SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hi Just report the AFK players, if they continue AFK'ing in their games, then they will be punished eventualy with a ban. I hope you will have more luck in the future, that you co-players have no connection issues etc.
Agreed. But I'm thinking there is a patch issue
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CryGods (EUW)
: ***
a useful tip from some1 stuck in gold. Thanks, I'll take it on board.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Then my dear friend, someone used a "drop hack" against you.
and against the random opponents 3 friends in random games? seem unlikely - would also add, match history hasn't updated
Nooms88 (EUW)
: End game message, instead of lobby i get "you have been disconnected from server"
For refernce. Game finished almost exactly when i posted this.
Nooms88 (EUW)
: no loss prevented?
End game message, instead of lobby i get "you have been disconnected from server"
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: Looking for 4 Active Pro Players !
a 0.64 KDA with Kindred from 11 games. Ouch
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B00B00 (EUW)
: you cannot Duo with anyone a divison above you, so unfortunately if they do not land in gold (and within 2 leagues of your own) you will not be able to duo with them, they changed this last season to help combat ELO boosting as bronze/silvers/golds would end up with plats, diamonds etc.
yes, I know that. But I'm saying that it's silly that 2 days ago when I was Diamond 4, I could duo with my Diamond 5 friends. Now after placements, they have no rank at all and are technically lower division players than me, but I cannot duo with them until they finish placements and get put in gold/plat.
Mr Sleepy (EUW)
: What people tend to overlook.
D4-G1. I'm gaining same LP as I'm losing so if I go 50/50 I will remain Gold1 forever. Climbing 6 tiers with the same LP gain/loss, is the equivalent of me last year going from D4 - Challenger...
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Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Diamond 5, played 4-6 and now I'm Gold 3
: Well where is the problem Bronze is the new Silver Silver is the new Gold Gold is the new Plat Plat is the new Diamond/Master Diamond is Challenger Master/Challenger are reserved for LCS Teams playing together in dynamic queue alrighty then
The problem is, every game that I solo. I'm playing against people who are Plat 2, which is where I should be. But my LP gain is the same as my loss. So I can't climb
: 8/2 platin4->gold 5 Im feeling with you
What's the level of games after? Most ppl were Plat4(ish)?
Eeten (EUW)
: It should be easy to get through Plat when you were Diamond
why would it be easy when every1 I play is D4/D5 standard "placed" 4 divisions higher? And I gain the same as I lose?
Nooms88 (EUW)
: D4-Gold 1. A salty tale of placement woes. (4-6 placement)
Easy solution. Queue up with my friends who don't play much and are ACTUALLY gold. Ruin some gold bot lane games #feelsbad
: I felt from DV to Plat V (with the same placement ratio - 4/6) so at least no gold taste for me. Now easly climb back to dimond.
Every game, ppl are D4/D5 last season and ranked in P2, but really legit
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: [UK ONLY] Looking for a Diamond+ Serious TOP or SUPPORT
Hey, I'm assuming you're thinking about doing the UK ESL or similar? I have limited LOL time (2 nights a week), but I'm happy to be considered for support or a sub role. I'm a D4 Leona main, win rate is constantly above 55%, so I'd probably peak ~D3 if I could put in the time. Let me know if it's of interest.
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: Utterly astonishing (about smurfs in low-level, story time!)
I created a smurf on EUNE, was playing co-op vs AI and was getting hard core flamed for things literally nothing (going duo top as at level 1, it's kind of hard to jungle with Sona & no runes). It was amusing to me as I'm an experienced D5 player on EUW. But it would have been horrific for a new player.
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Vitury (EUW)
: It is possible im a good adc main, problem is that i kinda gived up in ranked games because of the bad trolls i get...
Yes it is. If you want my advice, focus on each playing 1 or 2 champs in each role that synergies well together and play an all in team comp. That way, very little is needed in the way of individual mechanics. I'd recommend getting a team with - Wukong top, amumu/sej jungle, karthus/lux mid, leona/Braum support, Graves/corki/sivir adc. Just group for tower pushes/objectives in the mid game and you will out team fight the enemy and punch above your individual skill level.
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Zaytoven (EUW)
: DIAMOND IV Marksman LF Team
Interested mate?
Centeotl (EUW)
: Summonername: Centeotl Rank: Dia V Age: 17 Nationality: German/Pakistan Role: Mid/Jung/Supp Mains:Talon/Noc/Maokai Time you are able to play: Every time xD If you are interested to play with ME then add me. xD
Hello mate, we only really need an ADC currently, but I', happy to add you in game on Monday as it's always useful to have regular plays who can fill in occasionally :)
Encrux (EUW)
: IGN: Akalith Age: 16 Fluent English? Yes (Only some mistakes + a funny german accent) Able to play Wednesday's 19:00 GMT? At the moment, yes. I don't have my scheduel yet, since I still have holidays Can play other times? pretty much all the time Main Role: Adc Main Champs in that role: Jinx/Lucian/Ezreal/Varus Other Roles: Mid Main Champs in other Roles: Nidalee, Ahri, Karma, Orianna (I'm actually main midlane aswell, so this list continues) Current rank: Diamond V Peak rank: Diamond IV Biggest in game strengths: Game knowledge, mechanics Biggest In game Weakness: cs(working on it)/ overall derpy nature, which means I sometimes do crazy stuff Working Mic? Yes Up for having a laugh: heck yeah! Anything else: I wanted to play in a real team for quite a while now.. Every team I've played with yet wasn't really different compared to my soloq games. I'm searching for a team because I want to be able to communicate with my teammates even though I sometimes don't talk that much. If we're getting along with with each other however, I can be quite a fun guy(well that's what I think atleast). That's it from me! greetings, Daniel aka. Akalith
Cheers Daniel, as below I'll drop you an ad on Monday when I'm back.
Flags (EUW)
: IGN: IBC Headshot Age:15 Fluent English? Yes Able to play Wednesday's 19:00 GMT? Yes Can play other times? Some evenings/weekends Main Role: ADC Main Champs in that role: Jinx Other Roles: I can little bit play top Main Champs in other Roles: Gnar Current rank: Diamond V Peak rank: Diamond V Biggest in game strengths: Good teamfighting / map awareness Biggest In game Weakness: weak farming Working Mic? Yes Up for having a laugh: ofcourse :D Anything else: i like RedBull
Looks good mate, I'm away till Monday but I'll try and get my team mate to add you. Otherwise I'll add you when I'm back.
Criticize (EUW)
: Diamond 4 Top/Mid/ADC Looking for a team
Have a look at this and see what you think mate.
: Diamond ADC LF serious Team Have a look and see what you think mate.
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Ashcroo (EUW)
: UK Diamond TOP LFT
Hey Paralizee, Is this something you'd be interested in?
Georgius (EUW)
: Plat 3 Top Laner LF Team
Hey Georgius, Are you UK based and would this be of ineterst?
Welshness (EUW)
: UK Jungler LF Battlegrounds Team [High Plat]
Hey Welshness, Interested in this?
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channa (EUW)
: LFT For Battleground
You should edit this post and specify what country you are from, as all players need to compete in the country they are either born in or live in.
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