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: > they can value the gift as they want... they can value as they want to but they cant change something u already bought - using ur analogy its like u getting ur paycheck spending it and then ur boss says sorry i payed u too much give me back 1/3 of what i gave u.... will u be happy if that happens? No! And u know why? Couse thats illegall ur boss cant do that...but here riot can do whatever whenever and u are defending them ripping ppl off from wjhat they have already spend money on buying smth and then riot saying"sorry we want 1/3 of what we sold u already back"..... yah start using that thing inside ur head its not there just for balance
he did not change you paycheck ... it's just that your pay is the same while everything got more expensive
DemonikSoul (EUNE)
: u r very wrong and ur example is very wrong. They changed the prices and the orrange essnece costs without explaining before hand. Its like u getting ur paycheck but several days later your employer/mom/dad/government comming and taking some of the cash out of it saying "ummm we decided we gonna do that deal with it". Here u go i fixed ur example
except that you work for your paycheck ... orange essence is like you complaining about your chrismas bonus ... it is a bonus. you should be grateful you even got a bonus ... it is not a right ... at somepoint there was no orange essence ... there was IP to buy runes and champs and every thing else you buy with RP (real money). riot gifted the community orange essence to buy things which normally can only be bought with RP i.e real money. they can value the gift as they want...
DemonikSoul (EUNE)
: chests cost rp in the store - they are selling them so no its OE is not free
the game is free to play ... if you want to buy skins or chests ... you may it is your choice ... you are by no means obliged or forced ... but on the other hand you can get skins and champs for free with free chests and free keys ... so yeah ... I don't know why ppl are complaining it is like a homeless man not settling for a bad to sleep on he wants a 5 star hotel ... it just ungratefulml and straight up %%%%ed up
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: So that's how Riot stole our orange essence
I am havin enough trouble getting BE to buy champions ... not gonna discuss this orange essence shit ... but keep in mind ... it is free to get orange essence and skin shards ... and ward skin shards ... so pls stop complaining about something you are lucky to even have it anyways. I mean Riot gives you a gift and you complain about it ? if you don't like it don't take it
: Client getting rejected by the server
mine starts i get the screen with the launch button but the rest is black when i click on launch it closes and the log on screen doesn't appear
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