich!
Ebaying it for like 2 million. And someone would buy it!
Barty (EUNE)
: A short guide on how to deal with getting ganked - some feedback please? :)
And then the toplaner tilted so hard that you actually won that game anyway. D:
: The reason i want to be chelenjour
The best part about those jackets is the absolutely silly summoner names people are gonna have on them. Like sure being challenger is something to be proud of but is anyone really gonna go outside wearing a jacket that says something like "xXRivenOnlyXx". :DD Priceless.
: the battle against champ select trolling was LOST.
Until they add a report reason for trolling in champ select, just use "Negative attitude" and write "refused to play his role from champ select" as a reason. They do ban people who troll. But I agree, there should be a specific report reason for champ select trolls to make it faster and easier to weed them out with permanent bans, like other intentional feeders and trolls.
: Mastery 7 Tokens
To get a rank 7 token, you need to get S or S+. S- isn't enough.
MarTEEnus (EUNE)
: So TL:TR : 1. He's good against almost every supp tank 2. When enemy is AD oriented, you have more protection from W passive for Taric and your team 3. Gap-Closer Champs ({{champion:157}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:84}} ) = better stuns 4. He needs to predict enemy's dodge from my E 5. Peel, DMG, Mobile supp, Mobile ADC's = Hard early game in bot lane 6. Good placed R = Big advantage for your team in teamfights 7. Mid/Late game = Tank Beast 8. Communication heavy for good trades I've just wrote a short summary, what I've learnt from you. And one more thing: Should I max R>E>W>Q or It depends on the lane. (Need more Heals, more Armor) ? Edit: Has He good synergy with high mobility ADC's ? {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:81}}
> [{quoted}](name=Martin Jáni SVK,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RMteQTbP,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-12-20T13:45:28.885+0000) > > So TL:TR : > > 1. He's good against almost every supp tank > 2. When enemy is AD oriented, you have more protection from W passive for Taric and your team > 3. Gap-Closer Champs ({{champion:157}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:84}} ) = better stuns > 4. He needs to predict enemy's dodge from my E > 5. Peel, DMG, Mobile supp, Mobile ADC's = Hard early game in bot lane > 6. Good placed R = Big advantage for your team in teamfights > 7. Mid/Late game = Tank Beast > 8. Communication heavy for good trades > > I've just wrote a short summary, what I've learnt from you. > > And one more thing: > > Should I max R>E>W>Q or It depends on the lane. (Need more Heals, more Armor) ? > > Edit: > Has He good synergy with high mobility ADC's ? {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:81}} I'm not sure about the other synergies but Twitch is funny if he is Taric's W target. Twitch isn't seen=Taric's abilities can't be seen if they come from Twitch. I usually max R>E>W>Q, sometimes W before E if enemy is AD heavy. Rare but sometimes 2-3 points in Q early to make sure we survive if enemy is dodge-heavy champs who dive/poke under tower and we take too much dmg without able to stun them (Vayne, Zyra for example).
MarTEEnus (EUNE)
: It's Taric playable these days
The biggest problem I face with him is that the enemies (especially supports) tend to counterpick on purpose by going some heavy poke mage like Brand, Zyra or Karma, and making sure either their top or jungle is AP. I think his kit synergizes well with armor, but against a 3-4 AP team building armor usually won't do much, unless they all feed and the only danger on their team are the 1-2 AD champs. I am very low elo though, so I pick him anyways sometimes. Like someone said: in low elo it matters more that you know the champion well, rather than focusing a lot on counterpicks and only playing a champion when it counters the enemy. Personally I don't have enough skill with all champions to do that. Besides, Taric's ult and stun are very nice against the currently popular assassins! But again, especially at really low elo like me.
: Issue is that when people who don't want to or don't know how to play support start going down there that's when we get things like no sightstone full ap 'supports' which nobody wants in their games.
The best part is when they win one or two games and you start seeing that all over the place and get a few teams flaming the Sightstone-building supports for having "no dmg omg". :D It was a thing for a bit like a year ago (at least in bronze/silver where I belong), went away and lately it's coming back, haha!
