iSneez (EUNE)
: Rendering times has always been a problem and they will always be (except if somebody invent a total different type of technology) even if you have access to huge renders farms and render power. I am talking about artistically beauty renders of still images at high resolution or animations. Any sort of automatization tend to errors so I don't know who is use and for what reason CADs in gaming. First of all I assume you don't make organic modeling like character in CAD I see no reason to do that, so CAD model can be props and architectural models, so why would you need an engineer to model something in CAD instead of an 3d artist which have totally different education background in a non CAD 3d package like max or maya ? I see no benefits for using CADs just for small indie companies that use CAD models from stock models libraries and reduce their polygons to be used in games. Also i don't get what's with reducing polygons directly in the game, you do the polygon reduction directly in the game engine ? About the gpu and cpu, I said the gpu see only 3 edges polygon (triangle) and vertices in the real time render as game engine do. Nothing to do with the modeling process. Parallax maps are also extremely old something from 2000, so same as bump maps or normal maps are old process parallax is also old concept also and not something invented in modern times, parallax it's some kind of fake displacement that we use in production of beauty renders. I don't knwo if parallax totally replaced the normal and bumps map in today gaming industry like I said I don't work in gaming I really doubt that nobody use normal maps anymore.
Why you need an engineer to model something in CAD? Because its an engineering software not just a tool to make a 3d model. It has been in the past but nowadays cad is a tool to create technical solutions not a model. And once you build a house or a plane you'd really want a person knowing what all those numbers mean to work on the project and not an artist. But in its very core of sculpting 3d max, maya and all those other programs are cad programs. The only difference is that its much easier to put a real cad model into use in reality than it is to use a model made with those programs. And yes render tiems indeed aren't a problem for anythign that isn't a real time application as you just start the rendering process and wait till its finished. Unless you really messed up and got in trouble with investors its not an issue at all. Also your gpu can have polygons with more edges. The reason why we use triangles is because of the simplicity. There is a lot of math involved in all of this you know, math is also the main reason why we use parallax mapping rather than normal mapping. And also why we didn't come up with something better than parallax which doesn't require a huge amount of processing power for now. Thats the part that changed over the years. Processing power. Not the math. The reason why we use triangles is because you can divide any other polygon into a bunch of triangles. That way we can freely increase, or even decrease, the number of polygons used. We can even run algorithms to get closer to certain geometric objects depending on the amount of triangles used. Yes i am talkinng about spheres here. You don't sculpt a sphere by putting in triangles until its done. Hardly any sculpting process nowadays actually involves placing singles polygons. You jsut morph an object until its done and the pc automatically fills in all the needed polygons. But hey, automation surely leads to errors in the model. And lastly the modelling process with the cpu and the renderign process with the gpu are two insanely different things and not jsut based on how both chips work. You absolutely can't compare those two things.
Gatzurion (EUNE)
: Thoughts on Zoe and her recent changes.
> [{quoted}](name=Gatzurion,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=obPh3wbQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-11T19:12:06.694+0000) > PS: I don't see why she's almost always banned when there's so much outplay against her. That said, she's a very nicely designed champion and frankly I think she's one of the best when it comes to being fun to play. And definitely not because of her damage. She is a far shot from being a well designed champ simply because of the way her damage is done. Only one real damage spell for an offensive champ? Yeah thats not going to work. She is a horribly designed champ and honestly your post just proves it. All you come up with is basically saying have a good comp to counter her and a good team while the enemies are idiots not knowing what to do against you. In those circumstances every champion gets countered. That doesn't mean its balanced or well designed or whatever. Also trading with her while her spells are down? You do realize you are talking about ap yasuo here right? Get her some cdr and her q sits on a 4 second cooldown. Not even mentioning how ridiculous the cooldown refund is once she hits that e. Unless you have an assassin that can burst her down early on you can't trade with her at all. Especially not since a zoe player would be quite a bit smarter than just run into her opponent while her spells are on cooldown. She is simply horribly designed, the changes within this patch are simply changes to change things not toa dress any problems. She'll most likely get the Azir treatment.
iSneez (EUNE)
: Not for gaming, maybe for furniture and props but not for what OP asked for character modeling. Also reducing the polygon of a CAD can be ok for animation to render the frames faster but to introduce that in games can bring so many errors and problems. Don't forget you need to split a polygon in triangles for gaming or you get errors the gpu only see 3 edges polygon and vertices. I really don't think they use optimized CAd models in games, I might be wrong but I doubt it. Definitely not for characters , for characters they make the base model in 3ds max or similar then they make the high polygon in zbrush/Mudbox and project the normal maps on the low poly model.
