: If you cant get out yourself, there are sometimes local groups like alcoholics anonymous for gaming addiction (atleast in bigger cities). You can try to look for them online. I used to be in a similar spot and i really wish you luck with getting out of it. Believe me, you´ll be a lot happier if you get more social life and success in uni.
I'm borderline countryside so doubt there will be any groups for gaming addicts near me but I will take a look online so thank you for the advice. I've missed the boat for uni now and I wouldn't have the grades as I only got in because of an unconditional offer from my As from my first year however that has now been overshadowed from my failed exams in my second year due to gaming all on heroes of the storm. The btec version of lol. All my friends have gone off to places so I never see them. I just feel like all I've got is gaming rn. No life goals, little motivation to do anything, and just have my recently split up family around me who all think I'm pathetic. I am, but for them to think that. Idk, just don't want this addiction to progress.
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: Anniversary gift doesn't work
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