Shamose (EUW)
: You can watch them on the OGamingLoL twitch channel. However you need to be subbed to them to see the vods.
Yeah, that's the only place I found them, but I'm not subbed and don't really want to be :/
Rioter Comments
: How do I see how much XP my teammate has left until they reach their next level?
I'm pretty sure you can't see it, at best they can ping it but it will show as % and not exactly how much
ItsSpray (EUNE)
: What can I do to win if my team always have someone just feeding
There are quite a number of things you can do, but none of them will make you win 100% of the games. 1. Destroy your lane harder than your mate gets destroyed. Having a losing lane often takes its toll on a team's mental strength, rendering them more prone to make mistakes. 2. Extend your lead to other lanes: if your opponent roams and you cant punish through pushing, roam too. A 2v2 where one side gets a 5/0 Jax and the other a 0/2 Wukong is often quickly decided! Basically it comes down to taking more objectives around the map than your opponent can. Dragons, towers, scuttles, invading the jungle 24/7, herald, kills, etc. You'll have feeders with and against you, you "just" have to keep cool and team up with the others to destroy the enemy's nexus! :D
Àkalî (EUW)
: Counters In low elo
I agree that you won't be punished as hard as in high elos when you get counterpicked, but as you also do much more mistakes, you might end up quite far behind if you're the same level as your opponent. For example when I was silver, I played Riven a lot and often faced Garen. I got my ass handed to me more often that I can count simply because it was too hard a counter for me. Now if I go back in silver and play against a Garen as Riven, it's more the other way around. Counter picks are strong wherever you are imo, but they don't mean a won lane alone. ^^
Ramzez (EUW)
: New Player Looking For Friends :)
I've added you (as PenguinJo), so feel free to hit me up if you see me logged in :D
Sarokh (EUW)
: Nice story. Now it's your turn to obey me. Bech
aaaah fek me, should have gone for rank one
: Yea, and they think they are better than anyone. So, if you don't do as they want they flame you. I just get to gold for rewards, but man, they are worse than bronze at their attitude. I should know, I was like that.
Yeah, looking back I was quite the toxic player too. Luckily I calmed down before being punished xd
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: Your Rank doesn't give you the privileges to flame.
Well I'm plat so **** you ******** your whole family *** ** ****** * * * ** ** your sheep Sorry I had to
: I Honestly Don't Feel Like Trying To Learn Any New Roles Anymore
Well you play in low gold, everyone is bad and most are toxic. Your enemies aren't that strong, so you shouldn't give up on learning a new role, just make sure that whenever a teammate spams or writes something negative in chat, you mute him instantly. Play without worrying what others think, you win some, you lose some, it happens :D
lr2119 (EUNE)
: Camille or Illoi?? Or some other champ??
Both have very unusual playstyles and unique kits, you shouldn't buy any of them before trying them out and finding out if you've got a feel for them. That being out of the way, they are both playable. Illaoi is considered mid tier and Camille is played more in the jungle atm. I'd say Camille is more polyvalent than Illaoi so if you fear being autofilled, Camille is probably better since you can play her top and jungle, so a bit less to learn. However, if you're a beginner, Illaoi might feel easier since she has more aoe damage and is tankier. Being mispositionned is less impactful since your R is really good against multiple opponents. To sum it up: - Don't buy, try - If you're a beginner, Illaoi might be easier - All in all, Camille is stronger
Vívíd (EUW)
: Thresh?
Playing support is great! And because when you win botlane, you basically make the game 5v3, it's even better than any other lane :D
Qronics (EUW)
: > You explained how Rakan is a disengage support by describing him doing exactly what an engage support does: go in, cc, get the kill No. I gave a perfect example of how he is effectly disengaging. Stop mixing things up.
This is called counter engaging, not disengaging. disengage: to stop being involved in something, or to stop someone being involved in something / to become physically separated from something, or to make two things become physically separated That is, someone disengaging is preventing the fight from happening, not going in for the kill Stop mixing things up ^^
: You could also try to make your point in a less hostile way. No one takes you seriously cause of your biased and toxic opinion.
Qronics (EUW)
: I will give you an Example of Rakans Disengage Potential: Nautilus engages Xayah with his Q. Rakan shields Xayah with his E and reduces further damage. Lucian dashes forward. Rakan follows up with his W and disrupts both Lucian and Nautilus in their Attempt to go All-in. Nautilus activates his shield and Riptide to slow Xayah down. Rakan uses his Q on Nautlius. Nautilus autoattacks Xayah to lock her down. Rakan uses his E again and shields Xayah and heals her immidiatly with Q's aftereffect. Nautilus and lucian use their Ultimate on Xayah. Rakan and Xayah use also their Ultimates. Xayah gets untargetable and negates Nautlus Ult. Rakan charms both Nautlus and Lucian and interrupts Lucians Ult. Xayah uses her Combos and goes for a Double kill.
