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Riryz (EUW)
: so childish of you too, breaking the "naming and shaming" rule by riot and not even providing proof for it.
can you, explain why I am childish?
Exdominator (EUNE)
: Was it good?
I didt check it, as I said
: Maybe you should get punished for not being able to take a joke.
i dont see the joke, just a child thinking its funny
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: depends on the reason if u spam things like %%% or racist comments like the N word u wont get a chat restriction at all just insta 14 days ban or if u inting ur games there is no reason to chat ban u just get 14 days ban
its more like caps, and then says pls f#cking listen cause atm you are feeding i can show you the chat
: depends on the reason if u spam things like %%% or racist comments like the N word u wont get a chat restriction at all just insta 14 days ban or if u inting ur games there is no reason to chat ban u just get 14 days ban
its more like caps, and then says pls f#cking listen cause atm you are feeding
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: quite negative... but overall not the worst ive seen in these forums...
trying, but sometimes i do it for fun
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: Should have stoped beeing toxic after you got a 14-day ban and knew perma was next ;)
true, but I had a deal with the ADC. I had 3 afk on my team and she didn't want to remake so I didn't but we agreed that I could flame the shit out of her that game. but probably she reported me{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: You are not banned, only your accounts are. Just like tyler1 you can make a new account at any time ;)
true, but i wanted my old account back, i had almost on every champ a skin and i had all champs i loved playing on that account, i spend 4 years playing that account {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Jensen got banned for using DDoS years ago but got pardoned. You were using DDoS?
no was most of the game toxic. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Arzzo (EUW)
: As exapmle of Tyler1, he got unbanned from playing the game, he was allowed to stream again, cuz as soon as they had proof it was his accound and he was playing on it, they banned it. Tyler1 didn't get his previous banned accounds back, he was just allowed to play and stream the game again
his first banned and main account got unbanned, but he wont play on it
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: No, I meant it the other way around. If you and maybe also the rest of your team want to open mid, then for example the enemy can report you for not playing properly.
and you can get banned for not opening mid? I'm sorry just, think I'm %%%%%%ed {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Actually yes, you can get punished for that, because the enemy team might report you for bit playing properly. If you want to surrender then do exactly that, start a surrender vote. No need to open mid.
what is that??? if someone wanne try to win and your ally's dont wanne play they can just open mid and report you???
: > [...] and he know damm well what he did ... and so did you.
ye sure you can mute the flamers, but like i said you cant mute the feeders
Eleat (EUW)
: A flame is a flame, whatever you do against the rules you'll get punished. They can see on your IP adres how much accounts already have been banned. Think that's why you'll get banned that fast. And ye "feeding" isn't bannable, Only if they do it on purpose. Everyone has their bad games.
nesfir (EUW)
: what do you expect from a kindergarten community
: Just because someone else misbehaves doesn't give you the right to do so as well.
but it can trigger you becaus you lose by 1 person, only by 1 person and he know damm well what he did
: I know you are in good company when it comes to the "flamers vs feeders" war, but unfortunatly fro you, this is a war you already lost. Feeders are annoying, but flamers are worse. Expecially when they will come here trying to justify their arrogance with tons of BS. And i don't think RioT is going to change her stance about this anytime soon. Surely, she is not going to change it to please flamers. You can forget about it.
but what is that, for real. if riot wanne stop flamers then they need to pick it by the first person the feeders
: So, you flame someome because you disagree with his decision. It wasn't your support that made you flame - it was your lack of self-control, your inability to cope with the fact that you play with 4 other humans in your team, that are going to see some things differently. So, Riot is banning the only responsible person - **you**.
my team was all nice all good, we where happy and out of no where my alistar is going to troll, and oke but if we lose becaus if im not the only one who is going to flame it was my whole team that said report this guys 4x times
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: im toxic, and i wanne change that.
I'm really great from all your comments guys, I'm so proud that there are so many people that wanna help the league community to change.
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: Sorry man, but this is just toxic. It can be the truth, but you dont have to say it in this form... You can also just help the guy if he is not doing great. If players just give the others advice, you'll learn from eachother.
how can i help a int feeder in my team and that start to flame me for trolling? tell me, and yes i need becaus people need to know that riot punish first players that are toxic then people that a trolling. you can mute the flamers but you can mute the trollers. they ban flamers but every one is a flamer tell me who never flamed? if riot gonne ban all flamers then they need to ban almost every one then there is no one to play with. punish the flamer sure, but punish the feeders and trollers harder. dont punish flamers with a ban do that with the trollers, becaus they make every one game bad, thats why flamer exist
: ***
i think your right, i should get pushished for what i did but not a ban, i think the players that make's your tilted becaus thet are 3/11/0 and blame you for there score should get banned for this becaus they walk every where and let them die, i mabay deserve a not talking chat restrict
: You got banned for being toxic, not because you "said the truth".
Well someytimes Can be the truth hard or (toxic) becaus If you watch that game and take a step in my shoes then you understand me how i should have feeled
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > If i still flame and get permabanned is there anny change that i Can Get unbanned. No, a 14 day ban is a **final** warning. Once an account is permabanned, it will **never** be unlocked again. --- > is there anny change to learn me to be not toxic in a game witgoud muting? It's up to you how to behave towards others. Don't get me wrong; I play the same game as you do, and I encounter exactly the same players as you do. However, I don't see the need to start being verbally abusive towards them, because they're not worth my time. In most cases, people that flame you, or intentionally feed, are just trying to get on your nerves to the point where you get angry at them and vent out in chat. By doing so, you're giving them exactly the pleasure they want, so is that worth it? By completely ignoring them, you're not giving them what they want: a response. Don't worry so much about how a random person on the internet behaves. They're the ones that'll risk getting their accounts banned, not you.