Mádwife (EUW)
: Chat restrict , but why?
You... never think about how anyone else feels but yourself, do you? Things like: Mádwife: kys should never be said. The context doesn't matter unless you're playing in a complete 5-man premade with only your friends. And no, deciding whether or not xenophobia, racism, slurs and offensive "jokes" are funny isn't solely up to you, it's up to the community as a whole. You need to understand that an overwhelming amount of people were sad, angry or hurt enough to remember to report you after the game! I understand it's confusing since it's apparently the first time this has happened to you, but try to put yourself in other people's shoes, and read the summoner's code to refresh your memory. For instance, most people find "bg" and calling for reports something they report you for because it's just unnecessary and spoils everyone's mood. Basically, anything you say that negatively contributes to the mood of the game, people usually report. I hope you see that a lot of people simply don't enjoy playing with you and that you can take a good hard look at why that is - your careless attitude about the words you used and how you feel you're entitled to decide how others should feel about them is in my opinion one of the things you could work on. I hope that helps!
: Hover the champ you want to pick teamate bans it
Play the game and finish it, report him for negative attitude after the game but type "my pick intent was shaco and he banned shaco" into the reason box of the report. I remember an official say it's punishable to ban your own teammate's pick intent and encouraging us to report it, and I hope the policy hasn't changed. Because it gets tiring to have the umpteenth person ban your champion "on accident" when it's not even a highly contested one or currently fotm. D:
Darcky (EUNE)
Not only does the screenshot say absolutely nothing, it's also showing **every single name of the players in your game**. Unless you asked if **_all 9 of them_** are okay with this game being shown on the forums in the context of whining about their performance, you're better off censoring the names or your thread might get removed. =) Both teams also look normal, I don't see any trolling or whatever it is you're angry about. I dunno, you didn't specify. :D
: Missing the old team builder, where to train champs ?
Teambuilder was the best! I miss getting to laugh in games because everyone was on board everyone elses picks. Now I sometimes get people who didn't say a word to my pick intent for 2 minutes but when I lock it in they go "omg not that champ ples" or something similar. :c Saying "yes" to every suggestion and having matchmaking adjustment when trying new champions was the best! I'm tired of trying to learn a new support only to be decimated by a plat Zyra or something because in normals you get whoever against you even if you're silver. :c
: Autofill on EUW = unnecessary
Before autofill queue times for me were about 1-2min. Now they're 3-5min. But hey, people who (for their own reasons) go against their human bodies and play at 4am can now have 10min queues in stead of 15min. Success! *saltily sulks in the corner* Sorry. The leavers and people who get autofilled and try to bully me out of support by saying the adc is their premade so I have to... ._. I shudder. Autofill needs to go, I got outright longer queue times to begin with and they also often double because so many people leave champ select now. Not to mention people who stay in their forced role autofill chose for them are usually stressed out and angry in-game. It's very sad and honestly games have had way more ragers these past few days, at least 1 every game, usually 2. :c
: Muting Pings.
Whenever I wonder why it won't happen (it would obviously bring players more good than harm), I think of it from Riot's side. They'd have to go through "refusal to communicate" reports like hell if ping mutes were a thing. Trolls spam "missing" on top of allies, allies mute them, trolls report allies for "not communicating". They'd have to watch tons of replays **per player** to see if they're unlucky and just get a pingspammer in every game. They'd have to look at reports from each game too, making sure the reports only come from pingspammers. Unreasonable time and manpower investment, considering the size of the playerbase, game lengths and how many reported games you need to get reviewed in the first place. c: I want it so bad though. 8/10 of my games has a pingspammer, it's really annoying! :D [Edit: by pingspammer I don't mean "pings baron 6 times to get us to come to it", that's fine to me! I mean the people who towerdive, die, blame the jungler and then spend the rest of the game spamming "missing" on top of the jungler regularly. Think like, every 2-3 seconds or so! D: )
: State of Supports
Personally I like the gameplay situation as it is, because it offers me the type of gameplay and challenges that I like. However, the amount of times I ping missing and mid still claims "lol bot no ss nice" are too numerous. Maybe that's a contributing factor to those that like to communicate but no one listens, not even to pings, almost as if the support isn't worth listening to just because they're a support. It's not every game, but many games I feel like my pings and chat might as well be invisible. Playing adc for a few games and having people actually register my pings and words feels refreshing. If only I liked adc gameplay enough to main it, but support is the only one that fits me as a main role.