You tend to use that in gaming more than in any other use. Rendering times for professionals are usually not an issue nor is the calculation or data access time of any cad project ever an issue. Yes things have been modeledd directly with a low poly count for gaming. That was quite some time ago though. That was a thign during the 90s to the mid 2000s. Around 2005 we slowly started to adapt to different techniques and for nearly a decade now you can simply lower the polygon count of a model though. Nowadays you can even do it automatically on the fly while running the game. But it really takes some preperation to pull that one off. You also technically don't need to split a model in triangles anymore, a triangle is a polygon by the way, but we still do it. However we usually create a model using only triangles and you can easily merge triangles to form a larger one. And your gpu, or rather cpu as the cpu is usually the one used during the modelling process, doesn't see edges and vertices. Thats what it puts out for you to see. Your processing unit sees points, vectors and matrices with which those things are handled and converted into a picture. And with points and vectors you can easily get the angle between two adjacent polygons. And that can easily be used for merging polygons. Now this high polygon i am talking about is definetly not the theoretical polygon count of your zbrush project, zbrush doesn't really sue polygons at all. But its a lot higher than the actual used version in a game. Thats what you use it for. You stil create your normal, or nowadays rather parallax maps, noone uses normal mapping anymore, using other tools and layering those onto your model.
iSneez (EUNE)
: not really, solidworks is used to create high polygon models usually for product visualisation, 3d printing, mold printing. It's an engineering 3d modeling compare with more artistic software that are 3ds max, maya, cinema 4d /blender etc. For games you need low polygon objects like a microwave in a game in a room have like 800 polygons or less white if you CAD modeling (which is solid work) you have millions of polygons. but now from my experience it's better payed and more required and more opportunities to model in CAD softwares as solidwork then for gaming so don't give up, just stick with what you learned and learn more and progress maybe you make a great good paid career.
also you can simply take a high polygon model and just run an algorithm reducing the polygon count. Thats actually how this stuff is usually done.
Lonser (EUW)
: PLS Add this Discord Feature PLS
Yeah more data discord can ~~sell~~ eh i obviously mean give away for free to companies investing into them. I would really prefer if riot wouldn't send all our data to those discord guys.
D0rtus (EUW)
: Why do support players think they have it the worst?
But the support is the role that gets flamed the most. Or at least one of the roles. The other one with equal flaming potantial would be the adc. Thats for a very simple reason: on botlane two complete strangers suddenly have to win or lose the lane as a duo. And they usually aren't on that good terms with each other that everything works perfectly. Timing the engages and making clear what you want from your support or adc can be problematic and one things go wrong, and especially during the important early stages of the game things do go wrong as those two have to get accustomed to each other, the flaming begins. Jungler also gets a lot of shit for the very same reason but as botlane has to stick together for longer than the jungler has to with the laners its a little bit less flame. The main reason why support players get the feeling of only getting flamed is a different though: Its simply because the opposite barely exists. Everyone gets flamed but everyone could also step up, be the carry and get all the praise. Even when getting flamed. As a support you are stuck with it. Even when you are godlike in most cases someone else claims he's such a beast and gets all the praise. When stuck in the game where the person gets flamed its even worse. As a support you can't just farm up and become the threat or get back into the game. You are always dependant on other people and when you have to support those people who are just harrassing you that just sucks.
: Does every banned person deserve their bans?
Not everyone but there aren't many people that got banned unjustly. And for everyone else: Yes they did. Now you'll probably see a lot of people posting their chatlogs and what information they got why theyy got banned and for some of them it might seem like they didn't deserve it. However those were just the last few reports, the ones that tipped the scales. To get enough reports for the automated banning system to be triggered or even to be close to that point you have to be consistently reported which mostly means you definetly deservve this ban.
Piotrzeci (EUNE)
: I am aware that Liandary's deals magic damage that is reduced. When it comes to Abyssal Mask I might have misunderstood and it actually just modifies the damage before any MR counting by 110%, so probably a mistake on my side. Can you explain your math behind Void Staff? Wiki clearly says it is calculated by 100/(100+MR) and I remember checking it in game.
THe way its calculated is completely right, You just chose the wrong point of view. You calculated how much the damage is reduced and then took the difference in this reduction from the raw damage. However when you want to make a statement about how much the damage is increased by using a voidstaff you can't take the raw damage as your 100% but you'd have to take trhe actual damage as your base value. So when you deal 30% of the raw damage instead of 20% of it it is an actual increase in damage of 50%. And the last part i was hinting at is that with all thse calculations people often tend to forget that armor and magic resistance, as well as ap and ad, although having similar formulas behind the stats, behave completely different.