You explained how Rakan is a disengage support by describing him doing exactly what an engage support does: go in, cc, get the kill A disengage support would be something like janna who can negate a go in (alistar w for example) with her q or r, she has no means to go in and hard cc like rakan does. And even though rakan is quite squishy, when he goes in with r+flash+w, there's not much you can do to react, especially if he's followed by his mates, he'll q and e back to the carries. You're not afraid of Rakan protecting his carry, because a Lulu/Janna/Nami or even Thresh are much better at this than him, but rather afraid of him bumping a few of your carries and destroying the teamfight with a terrifying engage.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > Call me when your midlane zed builds spirit visage and i'll personally fly off to riot's hq to protest You called?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} I happen to build spirit vidage on any champ who builds lifesteal(or has innate one)
Zed doesnt make that much use of lifesteal though x)
: Miért 15lpt kapok ha nyerek?
: Tabis on a mage offer no advantage . Take talon / zed : their spells deal phi dmg ( tabis only reduce dmg from aa ) , meaning that , aside from the extra armor , they offer no protection. Worse , once theyy build lethality or armor pen , the extra armor you have really doesnt do that much Riven ATM - you said it , not me. But in general , she is a hard champ to counter cause of the animation cancellation , which again , isn’t present to such a degree on other champs, making her unbalanced. Udyr - i dont think that having the option to increase your speed every 2 seconds is that kitable. The nr of champs that could kite him are low and usually have higher cds on their spells than udyr has / depend on a certain item to do so ( which again , has a higher cd than udyr’s spell ) hex/ maw , qss / merc - i listed them as separate items cause they are strong on their own , without upgrading .
Tabis on a mage offer the chance not to die :) 1. Talon uses an aa reset 2. Tabis offer armor and as resistances are calculated exponentially, going from 30 armor to 40 armor is a lot more effective than going from 80 to 90, so they still are quite effective. 3. The extra armor is only more effective because they build armor pen. With 100 armor, you reduce damage by 50%. If you dont have tabis, you lose 20 armor, meaning you reduce by 45% dmg ie you take 10% more. Riven is not that hard a champion to counter: Jayce, Jax, Poppy, Garen, Urgot, Aatrox are terrible match ups, Fiora, Garen, Akali and Renekton are skill match ups. That's obviously elo/player dependant but she is in now way op/top tier, and hasnt been for a long time Udyr: land a control on him (root, stun, fear, w/e) and he's pretty much done for. If you try ton 1v1, you might lose, but he's so weak in teamfight that it doesn't really matter. Listing them as separate items is inaccurate because they share their passive/stats so having both would be a terrible mistale
RivenZk (EUW)
: Petition to remove Autofill from League
Why autofill is NOT a problem: -in low elo: everyone is bad, no one will see the difference -in high elo: 1. You have as much chance to have an autofill in the enemy team as in yours 2. There are easier champs everywhere, champs that you feel rather comfortable with, a real autofill will just try not to fall behind and not to be a deadweight 3. OTPs: if they are real otps, 2 possibilities -> they dodge, so it's fine -> they pick their champ, troll, get banned 4. boosted players: they are boosted so they will lose, autofilled or not doesn't change anything
: Riot lately
I liked the beginning, but it kinda falls off later on in your post. - Udyr can be rather easily kited and cc'd since he has no dash, far from being op (though I hate playing against one x) ) - Riven is far from being op, discuss urgot and kassadin and come back later. - Ap midlane has zhonyas + tabis (have to list those if you include merc threads) / Ad midlane has qss(/mercurial: same item) + hexdrinker(/maw: same item again) + merc threads. Call me when your midlane zed builds spirit visage and i'll personally fly off to riot's hq to protest - Honor system: you don't even have to be positive to up your honor lvl, I'm myself rather harsh and still achieved lvl4 - Ranked: I doubt it'll be harder to climb, and you have to at least try before complaining ffs For skins and chromas, I agree that riot puts too much emphasis on them and neglects a bit the stability of the client on patch/events. It's clear that there's a whole new politic to get money out of the game, one that I do not approve of.