TTekkers (EUW)
: What the removal of Normal Draft will ACTUALLY do.
They better not remove normal draft from EUW, I have nowhere else to go. I started playing this game when blind pick was the norm and I'm never going back there, it's not a sane place. I've tried it, being a lightning rod and a punching bag isn't okay. I've gotten more self-confidence over the years and won't just suck it up anymore: I'll simply stop playing in stead. They overestimate how fun the game itself is - it's not fun enough to justify the absolute cesspool that is blind pick pre-game lobby. All these efforts to reduce toxicity these past couple of years just to throw it all out the window by removing the solutions. What's next, old broken Tribunal is just randomly reinstated and no one gets chat restricted anymore? ._.
Hipercsiga (EUNE)
: I'm going to worry about my rating because while my duopartner facerolls his way to lvl 7 on adc champs i keep getting S- and A+ on lvl 6 support champs. And thats annoying as heck. 59 supp is more than just okay. If you are a good support and you manage to keep your carries in the frontline you never have to take kills anyway. If you take kills from your carries you are a fucking retard not a support. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I understand your anger, I was upset about the system too before taking a serious look at my own play. You're still just worrying about the kills. Please read everyone's replies completely, it should give you an idea on why you're having such a hard time getting S or S+. But anyway, no one is saying that you're supposed to steal kills on a support. We're just trying to tell you that KDA isn't the only thing that makes up your grade, and that you can get S or S+ without killstealing on purpose. The best grade I get is S- on most of my favorite supports, and I know it's because I'm not doing as well as others. You're being graded based on a number of factors and on how well **others** play the same champ in the same position. I hope that clarifies anything! c:
Hipercsiga (EUNE)
: Supports, S ratings , Kills
Supports are the team's backbone. They're supposed to be present for almost everything. You're not getting an S grade easily because you're not as big a part of your games as other people who play the same supports. Participate more in everything, especially objectives, and don't forget to get some cs too when it would have otherwise gone to waste (so don't steal from your carries but if they're not there because they're dead, go for it). The cute healing supports make up a popular corner of the support roster and have been around for a long while; there's lots of really great Sonas out there that you're being measured against when you play her. That's one reason why you're not getting an S easily. You're just not great enough when looking at all the things a great Sona does. Worry about your grade less or improve. Nerfing requirements won't do much, since it depends on how others play the same champion in the same role. S grade is supposed to mean you did better than "just okay" in that game, it would be sad if the bar was lowered so that "just okay" play gets an S too. Because then it'd be easy and never feel cool again.
: The upcoming Soraka changes wont meet their goal.
I agree it probably won't address the "she feels unfair to play against" aspect, because most of the time people who feel unfair about heals are going to complain about heals specifically no matter what (had people in chat often complain about Bard/Sona/Nami heal being "op" just because they heal anything at all). Disagree on higher ap ratios being any better (as someone else pointed out it'll just lead to midlane domination of days past), but agree something has to be done about "regenaka" build. It's too easy to reach 3k hp with support items for the passive on Warmog's, and after that the cost of W and whatever they do to her other spells just won't matter as long as she's good at positioning. Don't even have to be good at positioning if your team can protect you. "Heals for days without a cost" shouldn't be a thing, it feels dirty to even play, and I'd like to see it be a desperate option when your team is losing but cause her heals to do next to nothing. Maybe she needs something along the lines of a personal warmogs nerf? As in, the regen passive when not taking damage just wouldn't ever trigger? Sounds harsh, but it's a pretty big part of why that build works, and why it's oppressive and nasty.