Piotrzeci (EUNE)
: LoL doesn't have an AP item to counter Full MR build. (Includes Maths)
Just waiting for op to realize that the amgic damage from liandrys and the bonus magic damage from abyssal mask are also lowered by mr. Also void staff is much more powerful than op suggests. He calculated the difference in absolute damage done but the damage diffference it actually makes, right in the first example of 50mr, is actually 15% not 10%. with 400mr with void staff you deal 50% more damage than without a voidstaff. So it will always be an insanely important item for fighting tanks. It won't turn a burstmage into a tankshredder but it definetly boosts the damage nicely. But doing some real math, including scalings, items and base stats you'd soon realize that adcs are actually gutted way more against a full armor tank. Its just that they can keep firing constantly and the damage adding up that gets the tank down. Thats the only real reason for their ability to kill tanks but how frequently somethign can be used or the way something can be used is not included in the calculation anyways we could actually argue ad champs have it worse. Although that is definetly not the case.
Mjauf (EUNE)
: Zoe. Will we ever find true balance?
No she won't ever be balanced. She's will alawys be sitting on a thin line between absolutely op and shit. And as rito is unable to find the right balance, to be fair its hard, she will only be one of those things. The problem lies within her damage. Not that she hasn't got enough of it its just that basically all of it sits on a single spell. She still got her e, which is nice until you realize missing the spell actually doesn't punish her at all and amplifies damage, and her q as reliable damage sources. Most of her damage is on the though. And thats where the problems begin. She needs waveclear so the q needs to ahve certain damage and manacosts so she doesn't become useless simply because she gets pushed in all the time. So it has relatively low mana costs. She also needs to at least fight back without hitting her bubble which means her only other damage spell has to be on a ridiculously low cooldown. And as she needs to be able to kill targets she ambushes the same spell also needs tons of damage. And what we got is a spell with tons of damage on a low cooldown with neglectable manacost. Everything in her kit revolves around this spell. Nerf the damage, cooldown or manacost and she becomes useless. Don't touch it and she is op. It simply is a champ that is not balanceable. She is by design broken beyond any repair like Azir. She'll either receive a nerf totally gutting her leaving only a few people actually playing her or a major rework within two years. There are basically no other options.
JuicySoup (EUW)
: Borderless, at 1080p, but that shouldnt matter since the game only uses 2 cores of CPU so I get same fps on whatever resolution I use. I have tried playing on lowest graphics settings, it does not affect the FPS at all, it remains the same. I have nothing in the background and no 3rd party overlays. Shadowplay is disabled and yes it is under the exclusion list of my AV software.
"only uses 2 cores of the cpu" yeah somehow this sentence alone gives me the feelign there are quite a lot of possible issues that could actually be the problem. Now league isn't really that wellw ritten but as you said it works for your friend, enough power will usually do so the possibility of it being a specific issue with your system is certainly given. That makes it even harder to corner the problem as we don't know anything besides the base specs and we can't, and definetly shouldn't be able to, look into your software. So you'd probably have some research to do here. Not only messing with different settings in league, drivers, the configuration of your system, the utilities of your system and so on. Or just pick your known setting swith the highest fps and roll with it. as long as it doesn't drop below 60 or below 60 and above 24 has a drop of more than 20% you shouldn't really notice any difference so its mostly playable.
: changes to morgana are HUGE. Played a game to make sure. So, before, her spells were subject to spell vamp (healing at 10% 15% or 20% based on her level). Spell vamp means 33% effectiveness for AoE abilities. Right now, that got removed. So, while it might seem just a little buff. Its actually HUGE. At lv 6, you can think she got a 300% buff. At lv 16 to 18, you can see it as 600% healing buff. Imagine Xerath's Q now doing 6 times more damage at lv 16 to 18 and 3 times more damage at lv 1... edit: i'm an ex-morgana main in s3 and s4, these buffs are insane and need to be reverted asap, at least make the healing follow spell vamp rules. Otherwise, swain's healing will look like a toddler compared to morgana's team fight healing
But her healing in lane is actually lower right now.... The only thing that really changed massively is the healing from her ult which is kind of ridiculous. But so is flashing into a 5 man team or even having the possibility to do so. Morgana isn't really that mobile of a champ. Also she doesn't do more damage she really just heals for more. The argument here which validates a hotfix seems to be "its just the first day" but i would actually put it against her. Yes it is just the first day. She has been changed and people didn't adapt to it. You can't simply burst er down like that anymore which i am sure gets many people by surprise at the moment. The simple fact that she has more sustain against champions than they think she has.
Altáir (EUW)
: ignite titanic hydra probably mallet don't remember correctly and ofc thornmail and sunfire, that was enough to kill jinx
even with just that little bit of mres that adcs get that still not neraly enough to kill a jinx. Unless the Jinx makes some major mistakes. But jsut putting this into perspective here: The build you just mentioned costs something like 12500 Gold. How did that team manage to get a support to have that much gold? This is a full tank itembuild. Of course you have to take care of those guys then and not just let your adc run into them. Give a Brand, Zyra or even Miss Fortune support that amount of money and they are able to destroy your whole team. At those values those champs aren't "just supports" anymore even support champs are lethal at that stage. But even then a Jinx should be able to deal with it.
elin990 (EUW)
: You can remove 3 champs permanently from LOL, who?
