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: essence reaver is the trigger of cdr based on crit. u can have 40%. anyway if it s good for you, why are u asking for consensus?
If you had read the post correctly you would have noticed that it isn't about my build, it's an example, the point is that I get flamed for doing my own thing and not playing meta. And please look at the screenshot from the meta build, there is essence reaver and 100% crit, 30% cdr, thats the max you can get from it (10% default +20% from crit).
Shukr4n (EUW)
: But that build cost shitload, gives zero cdr for xayah skills, give zero mana what point it hit its climax?4 items? Does more damage because sheen. But in a long fight u are going to not spam skills.. I too like trinity, but it s not xayah purpose
First off, there is a 188 gold difference in the build, second, there is a 10% cdr difference since trinity gives 20% and essenz reaver gives 30% that makes a 0.6 sec cd difference for Q, 1.6 for W, 0.8 for E and 11 for ult. so the only spell where it really makes a big difference is ult, and that isn't really a spam ability, is it? And Third, I dont know what other Xayah player do to be oom all the time, but from the moment where you would have reaver I don't have mana problems anymore. I didn't just think of a build of a champ I play sometimes, I main Xayah and I got to this build through trial and error, also you have the climax with 3 items, bork IE and trinity. And you say in a long fight I won't spam skills, I never really were in a long fight because you burst through everything in mid/late, I mean you don't fight 1vs5 no matter what build you use
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: Forgetting smite leads to reports apparently..
It is unfortunate if you forget to change summs, but I think everyone was in the same lobby and they could see your summs so they could have told you. I forget to change summs sometimes, thats why I not only check my summs but also the summs of my team and if they forget I tell them. But in short, everyone here is only human and that can happen, i don't think it's a valid report reason. But hey, a lot of people also report you if you die a lot even if you can't do anything against it besides going afk.
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: Personal opinion here. Leaving the ADC alone has almost never proven effective. Sure do a roam or two, but keep close to the carry especially in unwarded/enemy territory even after early game. Doesn't matter how well you supported during the lane if there's no peel for the ADC to deal his damage. Self peel champs can do that to some extent I guess.
Yeah, you have to get the right timing to leave the ADC alone, and in early game for sure not, but mid/late he should manage without support beeing next to them 24/7 leaving the team for a possible 3vs5. Like I said not every ADC is like this, but some are, and they blame every mistake they make to the support, and most of the ADC who do this would have lost the lane if the support wouldnt have done everything they can to prevent this.
: I think leaving alone an ADC who is not smart, is, never a good idea, but, if you somehow manage to get an actually smart ADC, I think they probably won't attempt any risky things and get themselves killed
First off, i agree that you shouldn't leave the ADC alone, but if you have them at the point where they should be able to manage solo i think it's okay to help other lanes who might need it more. In most of the cases where I was the support and had an ADC like this they tried to fight unreasonable fights, and not because they couldn't get away, they engaged, and the moment they died they blamed support.
: I don't think that's a fair assessment of all ADC's dude. Some of us ADC's appreciate our support, and in all seriousness if the lane is one ie got first outer tower then as an adc i should roam with the support to look for pressure top or mid for the outer tower there. Maybe you should speak to your ADC and tell them to roam top with you etc?
I never said all ADC are this way, and there are indeed some ADC who can carry their lane but in my experience it's mostly the support who makes the difference since most of the time the ADC are evenly matched early on without items. And if their are not, it's even more on the support. I already saw a cait outranged because the support pushed her away and her support did nothing.
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