: 5 Cents if you wanna really do no skipping. At **max** rank with the old** slow travel time** and** less range** Its rather if you hit than if you miss. Slow and aoe dmg are nice but how often do you transfer ? Selfsustain is the magic word. And yeah W -50 hp but at the same time 2% less % Health Cost. Less punishing to Spam even tough less useful. Might as well afk spam it like before. Good idea for the W would be some kind of channeling.
> [{quoted}](name=Ronin Tamos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=x2t59vAn,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-02-11T17:12:31.002+0000) > At **max** rank with the old** slow travel time** and** less range** > Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time the new Q was on the PBE the travel time was a bit faster to compensate for the smaller area. Haven't heard of a revert to this faster travel time now that the rework is back on the PBE. Is it really as slow as the live Q, or with the added speed of the first time it was on the PBE? ;o Because if they slowed it back down to live values that makes zero sense and I'm gonna be so upset. >_<
Sveh (EUW)
: idk... every time you reply on the forums it makes no sense. I've read so many stuff from you. I haven't read this one at all... didn't even bother. I just know it's trash oppinion. Goodbye! I didn't really want to be that mean... but you've been up in here for too long.
That's a strangely hostile way to react to people who agree with you. Not to mention you're not a forum police who gets to dictate who posts, where and how. If you don't understand what I say, you could always ask and I could explain more clearly. Going all "your opinion is trash" on the other hand is a personal attack without a reason and doesn't even belong in civilized discussion. But I hope you're proud of getting that out of your system. =) (If you didn't want to be mean you wouldn't be, by the way. At least own up to your insulting, toxic attitude in stead of trying to sweep it under the rug with half-baked attempts at cleaning your conscience with mental gymnastics like "I don't want to be mean". Of course you do, you just were.)
Rizarai (EUW)
: Jihn - what were you even thinking Riot?
Maybe there's a learning curve for a lot of people, because he's literally been out for less than a day at the time I'm writing this? ;o Personally I noticed he has a hard time against hard engage so far, as well as two fairly popular champions Yasuo and Braum. Reason being unless you're very good, the W is easy to dodge just like Jinx W which means you rarely get the snare off. Even if you do, it's usually not enough against engage champs like Thresh, Alistar and Blitz, or speedup-supports like Nami and Janna. Braum and Yasuo can straight-up take his ultimate out of the game especially if he's behind at all (Windwall or Braumwall at the narrow part of the cone and he won't get any shots off). He's got high damage, sure, but it's definitely possible to shut him down, especially early and especially with assassins who are still fairly popular. The whole thing's a little bit like arguing that Yi is still op because he can delete the entire team... but only if he was allowed to freely farm his own jungle while the enemy team did nothing to stop him and just assumed staying in their lanes pushing them in would win the game. One thing I can see getting a nerf at some point though is allies being able to tag enemies for Jhin's W snare purpose. It seemed too easy to have the entire enemy team tagged all the time. :D One more thing that I noticed so far is that it's fairly easy to poke him when he's out of bullets which he in general uses to lasthit especially in the beginning before Q starts being reliable as waveclear later on. There are about 2 free autoattacks which are safe to go do unless he has a hard engage support like Blitz, in which case just dodging the hooks will take care of that. I haven't seen the need to ban him or try to counterpick him so things should be fine in blind as well if that's what you play OP. If so, you should always be prepared for there being bad teamcomps and unfavorable matchups. If not, play normal draft with the new champ select and ban him if you must until you're more comfortable. =) (I don't think many were talking about ranked specifically either btw, it's just that nowadays normals with the new select have a pick+ban phase too which is why you got a lot of counterpick answers).
: 7 minute games
If you're referring to entire teams deciding to forfeit from the start and afk while you push and finish, report it under "assisting enemy team" and explain what they did, preferrably with an actual explanation since there's a chance Riot isn't completely aware of what "7 minute game" means yet. Take no chances and whatnot.
Sayainji (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OEFccvfH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-01T08:05:05.364+0000) > > I must be **perfection.*** And Perfect day to release him would be 4th Feb {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Please don't give them any bright ideas! XD What if we'd get him today or tomorrow but you guys' pushing for that February 4th are making them do it because it's funny!
Sveh (EUW)
: Casuals, stay out of ranked.