{{champion:268}} an abomination that just shouldn't exist and is impossible to properly balance. Whoever came up with the idea of an ap long range attackspeed guy deserves to be deleted from the design team as well. But tbh it got a little bit better with the introduction of an item to the game adressign that issue. {{champion:67}} because %maxHp truedamage with just rightclicking is just stupid. I can geet why Fiora has it but you can at least keep her from proccing those vitals. Nothing you can do with Vayne. {{champion:157}} because fck yasuo. Stupid scaling with just 2 items. Relatively safe. obnoxious mobility and since he's picked up by all those guys wanting to make those flashy plays without the ability to actually do so he ends up feeding. a lot. Honorable mentions go to {{champion:238}} and {{champion:35}} Zed because he can just sit back and then still oneshot any squishy. And Shaco because... well its Shaco. But he's mostly annoying and not that ridiculous. With Shaco in the game it always comes down to outsmarting the enemy and if a Shaco really destroys you you have to admit you were just stupid and fel for it. Thats probably why he is so obnoxious. By staying calm and not falling for those mindgames he's useless though and once caught out is killed easily. Edit: The blink on Shacos stealth is ridiculous though but thats about it.
Altáir (EUW)
: I don't remember the jinx build but she was good she had lifesteal and mr she sure as hell had a mental breakdown that game because of the leona
I somehow really doubt that. Even a fullbuild leona can't 1v1 a fullbuild Jinx unless the Jinx is deliberately trolling. She will be annoying yes, thats why the adc needs someone to peel for him, but she will die. Leona just doesn't have the damage to kill anyone on the lategame. Her full combo is, including aftershock, roughly 1k base damage. If she uses a tank support build. Her passive can't be triggered by her so her autoattacks really don't make that much of a difference. A jinx at fullbuild has somewhere around 1600-1900 health. And yes she will stand still for quite some time ut she will still be alive, use her traps and movement and just kill the leona. As the last 600-900 hp would basically be leonas tankyness killing jinx. But leona doesn't get that tanky. Even a rammus using his w and thus sitting on 600 armor with thornmail can not just kill a jinx using last whisper and bloodthirster by just tanking it. It just doesn't work. So somewhere in your story has to be another factor that got that jinx killed.
: I'm bored of AS attackers - Why do they have to be so simple AND so powerful?
Because in reality those guys are neither that simple nor that powerful. They certainly can be powerful but to utilize them properly actually requires some knowledge about the champ and its strong points. Oh and by the way you can also hit any of your other cc, which tends to have a longer range than the point and click ones, and you are usually fine. The only one who can be hard to hit is yi with his alpha strike but then you just aim at the position where he's going to be when he comes out of it and you're still fine. I often get the feeling that, especially in lower elos, champions aren't considered to be op because they are actually that strong. They are considered to be op because they punish not knowing how to handle them a lot more. You wouldn't believe how often i've seen people trying to fight a Tryndamere level 1. Mostly you don't do that because you won't win. You can do that as any ranged champ. You should try it as teemo. But other than that very few champs can handle that situation. Or people trying to fight jax with jump and stun up. That isn't going to work that well. And once those champs don't get a massive lead they fall of quite hard and become basically useless.
: If they were to call the next VOID being "Bob" i'd agree with you.
I'd love to see a voidling named bob though. Or any champ named bob. Especially when he's viable in pro play. Just imagine all the casters just shouting BOB all the time.
: I was just permabanned and I don't think to deserve it.
Hm so as it seems the report system actually works in a way where it doesn't matter how many reports you get in a game, just being reported for a game once is enough. So its just one report here triggering the ban. And everyone gets reported. Everyone playing this game probably gets reported once every 100 games at least. Thats not somethign you get banned for so yu did get a lot of reports recently and also received some warnings. Now the last one is probably a little bit shady but just let us put it this way: You should never be in a situation where a single report is the deciding whether you're permabanned or not. So once you got a punishment in any form you don't jsut take a look at the last game and say to yourself "hey i wasn't that bad" No you take a look at your past behaviour over the course of the month and surely realize you did a lot of things wrong.
Valabh (EUW)
: Missions
The system actually isn't unfair at all. It would be unfair though if you were guaranteed tog et a skin you don't own or a riot employee would jsut change your shard. It is a luck based system, as it always is with these kind of lootboxes. And while you always get the feeling it is unfair because others get better stuff than you do, but its all depending on your luck. You could also be the one better off every person has the same chances. And sure it sucks for you to get a project skin shard you already had but you could ahve used those mission tokens in another way or could ahve gotten something else. There are people here getting things like DJ Sona or Elementalist Lux as shards or even directly as skins through a reroll while others get stuff like caterpillar kog maw.But all of those people had the same chances on that stuff just one happened to be more lucky than the other. Thats life.
