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: There were some incorrect bans going out recently, so you can try writing to support. They'll first give you an auto-generated message on how they did a "thorough investigation" of your account and they "consider the matter closed", so keep going until an actual human is assigned to your ticket.
i already openend a ticket but riot games support is pretty slow i will try to get a actual human to talk to me ;), thanks for the tip!
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: i hope you enjoy those # :')
hahaha genius xD
Yum Kayne (EUW)
: Losing LP in client glitches
League is a big game bugs and glitches will always be there and probably will never be completly terminated. It can also be a problem that not every1 expieriences, because my Dinamic queue has _never_ crashed since release.
: I just started abusing one of the "balanced" champs
Balancing a game with 120+ champs is near to impossible so there will always be broken champs and weak champs every patch...
: Yeah i know. But you know what is going to happen. Same stuff just not in russian.
Ye but if there will be voice chat theres noway to avoid that. :c
: im more worried about kids speaking with volume set too high, or bad mics. There should be a mandatory voice check before you're allowed to chat. but overall this worked in a lot of other games, so idk why it wouldnt work here.
: No please. We don't need another CS:GO with cyka blyat idi nahuy.
Ur on the EUW server so there are _little/no_ russians there anyways. ^^
: I'm pretty sure we soon will see: -French refusing to talk English though they are perfectly fine at it -Germans being called Nazis for their harsh sounding language (and being Germans) -BörkBörkBörk -Perkele -British ranting about how nobody wants to ****ing talk English, it's world language for christs sake, Britain still is relevant Empire! GLORY BRITANNIA
: I'd agree he doesn't need much skill. But you can still tell the difference between a good and a bad Yi player on their reaction times to alpha strike and meditate. But then again reaction time is good overall so I guess your point still stands on him not having any real level of skill. xD
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Exactly! Being nice to people works wonders. I catch myself often being the one praising the team when they do something well, or trying to get them to calm down, or encourage them after we fail an objective like dragon. Supporting both with heals/shields/hooks etc and emotionally.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Guide on how to accept a found match:
Haha nice post man, it's so anoying when people queue up and just dont accept what leads to you having to wait for another 5 minutes. :c
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: When a support hears this...
Nice post man, i always trie to be as positive as possible _**(also when i'ts not going well)**_ to my team. Because i discovered that a lot of the times they start doing there best again in that game, what a lot of the times can lead to a win.
: I wouldn't say he's unfun. I don't play him in ranked because I'd rather not as I prefer tank junglers. But I do enjoy playing him on Aram and the rotating modes. But everyone has their own taste.
This is my opinion but when i play Yi im bored to death cuz he doesnt need any level of skill.
Nomis b (EUW)
: Damn are u a duck lover? even you're name has the word duck in it. haha
Not that is wrong whatsoever.
: The duck icon :3
Damn are u a duck lover? even you're name has the word duck in it. haha
: worst player support ever also wtf riot(?)
League of Legends has a shit load of players, i dont know about this one but maybe they get so many tickets every day that it cant be done faster. About the fact that they sometimes dont solve thinks idk anything.
: Ugh I don't want another patch where Xin is meta
: Don't worry, he'll be buffed next patch to an OP state along with a new legendary skin release.
: Why does Riot push Yi so much? This champ needs to be forgotten.
I agree, he lacks mechanics and doesnt even work in most team comps.
: How I celebrated my silver scrub successes :P
That _effort_ to make a lyrics, pretty cool tho. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
mosterm4m (EUW)
: Eloboosting?
That looks pretty boosted ^^ {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}

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