But still now Im realy scared to lose my account and i realy realy dont wanne lose it is the best option to go for a while only fun on normals or Can i also play ranked But then mute every one, But that Can be catastrovic for my rotetion and teamplay, and So for how long should i be a Nice person till my risk is off
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: If she's intentionally feeding, and being verbally abusive, she'll risk penalties just like you. She'll get her own case where her behaviour is judged. However, in your case, only your behaviour is judged. It's completely understandable to get angry when you encounter someone that is intentionally trying to ruin your game, but it doesn't justify being verbally abusive. It won't help anyone, and it only further feeds the negative atmosphere in your games. I too hate encountering people like that, but I just ignore them and wait for the game to finish, then I join a new one. They're not worth my time, so I'm not going to give them the pleasure of it either.
I wanne know one more Thing. If i still flame and get permabanned is there anny change that i Can Get unbanned. So not then i need to teach my self to shut my mouth en Just have (Q,W,E,R,D,F,P,C,V) on my keyboard and nothing else 😂😂😅😓 plz Guy's pray for me that this never happen again i already cant stand it that i got bannesfor 14 days it maken me scared to lose my account i dont want that to happen is there anny change to learn me to be not toxic in a game witgoud muting?
: you need jesus
What why 😂😂😂 and also Im a child of god so
: Is the ban then forever?
Can i set a butten where i Can mute Every one istand the mute them in game and not (/mute all) evey game
: You got banned for this? I'm guessing you have 2 chat restrictions and a 14day warning beforehand? therefore when your on watch anything negative can get you banned. I tell people to stfu or call out on their stupidity but I dont do it as aggressively as this, The keys is to not say much at all, you can tell someone to stfu but i highly suggest to not say anything else, i give o ff like 3-4 messages per match and i haven't even been touched with a restriction, less you say the better tbh.
: this is the perfect example how the system works!! your team performs awful, maybe even trolled intentionally!! you get mad over it, you are "negative", yes...ok...but how much? that is not right. going afk isnt ok...telling your team they are noobs....not, but seriously....kindergarten? i agree, people do trash, you get mad over it, but dare you speak out loud what everyone sees, ban! i can feel you. sorry pal!
I never went afk i never wanne go afk i only say it to scare them So mabay they stop blaming me
Hansiman (EUNE)
: If you break the rules you risk getting punished. It's as simple as that. One rule violation doesn't permit another. Judging by OP's chat log, there was nobody actually trolling in his team, they were simply struggling in their lanes. OP decided to verbally assault these allies instead of trying to assist. In what shape or form does verbal assault help the struggling players? Chances are, they'll get even more frustrated, and make more mistakes. OP is in this case helping his team losing by not being a team player.
Ist what jinx did also breaking the rule('s) becaus she was also feeding on perpese and flaming
: >kindered take your stack whiele zac was mid >kindred gank or stack >kindred what are you doing man? Already you're are spending your time criticizing teammates and annoying them with your "advice". Telling her to utilize the stacks is fine, but what you're doing is just annoying and rude! >are you guys not playing save? report bt Report calling... Why exactly? Nobody wants a player who harasses them for playing bad. You are being a bad teammate there. > im going afk Threatening to go afk. That's DEFINITELY not okay, no matter if you actually do it or not. > jinx stfu your just trolling stfu Not much to say there, you're simply being a jerk here. You have no right to tell someone to "stfu". The mute function would be perfect for you here, if you don't want to use it, it's your own problem, sorry. >YOU DID NOTHING YOU NOOB _Do I really need to explain?_ > ke i go afk jinx titls me im done gg _See above._ You do not have the right to decide when the game is over all by yourself. Play the game until your Nexus is destroyed either by the enemy or by a surrender vote. ---- >all i sayd was this mabay not the sweatest things but nothing bads. Of course there are people who say worse things than you do, but that doesn't mean your behavior was acceptable. You were simply being a bad teammate in this game, and you should know that our community does not want to play with people who behave this immature. This ban seems justified. You certainly will have to change your behavior if you want to continue playing League. Do you still have questions regarding your ban?
But of you was in the game, you sas that kind starter flame me for feeding, Oke mabay i wast the nicest persoon in the game But what would you do in mij shows of someone trash talks you and Your the one that Carry's, and i alvast say i go afk But i never did that not on perpes. And Yes i was i %%%% But Im lost already one game before that and i dist flame that becaus my team was Nice and smart with game knollage. If someone trash talks me for being bad and you jinx score 3/12 and i was 10/8 then there is sommering wrong with you and then you should deserve to get flamed. I understand i get punished But what i dont understand is that jinx dist get punished for this, when she calles me the int feeder the triller of the game the worst player in EUW. I think you should deserve then also a punishment. So why i get only a ban and she wont get nothing. What i want is plagers like her they shouldt play ranked or ranked with people like her self not with people that want to tryhard to het higher lvl, and wanne learn people the game not people like her. I was Nice against my singed and kindred becaus they where Nice to me. I Just want to get this season platinum and i cant get that of people like jinx ruining my game. I thank you for Reading this
: i get banned for saying the truth?
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BreadJore (EUW)
: Client freezing in champion select
i got it to plz rito fix this
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