: I totally understand that they changed everything around the Blue Essence. The only thing I dont understand is why they even changed the Orange Essence System. I exactly know how to get those Chests and I´ve also got many Boxes. But... Tell me why they changed how much OE u get when you disenchant something? The old system worked really well. In the new System **around the orange Essence** there changed nothing about how you get them, but there changed a lot about how much you get for those **skin shards**. Tell me why? Do you really think u should need to disenchant 3 Legendary to be able to activate 1 epic skin?
YOu should get skinshards from leveling for reching certain milestones. You reached level 39. 40 should theoretically be the level where you get that extra loot. Still a weird change to the essence system btu you indeed get those shards from leveling. Just not every level.
: Poppy mains are as split about the upcoming Poppy skin as Riot was with Pug'Maw
Tbh the upcoming poppy skin really isn't that great. But thinking back a while we got a rework making a lot of her old skins amazing and getting rid of lollypoppy....the horrible one. so its probably fine
: Me VS people who rage about instalocking in blind pick
But when another person licks in the same position as the instalocker who is the one at fault?
Quick4545 (EUW)
: It's a wyvern not a dragon
No its not. That is plain and simply wrong. You are referring to a classification from Dungeons and Dragons someone came up with at some point. There is no real classification for Dragons as, surprise surprise, they are fictional beings so there is no research done on them so there isn't any dragon taxonomy anywhere on earth. Which is why every writer can choose what they want their dragons to look like. There is one exception though and that is indeed the wyvern. The exception is that those things actually do exist. They aren't living beings though and still no taxonomy of them. They are heraldic symbols. Exclusively heraldic symbols. So there is only one way for Shyvana to actually become a wyvern and that is when braum or leona smashes her on their shield and then carries the flattened version around as a family crest.
RiCaR1 (EUW)
: "i really think as a person playing this game it is my responsibility to stay up to date" I keked way too much on this part. But anyways, again unable to understand so I'll use caps on the important part this time THE PROBLEM ISN'T THAT IT WASN'T THERE IT WAS HOW IT WAS PRESENTED. When you talk so much about Blue essence and all the changes that come with it - the drop from leveling (only champ shards-meaning blue essence), what will be its worth now and so much more and you use "Convert your essence now" many people will be left to think you are talking just about it. If this is part of your "responsibilties" its't not part of mine. Such big changes should be presented in a way that most of the people will understand about them, not only the "responsible" ones. How come everybody knew about the changes to the Blue essences and the runes and there is no doubt about that, but many people like me didn't find about the change to the orange essence until it was too late. Well, one was introduced really well and made it to the public preatty easy, while the other was like the little text in the bottom of the page, just like you sign a contract with a bank.
Welcome to the grown up world where its your responsibility to get information as mommy isn't there to present it to you. And most people got the information that orange essence is involved. Maybe thats also because the notification in the client said essence and not specified blue essence. Come on how long have you been plaing this game? You should know that riot is vry clear in what they actually mean when it comes to those things. Just look at the missions. If a game is required they are very specific what exactly is needed. Play a game: Yeah play any gamemode. Play a Matchmade game: Aram, Twisted Treeline pvp or botgame, SR pvp or botgame. Just no customs. Pvp Matchmade game: well you guess just take away those botgames. Pvp Matchmade on insert map name here: there you go. Use your brain mate. Even if there wasn't a bright flashing notification all over your screen to tell you even organe essence was affected you should have known this. Either by reading it, again it was all over the place, or actually thinking for once.
RiCaR1 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Noezholio,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=KhcRJ4he,comment-id=00000000000000010000,timestamp=2017-11-11T19:48:40.374+0000) > > I really don't thin there is any way to justify any complaint here. > There has been a popup within the client for basically two weeks now. There have been numerous posts everywhere and even in the articles regarding the changes to blue essence. > > Those people who didn'T get it were simply those who jsut didn't care at all. Any person who roughly read throught he changes coming and was sort of invested in these thigns knew what was coming so this is probably the one thing which you simply can'T hold riot accountable for. > This is all just on you. Yes, exactly numerous there were posts about the changes about blue essence and the changes about orange essence where are the tons of articles about that? Do you even read before you write????
Well as i am a person who read about the changes i would rather question your ability to read than mine. Just check the board posts of roughly a month to two weeks before preseason hits, and the reddit posts, like every fifth one of them says "Convert your essence now" It was everywhere. When you were able to read. Its mentioned in the faq for the preseason changes which is also linked in the patchnotes. It was said in at least two articles about the changes to hextech crafting and essence that have been released over the past few months. This was coming for us. And we knew it. For months. And i really think as a person playing this game it is my responsibility to stay up to date and read up on things regarding changes to the game rather than riot having to just shove all the information directly into my face. Which they actually did with the client notification. You are just trying to blame someone else for your mistake here.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Star Tyrant Syndra | Animated splash - League of Legends [FAN MADE]
Well the Artwork certainly looks nice and the animation of the spheres and the clothes is great. However there is one thing slightly offputting with this and that is the upper body. No person ahs a Head that swings up and down. And the front part off the body (yes that includes the boobs) also doesn't move up and down in front of the relativels fixed shoulders. Other than that its really great its jsut this small detail of the upper body animation that is a little bit weird from the waist up everything is jsut weirdly moving. Not the arms though, those are also great.