Yeah nope, I agree it's just a game but in ranked "result doesn't matter" is bs, negative attitude and should be reportable. There's no reason to be mega-tilted and carry hatred over to the next game, but there is a reason to keep it serious, keep idle chitchat to a minimum (ideally zero) and focus. Personally I don't care about my rank but I care about the matches very much and always try my very best. I don't play when tired or hungry or if I know I need to go soon. Some people who have the same relaxed attitude about their rank as me are unfortunately thinking it also means not caring about match results. Which is incredibly stupid, selfish and needs to stop. By definition everyone else in the match wants to be serious, so why go in that mode if trying out new champs or messing around all-chatting with friends is all you want. :(
: why do the last 3 picks get the bans in new champselect? help the guys that probably get countered!
I can probably shed some light on why first pick is still valuable, since it seems a lot of people think it was just about getting to ensure you can't be countered. A lot of people like to play currently strong champs. First picks have a high chance of claiming those before the enemy or the others. For example, in one game right after Shen's rework released, two guys on my team wanted him, one was 2nd pick one was 3rd pick. The 3rd pick whined and whined but we all reminded him he's not entitled to his pick intent, just his role, and should prepare for the fact if he isn't 1st, someone else might pick his champion. To give another example, in one game we let Graves through the bans because our 3rd pick had him as pick intent. The very first member on the enemy team instantly switched to Graves despite it not being his pick intent and locked in, because he was available and is somewhat contested right now. It might also help understand why the bans are given to the last picks if you consider that they used to have zero impact on the champion selection and were at the mercy of the first pick. Generally if I wanted to say, Sona support, first picks used to say stuff like "I don't trust you with her it's my main" and firstpick her to midlane against a Zed. There is only 1/5 chance that I'm first pick, which means this happened more often than I'd like to admit, causing most of those games to be lost because I was already down due to teammates' selfharming bans/picks and attitude. Now, they at least show SOME decency because they know they're not some pre-destined MVP anymore like the old select seemed to suggest first picks are. Bottom line being that it was a bad idea in the first place to assign a "captain" to every team of complete randoms. It bred nothing but nastiness in select and did its part in giving the game the negative reputation it still has due to the old champ select styles. Still having a hard time getting anyone to start the game because most people are aware of League's old reputation as "entitled jerks bullying you before the game even starts". :D
: I personally think its "fine" but this will make it "better", and you might have better order in your mind but you still may agree to have the same laners/roles on the same line. The point isn't about what is the best order, but is about to make order more logical in two ways, having a logical order (which may agree or disagree) and pre-set lane opponents on the same line(regardless to the order).
Again though, as I pointed out if the order was always the same it would do its part in quietly showing people that one role is below everything else. Additionally, one can't really call an order logical across the board when it's a matter of opinion. Keeping it same every game seems like just something several players want to make them feel more comfortable even if it makes some others feel uncomfortable. Forgive me but to me that isn't logic, it's just comfort vs. discomfort. Perhaps a happy medium would be to have the order remain random each game, but set the chosen roles of each team on the same line? Then again, Riot doesn't like enforcing a meta, so perhaps that's why they haven't organized the board by role in the first place. For example, if someone were to go duo top, suddenly what everyone thinks is such a simple, easy answer for "the best order" makes no more sense. Of course it's not in the meta right now, but engraving the current meta into the little aspects of the game such as the scoreboard seems illogical to me since Riot keeps saying they don't want to enforce a meta. I hope that explains my reasoning a bit better!