: It looks like you have no idea about the EUW servers some years ago, when everyone had to play with disconnects, high pings and 2 hours login queues (all caused by the servers). Now they have a single bigger issue after patching and everyone gets %%%%%%ed and complains, while the game is free2play and had no downtimes within the last months...
Except there's hardly been that many problems for 2 years. The idea is that, as they get more money, they progress and make it so that there's either new problems or no problems. It's completely unprofessional from them to make this many old mistakes in a row. Already with Clash, it was shown that they had problems with large scale events, and trying to put in place so many of them on the same day only to day with the game being down shows again that they have not done what had to be.
Feederekton (EUNE)
: Stuck in silver while working really hard
As McGalakar said, what you want to do is get objectives. If you're 0/100 but their nexus is down, you win the game. Nothing else matters, in the end it all comes down to the which nexus is destroyed first. And with turret plates, pushing is even more rewarding than before: taking to plates gives you 320g, it's more gold than a kill! Try focusing on destroying your lane as Renekton, because that's what this champ is good at: dueling. However, as you take towers down, the enemy team will start focusing you, that's where map awareness and wards come into play: you need those to be safe and fall back when you see too more of them coming to you than you can handle.
Qronics (EUW)
: The True Support Triangle (Disengage, Engage, Poke)
To put alistar/rakan in disengage and thresh in engage feels somewhat wrong x) Same with describing Quinn as an adc, she will usually get stomped in 2v2 (bot) And it doesn't seem quite accurate to replace sustain with disengage. It's really hard to play vs nami as an ap support (like zyra), not because she prevents you from engaging, but because she negates your damages with her sustain. It's the same with soraka and sona, and karma to some extent: their most fearsome aspect is that they negate your damage, through heals or shields. That's why I believe the kill>poke>sustain>kill is much more true than your disengage>engage>poke>disengage.
UnsafeCat (EUW)
: Champion select stuck on 0
I thought the pbe server was made to avoid having too many bugs go into the live servers, must have been a lie though xD
: I want ADC advice for Learning as a new Support Main.
Support main here! Basically adcs are tunneled vision on minions. And that's how they should play unless they play hyper aggressive picks. What you want to do is: 1. Harass the enemy botlane when your adc goes to last hit, so that he can do it safely; 2. Keep up vision on the botside of the map, mainly tribush, river bush, lane bush and if you're ahead a bit in the enemy jungle/up to the midlane in the river; 3. Protect your adc, either by positionning aggressively or blocking incoming damage (typically when you play thresh with guardian for example) 4. Harass the enemy botlane when they try to go for cs If you ever want to play a few games, I'm up, because it's usually easier to give advice when playing together. Still keep in mind that you're playing champions who want to fight a lot, your engage tools are really what you want to abuse.
dattista (EUW)
: silver is a nocturne ult
Silver is probably where you belong though :/
: Co-Op vs. AI
As I have leveled a few accounts, I'd like to add that playing in PvP is often tilting/boring because you play either vs/with toxic smurfs or destroy new players (which is something I don't enjoy at all), so to avoid this I tend to play only coop vs AI as long as I can
Lord Bucea (EUNE)
: What are those?
Clash banners, for those who participated in clash, if i'm not mistaken
: Lol hard to climb out of bronze when you main sup. But I actually was silver 1 at a point, but i stopped playing ranked for a long time etc etc. But yeah, DH is stupid now ><
You play champions that are made to set up the others to carry, which is not a good idea in bronze. It's as if you decided to camp your 0/10 yasuo. You might want to try and go for more damage or splitpush oriented champions the time to get out of bronze and then get back to what you usually play ^^
: Dark Harvest, ugh :/
"As a silver/gold player who is stuck in bronze", so you mean, as a bronze player? Tbh, at this level of play, runes hardly matter. They might make it a little bit easier to play, but not that much. Still I agree that DH is a bot too strong atm, especially when you have the advantage.
Moonspired (EUNE)
: I get it, it can be quite stressful when your team is uncoordinated / filled with trolls. Glad you have a healthy way of coping! I might just follow the same steps if things get too rowdy. Your name, by the way, doesn't work :/ I tried to add you but I'm getting a notice saying it doesn't exist.
Moonspired (EUNE)
: Thanks for your reply! And, I'm glad to hear that people still consider the game fun. As for its community, it's honestly yet to be seen. I'm hoping for the best, though. I'll add you! <3
Forgot to say that my account on eune is xNoobStory (created 2 days ago x) )
Moonspired (EUNE)
: Thanks for your reply! And, I'm glad to hear that people still consider the game fun. As for its community, it's honestly yet to be seen. I'm hoping for the best, though. I'll add you! <3
Well I usually mute anyone who gets a little too excited for me and carry on, so there are ways to have fun, but I can't deny that most people are too stressed when playing.
