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: Both of you using KPN? I've checked some stuff here and it may be underperforming traceroutes on times of high traffic.
yeah also KPN, trying out lol now in blind pick, had a good ping game ~20:00 (8 pm) so wonder if it will hold. Okay so far good ping. 21:38 got a bugsplat and then upon reconnecting my ping went up 100-200, actually went down again after couple minutes. huge improvement
: High ms ping for no reason since 2 days (server side!)
YES! omg a fellow person with exactly the same problem. All pings tests are marvelous, all downloads are quick, everything is fine until I play league of legends! I only play LOL during evening so not sure about th exact time but I have the exact same problem! I have freaking glass fibre and league of legends is the only thing that lags. My ping used to be around 19ms btw.
Sawyerr (EUW)
: After the patch my ms has increased, are you guys having this as well?
yup, normally fine ping, since a couple of days it goes up consistently to 100 to 250 in games
: Heavy Lag spike and ping spikes after the odessy patch
not just you, my ping went up a lot even though all pings tests, downloads etc. outside of league are fine.
: Additional Rune pages are still gone, tried to buy two additional again with essence, they also disa
It was recently fixed, I am not sure which patch but they have come back :)
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Noctua Spell When blue essence came out, old runes and rune pages indeed disappeared and you got some rewards for them. If your current rune pages have dissappeard, you can try repair your client. If the repair has no result, send a ticket to [Riot Support](
Yeah I had rebought them all with essence again. And I did have additional rune pages for a while with the dark harvest and such. Then they disappeared. I tried to repair the client. Thank you for the suggestion, however it sadly didn't work :C
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: Anyone else have missing runepages
I have this problem, I do not know how to fix it. I sincerely doubt it wouldn't be a bug otherwise they'd just delete content people paid for (either blue essence or rp)
Diplodoco (EUW)
: Rune Pages are gone
My additional rune pages are gone as well, you're not the only one
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