candoodle (EUW)
: if you want your primary role don't put support as secondary
I agree it's a good idea not to put support as secondary if you're not happy with getting it basically every game. ^-^ I'm going to say something a bit unorthodox though, that I think a lot of people are going to downvote: Putting in incentives for people to play the less popular roles isn't something that'd work in my humble opinion. I've seen it in other (granted, different genre but still) games where most of the time you end up with a person who plays that role for the rewards and nothing else. They feel like it's a chore but they do it because they can, and thus are usually toxic and treat people with an arrogant mindset. Because the system is already telling them they're "special" for queuing for a less wanted role and thus they feel like they're better than everyone else, even though it's always a team effort. Perhaps in this game it could work out better than in others, and not cause the usual effects of arrogant easily leaving/flaming/trolling supports. Or the problem with other players being so tired of waiting that when they finally get one, they treat them like dirt. Because they think all supports just queue for the extra reward and are greedy bastards who deserve the flame if they make a mistake. Knowing someone gets an extra reward for queuing up for support makes most of us know that a lot of those supports don't actually like it or care about it, they just want the rewards. Personally I don't want these "mercenary" supports because I wouldn't feel safe with them. How do I know that Brand support isn't a midlaner tired of long queues who's just hoping that support gold will let him rush a Rabadon and I'll support his ap-carry quest as an adc? On the other hand, even with all that wall of text being said, I still think rewards would at least be a better idea than some other alternatives such as changing support champions to be more "engaging" and have more "carry potential". The role itself is perfect for a lot of players who really enjoy it, so I'm afraid if they don't do _something_ like incentive rewards or whatever, eventually the complaints about "not enough supports/junglers" will cause them to change both roles into something more carry-like. Which would make me quit.
: Totally this. I got my pick banned by a mate in two games in a row and the second time I tilted... Basically, banning a mate pick is grieving. Toxic. You want to be the hero? Dodge. Heroes are defined by self-sacrifice amongst other virtues. Being a prick doesn't define a hero. Defines an villain.
While your intentions are noble, your suggested solution will make trolls stay indefinitely if people follow the advice. Not gonna defend target-banning because I believe in never stooping to their level, BUT! Dodging doesn't make anyone the hero, it's not heroic to pamper trolls. **What the Nida wants is for someone to keep dodging until she gets mid like she wanted.** Dodging as a "self-sacrifice" only reinforces Nida's assumption that her behavior lets her get what she wants, because it worked! There is no way of being the hero in these troll cases. The best thing everyone can do is ignore it, never give it what it wants, play to the best of their abilities (4v5's are winnable) and report them after the game. That's the only way the troll will go away. It won't magically disappear if everyone always dodges when it wants, it'll move on to ruin games for 9 other, different people. I can't call that heroic in any way, shape or form as every single person that dodges for a troll, actively helps the troll ruin the next game.
Hoss GG (EUW)
: i used to use the extra time if i needed to pee or poo :( {{champion:74}}
Unless you have an uncontrollable condition, I suggest doing that before you queue up, or in the loading screen if it won't take you long. It's unreasonable to be at all sad that it's no longer possible to make everyone wait in select because some people only think about themselves and put their needs above everyone else. In a pvp team game. Finally no more having 9 people wait while one guy rolls up a joint, takes a dump and takes their hand out of their pants. XDD
seiten8 (EUW)
: Champion order in TAB screen
All I'm seeing in the comments is "Why do you dictate what the best order is?" and "You're lazy if you don't want to accept my order since you can change it up anyway but I'm not lazy for not wanting to reorganize it from the way it is now!" Personal opinion is that the current way is fine because it doesn't suggest anyone is always the last on the list, it's random. I love supporting and I love being the secret backbone of the team but that isn't the same as always being the last on the list by default. If anything, to me Mid should be top, top should be 4th, adc at the bottom because they need to be babysat the whole laning phase, jungle second since they're the second most noticed playmaker, and support in the middle since that's what they do, they support everyone around them. XD
Omblondra (EUNE)
: thats a good 90% solution but i believe there should be an exception on the system if duo pick bot and sup only.
While I agree I also think it would open a can of worms. They should just let all 2-man premades queue for 2 roles because otherwise people who like to duo as Top and Jungle for example feel like second best, when they shouldn't. =) Just overall they seem to value faster queues for the contested lanes more than enjoyable premade experiences which is funny since they keep saying they want to encourage people to play with their friends... :'D This comes from trying to queue with me as Support/Bot and my premade as Bot/Mid, he gets Mid 9/10 games no joke. [Edit: There IS a surefire way for a duo to get what they want all the time though. Play as a trio with someone who doesn't want to play bot. Our friend mains Jungle and Top, which means with us two covering bot and him covering those two our total is 4, letting us queue and always get bot together. Worth a shot if you have a third friend.]
