: So servers are down or is it just me? client laggs while lagging logs in chat offline.
yep, i cannot have any streams up that uses internet, all outage is considered off.. league so slow but barely snails into the client and i can play. kinda wanky riot.good i know how to use a computer lol.
: So servers are down or is it just me? client laggs while lagging logs in chat offline.
RIOT THIS ISSUE CONTINUES TODAY TOO! please wtf... i have restarted my computer i have simply issues being able to play your godamn dumb game. i made it to aram yesterday after this, but i serious closed out ALLL PROGRAMS in task manager. i cannot HAVE 1 browser up? does chrome take so much internet that i cannot login into league are you guys good at patching the client????
: So servers are down or is it just me? client laggs while lagging logs in chat offline.
quisquose (EUNE)
: When team is too shit :/
yikes, FeelsBadMan.{{champion:63}}
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: nice anti cheating software
LOL! really? i am having login issues, takes 1 minto login and then no friends online so i cant start a match hilerious
N00rage (EUW)
: Placement Bug from diamond to iron ?
in my opinion i think that riot did make everyone go to iron to reclimb like refreshing to new season and not be like hey am high elo lets continue to mingle with our beloved toxic teamamtes we always que 10 hours a day with ... instead of new a new envoriment is being built from the ground and up.
: Servers Bugging?
Still experiencing the issues: - Unable to login / relog - When able to login, hextech shop takes 2 minutes to load - Store does seem to load after switching tabs enough - Cannot see chat sometimes (Unable to connect) - Changing gamemodes seems impossible - Accepting the match is invisible
: It is not allowed, where did you find the rule that this is allowed? Or do you expect a Riot member to literally track him down and force him to play?
nah i just wanted to highlight it. becus its multiplayer i know stuff can happend but its really ANNOYING when it happends every 3rd game.
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: [EUW] 06-Dec-18 - Emergency Platform Restart
CABLE MANAGEMENT RIOT !!!! {{champion:240}} AHHHHH!!!! UNINVITED !!!{{summoner:14}}
: Meanwhile at RIOT HQ
i laughed so hard i almost died please sthap this dangerous memes
DutchPro (EUW)
: was just chilling in champ select at 0 seconds for 3-4 minutes. Game started tho
did the same "check your connection xD
: What are you on? Have you read the post or did you just watch the video? Because that is not what I had complaints on. Red team outskilled every one of the members in the Blue team except Caitlyn **Round 4**, which was a fair and square round were Blue team (Caitlyn) won. The maths in the _**"TOTAL SCORE"**_ still does not make any sense to anyone who has ever heard about the subject of math ever, and that is what I am asking about. I am also asking about how it is so inconsistent, or if it's not, how the game mode even works. Because the perspective from the premises I presented, it looks pretty %%%%ing inconsistent.
oh you dont know of riots comebackability then. i see am sorry.
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: I think if people don't leave, the game will start eventually. But since everyone leaves after about 20 seconds, it means that game won't play...........
nah tried 3 times, tellsme to check my internet xD
Koriuki (EUW)
: I am applauding you. First messing worlds quest, now patching in an error. I played this morning and just you though to mess up the game....how fond of you. I demand comprehension.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} free skin of choosing or sth {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
fill everyones account with 500 rp Kappa
: 5th champ select, kicked out again. Riot games everyone... better get compensation for wasting our time{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
just dont que up LUL
: Hey guys, We're looking into this right now and ranked queues have been disabled while we investigate.
do i need to call brand to heat it up? maby frozen somewhere {{champion:63}} {{summoner:14}}
: Hey BlueEziboy, We're aware of some issues with the pass and store, and taking a look. Hold tight, and thanks for the report!
Good work out there on the battlefield man watch for them mines scary stuff {{item:3187}} {{item:3348}}
BlueEziboy (EUNE)
i quess the servers froze from the snowball at this last hour LUL shall i call {{champion:63}} too help with the case? {{summoner:14}}
: change the buff's please
i dont see any issues with this, why bother complaining about monsters? just go play the game and grind. no way they change anything at this point near future. i think they like the balance, its fast paced and action all over. just a good festive
JokerOmgPro (EUNE)
: Neeko bug
also there is a bug with her R never goes away from 0 cooldown.
: NexusBlitz a bit rusty
server cant handle incraease in popp so it broke...
: Riot has got some explaining to do
its just the roll of the dice bro.. get RNG on adn your team didnt play it perfectly either. outskilled outranged simple.. accept it.
: ah sry thats ranked, i mean in aram. but sure that might have happend too. ill get back when if it happens again :)
yeah i cant play aftershock olaf either again.
: Ehm, looking on various pages at your match history aswell as in the league client, in every single nautilus game you played that pops up, you had aftershock as Keystone When you change your runes in champselection in the last few seconds and don't manage to safe the page, or don't have a fully equiped page, the system will automaticly give you the default Resolve page
ah sry thats ranked, i mean in aram. but sure that might have happend too. ill get back when if it happens again :)
: but naut cant have aftershock becus its OP af. he has cc but riot changes it.
naut grasp vs aftershock is kinda meh u know.
Smerk (EUW)
: If you have no hard CC, then you can't activate aftershock and so it is automatically changed to default choice in resolve tree
but naut cant have aftershock becus its OP af. he has cc but riot changes it.
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: Still broken. WAs stuck at 0 seconds for 10 mins. Quit and reloged now am getting error messages when I que
: am stuck in a game that i end and now for 2 h i cant start new game .... Wtf is this at the end of the season .....
just exit client hard in processors
: Allow any language to be used in any region/server?
yes if only we others can translate it too people shouldnt be able to talk trash in another laguange and take advantage iof that
: Trapped in a game, cant exit
the client it self has a rising processor issue, where it goes from 300k and login it raises itself to 600k its hardcore lag unplayable u cant connect ever with 1k ping
01drago01 (EUW)
: no server issue evryone has the problem
how does a server get overheated overloaded like that? thats what i wondering about i know ofc it is that. xD
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