RiCaR1 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=KhcRJ4he,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-11T16:11:10.404+0000) > > Only notification talked about essence without any clarification. But that notification also contained direct link to FAQ and there was detailed information, that explicitly said that all shards are affected: champions, skins and wards. > > And people can't blame Riot if they assumed that only champion shards will lose value and didn't ask for clarification, a lot of players did exactly that and weren't caught by surprise when patch arrived I never said information wasn't available, it was there. But the problem is that it wasn't well introduced. Its not me and my friends that are the only people here that don't dig into FAQ and stuff like this. The problem is that while everything was so well explained about the blue essence and so much was talked about it, this change was put aside and didn't get the needed attention by Riot. What this did is that it made it hard for common people like me that are only reading the main topics about the game and don't get into details unable to find out about it and by combining it with the blue essesnce left many people thinking the change was only for champion shards. Plus there should've been a greater discussion about this as I and I bet many others think this change is unreasonable since we'll get only champ shards from leveling up+we no longer get IP from playing games and about gem stones that drop they are milestone rewards, meaning really rare. To make it even more clear for you - the problem is that this didn't get the attention it needed.
I really don't thin there is any way to justify any complaint here. There has been a popup within the client for basically two weeks now. There have been numerous posts everywhere and even in the articles regarding the changes to blue essence. Those people who didn'T get it were simply those who jsut didn't care at all. Any person who roughly read throught he changes coming and was sort of invested in these thigns knew what was coming so this is probably the one thing which you simply can'T hold riot accountable for. This is all just on you.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I see your point. I might've been lucky. However, I assume if you got multiple level ups the data will sread out more evenly. Maybe 960 BE per level is a bit high, but I guess 360 is very low. So I think that the average BE you can get per level somewhere lies in between, but we need further investigation to answer this. I look that I get an update or make a second post once I reach level 40 or so. Obviously this takes time, so don't expect an update soon.
The average gained BE is slightly above the gained ip back in the day i guess. Based on the numbers from rito. Or slightly lower but its not that much of a difference. The issue with this be system, again, is not the gain itself. Its that its just frustrating. First win of the day is worth way more than anything else so if you don't just play one game a day you play countless games to get a level just to be hit with some random be gain that can be quite good or you can end up with like 200 BE and have to grind another level to maybe get the thing you wanted to get with those BE. Which doesn't take 1 game as it did in the old system when you were slightly off the mark, it takes 10. Or even more. Its just a frustrating experience and especially new players are just going to leave once they got to this point were progress stalls so much they don't bother to play those 12 games to get to the next level so they can maybe get a new champ. The went from rewarding you playing the game to rewarding you for showing up once a day and maybe get somethign nice, maybe you'll get basically nothing.
Rismosch (EUW)
: The BE gain is not as bad as you think
Good analysis however you seemed to kind of missed the point of all this discussion about BE gains. And you actually mentioned it within your analysis. Its that you don't get rewarded for actually playing the game but rather winning once every day. The cp gaina fter the first win of the day is laughable at best and then your be gain is completely random. 1920 BE through disenchants for 2 levelups? Yeah you have been quite lucky with that one there are others who got 360 from one level and there is basically no way they are going to reach that number. But the main point of all of this be issue isn't that its not manageable, it very well is. It is that its inconsistent, unrewarding and if you actually want to get something and work for it its a lot mroe grindy than the old system. Its just made to feel mor frustrating than the old system and thats just plain wrong.
: I thought if someone wanted new champs, they just reroll 3, and get new ones /2 level (well 1.5). Besides that, you still have your weekly chests, which also can drop shards. Is this system really that bad as everyone say?