Tiffan (EUW)
: Primary and Secondary Roles
I do the Support/Mid thing if I want to be sure I get support, but that also means you need to be prepared to actually play mid because sometimes you will get it. So if you hate mid that might not work. What I suggest is picking any of the popular roles as secondary that you are happy playing, if any. Unfortunately one role mains got the short end of the stick so we just have to make due. I recently realised I could just put in Support/Bot because adc is my second role and I'm fine with it, whereas I hate mid. If you can play top, put Jungle/Top. As far as I can tell, the popularity order is something like Mid-Top-Bot-Jungle/Support, with the last two alternating and occasionally being equally unpopular depending on patch. Might help to just pick the most popular secondary that you don't mind playing, in stead of mid in case you hate it. =)
Bl3nd14 (EUW)
: EU West is cursed or haunted?
It's a bit sad that the other servers are getting the bonus IP apparently. Even though Dynamic Queue and New Select are disabled elsewhere now too. ;o But they need time to fix it, mistakes happen. I'm sure it'll come here eventually. I think our curse is being too big, partially because a lot of dirty defects like myself prefer playing on EUW even if I should be on EUNE based on where I live. =)
: For Vladimir Fans! :D
It's glorious and in my opinion captures his attitude well in his eyes. Thanks for showing us, lovely~
yarror (EUW)
: jhin wood-mask pendant
That looks like something Jhin mains or fans could buy. It'd be cool to see someone wearing it and know they play him too! :D Really awesome~
: re-enable teambuilder riot.
People were saying "it's not that bad, play the old school draft, blind pick is where all the trolls are". I tried and deemed it unplayable unless there is a maximum of 1 random, anything more is garbage purely because the chances of having a fun game are so close to zero. There is a reason why I used to refuse to play if I wasn't in at least a 4-man premade, and often wouldn't play without a full premade. Nothing beats finally getting time to play with my boyfriend hoping to get support which I used to get always because of Teambuilder. Now I need to fight over it with at least 3 others who all want to play Brand, Annie or Bard. Yesterday I only had time for one game. At first I was second pick, but the enemy team had a troll so they dodged. So I get back in with the same team and now I'm 4th pick. The first pick is a Bard support. Adc is my second role and I don't mind going bot with a random so I thought it'd be alright. But the first thing the Bard does is wait for the enemies to come to lane and then starts to autoattack the minions and do his best to lasthit them. I would understand if he just wanted to push but no, he was actually competing for last hits. He proceeded to do this the entire laning phase, and then went off to fire random ults on top of the other teammates every time they were chasing an enemy so that the enemy got away. I tried my hardest to farm and catch up but it was made harder by him showing up once in a while to clear stuff with his meep-empowered autoattacks because by then he had the cone attack active. The entire team except for my 1 premade were confused as to why I wasn't doing more damage, while proceeding to take all the farm and the kills. All I wanted was one game where I don't need to be stressed out to the max for 50 minutes straight. It's just not a possibility in the archaic gamemodes that I ditched because League deservedly got its bad reputation from their flaws. Why they gave us Teambuilder only to take it away and leave nothing in its place I'll never know, but perhaps they just discarded all the data for it and hence can't just turn it back on with the click of a button. =(
: What should I have done?
Ignore anyone and everyone that has the nerve to actually demand reports; there is just zero good reason to report-call, ever. The only existing reasons are stupidity, and knowing that the person's own report weight is gone due to troll-reporting too much, therefor needing help from others to report people in the future. People who call for reports are 100% not credible in anything they say, and they will eventually get a chat restriction for it too. =) It sounds like you did everything you could and made smart calls! There's nothing you can do to avoid trolls like that unfortunately, just don't let them get to you and be at ease - they can't get you because you obviously did nothing wrong. Personally I don't even like it when a jungler towerdives because 9 times out of 10 they misjudge how much we can tank the tower or how easily the enemies can turn it around. Almost every towerdive when ahead just gives the enemy free kills at my level, which usually loses us the game.
