clubber94 (EUW)
: ive checked antivirus program and firewall already and the repair troll tool aint helping either it just happend random yesterday
Hello Clubber94, It might be related to your ISP and its DNS resolves. Are you using a custom DNS server like Google, Cloudflare, etc? Best regards NoTeefy {{champion:26}}
clubber94 (EUW)
: Need help asap
Hello clubber94, Did you already sort out problem scenarios caused by an antivirus system or your windows firewall? When did this behaviour start to occur at your end? You might want to use the Hextech Repair Tool to ensure that you're sorting the most common problems with the client itself. You can find the corresponding article [right here]( Please keep us updated on your troubleshooting. Best regards NoTeefy
Sourika (EUW)
: Sending some small numbers would be an insane amount of traffic?
Yes it would if you're doing it to 50'000 clients at a time each 10ms not gonna even start about the server cluster needing to prepare all requests
Ariiam (EUW)
: A fair point, and i'm not one to argue as i don't understand computer language. BUT i think it is weird that EUW is the only server with huge problems time after time.
It's not that weird considering the fact that EUW is the region with the highest amount of different datacenters all working as one unit aka EUW. They have datacenters in Amsterdam, NL; Frankfurt & München, DE; Milan, IT; Paris, FR and Madrid, ES; That being said there's a lot of load balancing & cluster synchronizations between them and the more datacenter you have, the trickier (gives more room for errors, failures) it gets to let them operate as a single unit. EUW is also the region with the highest player count (except for Korea, but that's another thing, see If you wanna check their AS registrations:
: Can we also talk about the 'position in queue' counter? Even when the client isn't imploding, has anyone noticed the counter decreases at a consistent rate and decreases faster when the counter is bigger? I honestly think it's just an inconsequential number that means nothing. P.S I am not a crackpot
Well that's just a typical behaviour. They aren't sending their numbers in realtime but intervals. The client then calculates the decrease/increase rate until it gets the next packet and adjusts the speed/trend according to it. Would be an insane amount of traffic otherwise.
: Y'know, I'm normally against people being so rude in these posts but, after guarantees that the beta issues wouldn't occur on the live servers, and Riot's complete incompetence in handling this mess, I'm actually gonna give you an upvote.
Don't forget their professionalism in regards to "League Clash" {{champion:31}}


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