You can't reroll champs shards anymore. They got rid of that feature with this patch and yes it is exactly as bad as everony is saying here. Technically they wnated to make the game more attractive to new players with things like reaching level 30 faster (which turned out to be not the case anyways) and with this shard %%%%ups it takes forever for anyone to get the champs they actually want. Now new players get no feeling of pprogress at all and just leave. Getting blue essence is just horrible right now. This whoole change is just a horribly messed up design decision which backfired completely. Gladly at least some people at riot seem to reevaluate those things, at least they said so on reddit, so lets just hope for the best. With the current system in placce its just bad.
whyrawr (EUW)
: to see this screen you need to open this small window (second screen) then put mouse above one of the characteristics and only after that you can see them. what we need is those "small" numbers of curent stats in smal window
oh yeah, i can see your problem with that. But tbh i don't really think its that much of an issue. Very much like thunderlords last season its not a stat that is regularly checked anyways and as you can see the sould collected anytime you cna roughly guess the damage. At least its not checked in fights. But changing that would indeed be nice.
whyrawr (EUW)
: New rune window feedback (it is useless) is right there isn't it? Bonus damage: 75 (+0)(+45)+170 soul essence Thats whats in your screenshot. Thats the raw bonus damage you deal with every attack. Now this is still affected by the enemies Armor or in this case MR but there are 5 enemies so its probably better this way.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Noezholio,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ExbpEiBp,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-25T23:17:40.508+0000) > > But tristana and twitch got nerfed. You'll find their nerfs in the patchnotes under the title "ardent censer" This is getting old. Look at this patch. {{item:3504}} nerfed ultra hard. Meta sheeps still instalock janna/lulu, meta sheeps still rush ardent and meta sheeps still complaining on ardent being broken. Let me tell you this. {{item:3504}} was overhyped last 3 patches. Worlds are played on different patch and even in worlds we could see how tristana without ardent buff wrecked full build sivir with ardent buff (MSKT vs MSF).
You're not good at seeing the game as a whole thing though. Sure that ssivir of skt destroyed trist. Which had an ardent buff. But it was a team effort not so much sivir outdamaging trist int hose fights where ardent was applied. Secondly that ardent wasn't in the same lane as that sivir. And while i agree that ardent has been nerfed and thus overhypes since the worlds patch it was still decent in any given situation. Now its not. But the stats from ardent censer weren't even the problem of all of that. You can get those lategame hypercarries through the lanign phase not only because the censer lets you get good trades but mainly because, as you want that item in your team, the support is pushed onto an insanely passive pick. But i'm glad you were actually referring to the series Skt ws Msf as you could clearly see what happens to an immobile adc when facing something more aggressive in lane. Twitch isn't so much different from kog maw mobilitywise and even less mobile than vayne. You should know what happened in game 2 and 3 of that series. And there is certainly noone still complaining that this item is broken.
: Petition
Well its technically incredibly simple to just enable that feature. On the other hand riot could end up with some problems enabling it officially. Any language they offer in their game has to be supported by the company or in this case, the people responsible for the server. So for the eu people there are no people speaking those languages so they can't spellcheck, can't check the filters and offer no support in that language. Or they would ahve to hire people for that. And thats not something you could easily tell them to just ignore it as there are some laws for those kinds of things that might lead to a few problems. So an official support of those languages i probably impossible and as those languages are not very common in europe not needed. However they should probably enable inofficial alterations of the language used.
kalima994 (EUNE)
: Twitch needs ardent to 3 shot your team from 800 range : ^). Sure bud
Certainly not. But he needs those passive lanes and a lot of farm to get there and ardent to coverhis terrible midgame so he just doesn't die 20 times because the enemies top, mid and jungler just casually stroll over to abuse his weakness. With more aggressive supports, more early game focused adcs and less protection he just falls apart and never gets to the point where he 3 shots anyone.
: I fully agree on the Azir nerf, but...
But tristana and twitch got nerfed. You'll find their nerfs in the patchnotes under the title "ardent censer"
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jwWP8KtQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-14T19:21:59.186+0000) > And that's just the socially acceptable ones... in reality every champion can be a top and jungler. > > So there is nothing wrong with having multiple viable roles, it's something riot even encourages. > > And there isn't anything wrong with galio... ekko got those nerfs because his tankyness was covering up his main weakness without him sacrificing anything... as galio is a tank he isn't covering up any weaknesses by doing so. Another silver player tuning in to discuss balance. People, not to bash you, but there is a reason why Riot's playtest team that gauges champion power is required to be diamond at least. Yes, you can virtually put any champion anywhere and it could do fine, but in silver only. As a 4th consecutive year high elo player myself, I am talking about plat+ and competitive (professional) play. {{champion:3}} has seen pro appearances in 4 roles, while none of the champs you mentioned were recently played in more than one role, if at all.
So basically, what you'Re telling us here and showing us, is lack of understaanding and analytical skills and once a person calls you out for that or tells you you are wrong your argument is: "you are worse in a game than me you know nothing" Thats actually quite pathetic.