Moonspired (EUNE)
: I'm a newbie in a 9-year-old game.
The game is still mostly enjoyable, though the community is not always the nicest. You're welcome to add me anytime if you want to play :D
The Cow (EUW)
: New player looking for other new players to learn and play with
If you want to play a few games, you can add me anytime. :D
AllBear (EUW)
: I suck
Main support here, add me and we can see how you can improve :D (if you want to obviously)
P1n3app1e (EUNE)
: i need advice!
If you want to play a few games, you can add me anytime (be it to go vs IA, 5v5, 1v1 and so on)
: Hello! I'm a looking for a people!
If you want to learn with some 1v1 or just in training mode, im up for a few games in the evening
Shapinex (EUW)
: Which Champion fits me?
Support with cc and roaming -> Thresh (has a hook) and Alistar are right down your alley, maybe Pyke too but he's harder to play
: New to LoL
I'm up for a few games if you want
: How hard is it getting gold in Flex and TT?
Quite easily if you needed that few games in solo/duo. TT is full of trolls and ultra beginners and flex is a bit random since you can get higher elos mixed, but it's mostly the same as solo/duo.
Avendr0s (EUW)
: A Letter To Riot
I agree with pretty much everything you said, except 2 things: getting sona as skill champion example. Why? Because she has 1 skillshot and it's pretty large. Imo Xerath or Ziggs are more skilled, though it doesn't take anything from your point. Secondly, there are ways to counter high mobility champs, it's just a bit harder to aim (Poppy being very good at this, but also most champions with some hard CC). Playing as a team and knowing what your opponent wants to do/has to do helps a lot in predicting their actions and shutting them down efficiently (Galio support vs Zed? Stick to your adc, taunt as soon as Zed ults, he's dead). I don't think we need to lower mobility that much, but perhaps it would be good if riot introduced a new champ without as much mobility as they've recently done Anyway, your post was a nice read :D
Rioter Comments
: How to stop people trolling
Someone talks and says something that's not about timing a summoner/ss/strategy questions (like swapping) -> muted and you carry on until you get out of this elo
Zanador (EUNE)
: Please let me tell you some things. The reason why your post got so down voted comes from an error in grammar. The down votes made you think that people hate you and the Turks, and you got angry and started attacking back in the same way a few people attacked you. I can see that you don't speak english perfectly, and that is completely fine. But you made a small mistake in grammar that actually makes a lot of difference in the meaning. You say: "racist Europeans" - It means that all Europeans are racist. What you should say is "European racists" - this means racists from Europe. Or you could just say "racists" and leave the "European" part completely, since Europeans will defend Europe, but nobody will defend racists. So, probably by accident, when you switched up the order of those two words in an English sentence, you created a different meaning. You yourself look racist because of that, and so nobody will come to your side. I don't know Turkish grammar, but in English, the words have a specific order in a sentence, and if you switch them up, people will either not understand you, or they will think you said something you didn't mean.
Tbh, I think people downvote him because turks have a really bad image on Lol and he's not making it any better, being that hateful and racist in his posts.
: Rek sai in league right now
She is rarely picked in games (1.36% pick in plat+ -> 30th pickrate/38), but she has a strangely high winrate (2nd highest amongst junglers, plat+). I'd love to her a bit more about her
: Who Even Cares Anymore
Yeah, same, Nida is busted af and Riot won't nerf her
Hansiman (EUW)
: Chat restrictions set you to level 1. If you get restricted again while still at level 1, you get set to 0. 14 day bans set you to level 0.
Ah, yeah I went straight to 14 days, thanks for clearing this up ^^
Ðequñ (EUNE)
: I think it's unfair that two players, with the same misbehavior, are treated differently. The rules had to take into account the date the punishment was issued, as a chat restriction is way lighter from a chat restriction followed by an exclusion from the end-season rewards, for the exact same violation. I hope the Rioters in charge will be able to give you the time to make up and prove you have changed your ways, so they can be able to give your rewards. {{sticker:vlad-salute}} -edit- P.s. if you have demoted to honor lv0, you have to admit you were kind of asking for it, as I think the first punishment gets you to lv1. So, probably you will have to start behaving more responsible in game. However, I hope all goes well.
The first punishment got me to lvl 0 too, I think it's standard.
: hello my friends
100% deserved, learn how to use your fingers and avoid writing useless toxic stuff if you want your situation to improve :)
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