TrafficCone (EUNE)
: Is Nocturne dead?
Probably one of those deals where a champion isn't played much by the pros and isn't overly pubstomp either so the majority just forgets about them so they drop to where the "irrelevant" or desperately in need of a rework champions are, in terms of popularity. Kinda like how I rarely ever see Karma, Urgot, Heimerdinger or Zyra nowadays around my games. ;o
: Riot gave me a free smurf
Trying hard to find a positive side... maybe this means it'll be easier to climb out of bronze since _everyone is there_ after this season's placements? To be honest I was looking forward to playing ranked this season but I won't now. Why bother? Going to have to use the outdated toxicity-brewing queue system and work my hardest most of the time in roles that aren't my best, only to end in b5 which is the same as telling someone they're the worst player in the game and a massive load worse than the majority of players. :'DD
Alesya369 (EUNE)
: That would be a truly dumb way of balancing game but even if I agreed with your theory that it is intended by riot why do you need to repeatedly press (aka spam) the key to make it work? As i have shown in video pressing it once before channel finished makes me flash AFTER root of Equinox ends.
That's why I hope and believe it isn't intended. Because it's the only reason I can think of and if that really is their reason it would indeed be poor execution.
Omnus (EUW)
: Sona's selection quote (and a whole lot of others) hasn't made sense since summoners were retconned out of existence.
For this reason it's actually bugged me ever since they dropped the summoner lore. But I assume it's either too expensive to get the same actress to record just one new line, or... she isn't available so they'd either have to find someone who can mimic the tone of the original or give her a complete voiceover rework just so it matches the new selection line. Seems like a lot of work for something so simple especially since most people will likely just complain that "there was no reason to change her!!1!! muh mainnn!!" or "why? she didn't need a rework, gg rito focuses on this while Eve and Taric blahblaghblaaagh". I'm no expert and have no idea but those are my best guesses why.
Alesya369 (EUNE)
: Soraka Equinox bug that allows spellcasting while being silenced.
I hope it isn't, but it might be intended. Because Equinox isn't exactly hard to aim or place and it silences every enemy inside so they might have put the delay in on purpose. Since otherwise teleporting in is a bit pointless anywhere where Soraka is since she'd be guaranteed to always be able to silence AND snare with minimal skill and effort required (I play her too and I know exactly how easy it is to time it so the snare hits the teleported person, it doesn't even need to be timed very precisely at all). It's annoying in lane when I silence the enemy to make sure they don't cast their spell but they get the cast off anyway and don't even care about the silence because it comes _after_ they're already done. But I guess I can kinda see why the delay is there. Blanket silences tend to get op pretty easily, so maybe they wanted some kind of a buffer to stop that from happening. Sadly it made the ability a bit less useful in... any situation except clustered teamfights and stopping the approach of a gank.
Ymir (EUW)
: [UPDATE 26-01-16 EUW/EUNE] Dynamic Queue system re-enabled
Thanks for the update, it's nice to see we do get info on what's going on. =) I was wondering why the new champ select isn't up for normals since I thought dynamic queue issues are only about the ability to queue for ranked with more than 1 premade. But from this I've gathered that dynamic queue means the whole system including the new select and apparently the load issue is how much the new select has to think through and it just couldn't handle the amount of people at 14:00 gmt and onwards. Bummer overall, but I'm glad we're being kept up to date! That's all I need really, the rest is about patience.
Riot tmx (EUW)
: [20.01.2016 EUW] Dynamic Queue System disabled, previous Solo/Duo Queue re-enabled
So now we only have the modes that are like throwing yourself into a piranha tank, no teambuilder, no new champ select, just the piranha tanks. Even for normal games. Sadface.
KrystalfX (EUW)
: Completing all 10 Ranked Games - 8-2 and Dropped a whole division -.-
That's actually pretty impressive. Most people I know who are anything above silver 2 get placed around low-mid silver every season and have to climb from there. It hasn't been uncommon for them to be gold previously and end up in bronze 1 after placements either! Good luck climbing, at least you don't have to re-do the bronze/silver tiers each season so it's something~ =)
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