: Shyvana TOP
The problem is not that she is that bad on the toplane, The main issue, as it is most of the time, is that others are just better. Shyvana can only run quite fast so unless her ult is up no gapclosers or other form of mobility other than, well, running fast. So while she does have good 1v1 fighting potential its hard for her to stick to her enemy. And the likes of fiora and jax even outduel her. SO she certainly isn'T the best at being that dominant bully. She also isn't the best at jsut being a tank. And even as one of those semi tank bruisers she doesn't excel. SO she might be bad in some situations but surely can handle others. The thing is: there is just a champ doing the exact same thing only better so why would you choose shyv? Also her passive is hard to use from toplane. But i have to admit there are some interesting but situational things you can do with her. She is quite good at shoving in the wave so pushing then running off to take some enemies jungle camps could be a thing. Or, when combined with a pushing botlane and coordinating with the jungler tp to dragon and then run around using the speed being back at toplane ones the wave hits the turret. So basically utilizing the time her pushing capabilities grant you but well, thats very situational.
: There is a bit of logic, something - don't play jungle until you know some basic game knowledge.
And until you get some runes and masteries. Unless you play a champ with ridiculous sustain like warwick low level jungling is actually quite horrible as your first clear really lacks due to the missing runes and amsteries.
deletionz (EUNE)
: Stolen/Hacked Account
That only means that they received your ticket/mail and you have to wait now. WIth that many players on a server there are a lot of support requests they will get to it hopefully. Just check the support center from time to time. Its where you sent that ticket and there is an entry for your tickets any updates to them should be found there.
Not sure if you are ever going to be banned or not but riot can actually 'see' whether the disconnect is intentional or not. So with a power shutdown or your isp messing up you don't get as ahrd of a punishment as you do when deliberately leaving the game.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: ***
you ward the place where he enters the wall, as you ward camps when facing eve or other places for zac. Also you can easily see when kayn is coming through a wall. Not op at all with a little bit of awareness and map observation.
: Can a volu pls verify that this is save? cos that seems like a lure into smthn for me :/
Humblebundle is legit. Just prepare yourself for a flood of newsletters, offers and so on. Humblebundle really goes berserk on tehir mailing system. Other than that its totally fine.
Luniya (EUNE)
: Buck wings {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Yeh its probably best to call it that way. Ba(t)t wings would probably lead to some copyright issues....
: By the way they look they seem more like around the middle of her back. Between shoulder and butt. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Maybe she is the chosen one. The Back-Buttwing hybrid. The one to bring püeace to the eternal war between the backwings and buttwings.
TTekkers (EUW)
: How to nerf Tristana
Maybe others should just be buffed and she was just nerfed recently. Thed thing is that she doesn't really need a nerf at all. Its the whole setup that favors her its not about the champ being too good here. Her weakness is, and has always been, that she is basically the adc which takes the longest to get into the game and her early game can easily be exploited with early aggression from support, adc and jungler. She will still be a threat in teh lategame but thats something you ahve to keep in mind with her. When she is on the enemy team you just can't drag a game to 50-60 minutes. And the part that favors her style is basically the botlane being a farm heavy lane at the moment. There is little aggression, supports more peel oriented, she just gets through the lane fine without ever being punished. You can't do that with adcs like her. Sure she has some safety due to her jump but that thing has a ridiculous cooldown so its really nothing special at low levels. ANd lastly you really want to level her ult mainly because levelling her jump is simply useless.
Phrase (EUW)
: Evelyn Rework.. Its coming!
Looks like she'll have wings.... That leaves the question: Backwings or Buttwings? Rito seems to favor Buttwings lately but the Backwings fraction could also need some new members.
Phrase (EUW)
: do reports work?..
Yes reports certainly change things. And they are received and taken into consideration. However you have to understand that you aren't a more special and more important person than anyone else here and thus, your report or report option is just one of many. Take democracy as an example: When voting for the president of your country or a party, your voice is certainly importan and definetly heard but if everyone else picks another option you won't get what you want. League report system, or in fact any report system in an online game, works sort of the same. A person can have a bad day, A erson might not like what this person is doing, It could be a troll report. There are a few other reasons which either justify a report but not a punishment or where people have to be protected from the system going on a banning rampage: So the solution to this is to include a certain threshold. If there are enough reports in a set amount of time the profle will be banned or punished or at least observed a little bit more. So wen that happens your report certainly was one of those which lead to the punishment. However this also means that a single report of you, on its own without any other reports, won't lead to a punishment.
Why would old players get anything else? The thing is that the already got and used all of the thigns the new players could possibly get faster. Its the same thing. The new players don't get an advantage its probably just for them to get faster into the game. Just putting old players ahead would also kill all of the motivation that comes with leveling. But well, thiis seems to be a very common thing within this community. Not being fine with other people getting stuff, always wanting more and so on.
zhenys (EUW)
: I've always seen the Challenger Series as pro but now I'm thinking about it, it is literally a step down and a stepping stone into the LCS. Fair, you're right.
CHallenger series is pretty much a step down pro series. The players are paid fully by the teams, that usually means they are pros. But Challenger series isn't the only thing. Each country has its own league, which again is a step down, teams from those leagues could qualify for challenger series. Then there are countless different smaller tournaments and so on. Most of those aren't organized by riot though, they just support it.
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