Einshine (EUW)
: Sorry, but I have to get this off of my chest.
its harder for nice guys to keep moving farward then it is for cheaters ans cheeser abusers. its cruel world and u either become tough or u become the willian. just becus its easier to join the darkside then staying strong.
: Perm ban
you prob naiva nd getting teased into carrying, thats how people in a competetive sense will try to make u do more to " prove ureself" its kids logic mentality, but it works somehow. but see trough that is another level of grow up stay calm logic. u will hopefully learn with time.
Crockito (EUW)
: Should i be chat restricted for this...
what is that spam? jesus christ... nowonder typing 1 sentence word spam for 15min is bannable lol
: What would you do in this situation?
play it out, high ping makes u just stronger if u survive / win. being able to predict with high ping 100ms ish, only makes u train better etc. depends on the mentality u turn onto it. but recently i noticed that everytime i wanna play a game of aurf of something i have 1 dc 1 afk or 1 high ping. then i need to go out of my way to tell them to restart.. kinda annoying that they cannot think for themselfs when it haoppends.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: Getting flamed farming
hey bro, same as me, i main support and i feel trapped becus i cannot get a good support when i do other roles, but i spam pinged whenever i do mistakes or do an action my team dont believe in xD its super funny to be have more game sense then my teamamtes and then get pinged rapidly for it and then get praised for getting 2 kills 1v2 xD ignorance is not blizz just gotta be the bigger man and stay calm.
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: Can you recommend me a game
there are no other games beside league that is in a good state. everything else is worse dota hojts only thing that is funnier to play is smite and battlerite i quess.
: Just played a game as Morgana
tbh, first of all dont play morgana as a new player play naut and tanky support like alistar and blitz and sona range mage makes u understand how to play easier, but that being said, watching imaqtpie or any streamers that is informative you learn quiet fast. but my tip is, too understand the entirety of the map and gameplay is too first pur yourself in the the other lanes situations right? then reflect on it by how you are playing, dont be afraid of doing risky moves to test your ability to micro click etc. also normals are where you train until u get lvl 30 , your only lvl 10 so 50 more games and some study makes you learn so fast, also guide on youtube for faster understanding like heimer says. glhf summoner!{{champion:63}} I JUST WANNA SEE THE WORLD BURN! "
Takumaron (EUNE)
: I know exactly what you mean. It's even worse when you try to play adc, because you know what the support should do-but he never does.
: Early season 9 in a nutshell
if you dont carrry but some mirical happening and u somehow start a fight and gets out superior u arent going to match any ranked match, outplay the enemy means not run first after trading etc, be the manly man and put the team on your back, ofc there is those games that is very winnable but teammates just unlcucky timing af and doing dum shit tils dc whatever right. just try be positive to yourteam and see if that changes anything.
Silverfoil (EUNE)
: what the hell is going on
its called multi player online games, for a reason. just unlucky dude and maby not take the game seriously if u arent going pro due to waste of time. why u be stressin over a video game?
: Player throws our game then adds me afterwords to say he did it on purpose
ive had that while climbing too very annoying setbacks, jungler that never talks and gives 2 infernals in a row then baron as a support i ask wtf u dont prio objectives? u rather farm gromp then counter baron or drake steal? he be like well u didnt ward it so how can i see ? its your job but he means this in " no wards" xD nice communication dude.. no response its like you gotta ward baron and drake and still be in lane etc its so annoying my adc gets double kill BUYS CONTROL WARD instead of bf sword XD its like jesus christ.
: "?"
if someone pings me i just go around and ask them what they mean for fun, troll themback and do it to them and if they go afk or start " am trolling " babyrage then hey fine lose those lp mate whocares ill go win a game that my teammates wanna actually win and not get stylepoints "looking good"
Potatoe (EUNE)
: The One Thing That Makes Me Wanna Rage
its called never being able to overcome hard work, its simple kids be crying for it being impossble, they dont think ahead and look into the future trying to find THE way to overcome it. the difference betweena boy and a man. also its easier and less work to label someone and accuse them of something rather then debating and finding a common ground / solution. its easier to cheat then to win legit.
: Oi how come I got perma'd
when you are so deluded you dont even consider knowing the norms of the land kid go home u need a beer and understand reality, no you dont get a %%%%ing pass for racism becus a guy is black on black. jesus
VrmnQ (EUW)
: Ban worthy?
dude, u gave into talking to much, learn to restrain yourself who acers IF youre team wanna lose LET THEM! u can climb with new team sure its frustrated XD but just let it go and move on. kids be kids at the end of the day
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Torkl (EUW)
: Ranked warmups!
yeah i agree got placed in silver wanted gold but, promos went to shit becus someone wanna play ashe and vayne and troll top lane like WTF RIOT, my teamamtes arent trying to play to win , a fiora that misses first blood somehow gets no help and goes 0/7 and goes afk after saying ITS IMPOOSSIBLE TO WIN TOPLANE AHHHH" and like if i go top and i win i lstill lose the game DUE TO KOREAN WANNABE TRYHARD META RIOT! SUPPORT WITH MOBIES BECUS KOREANS DOES IT? what happend to going full armor? too support YOUR %%%%ING ADC AND NOT DIE? why are plebs trying to play like koreans? THEY CANT AND U KNOW IT!
: Forcing me to play ARAM
why are people playing ranked when they arent good at the game ? silver 4 and people rather say out loud I AMTROLLING I DIDNT GET MY PICK AM TROLLING goes singed, goes proxy botlane :D everyday first game of today someone idiot decide to throw a game for fun becus hes champ got banned or whatever.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: why should i have to embrace it??? i was on a winning streak today and now i lost two games in a row because of a udyr jungler not doing anything but stay in the jungle no drakes again, like junglers no idea what the hell to do for that role, and people like le blancs leaving mid open and being jungler but taking ignite and stealing my mid lane yea nice way to lose thanks riot.
multi player game u cant control the human factor in it... so eitehr u embrace the suffering or u stop suffering.
LegendCH (EUW)
: Toxic Season 9
i love when the enemy midlaner blames their team after going 0/4 and rawguit xD i had a enemy lee that gank bot twice we lost but we got revenge bunty so he LEFT XDDDD
Indigo47 (EUW)
: Funny way to start season 9 ranked.
yeah new season still same mentality for teammates its horrible. STFU AND JUST PLAY proceed to int hard and blame me for tiliting them xD hilerious how some people just wanna lose.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: why is there more trolls in ranked than before????
either u embrace it or u dont. stop playing or continue.
Top Player (EUNE)
: Wrongfully permabanned
Top Player: yes Top Player: 0/2/4 Top Player: im sure gonna be useful; Top Player: idk why u dont cmap top Top Player: its free kills Top Player: and it helps me aswell since im into a losing matchup Top Player: i wanted illaoi Top Player: lol Top Player: its matchup Top Player: and u gave her double Top Player: so Top Player: ?? Top Player: bruh Top Player: lets report rengar for bad attitude and flame (: Top Player: bad while also toxic Top Player: = perfect Top Player: ? :)) Top Player: bruh im sorry this guy picked fiora into irelia Top Player: but u still get ur rep for toxic Top Player: lol Top Player: just Top Player: i got 2 more deaths Top Player: more than u Top Player: so that makes u an inter aswell Top Player: OUT OF MANA Top Player: tyler1 Top Player: irelia 0 mr Top Player: game was lost since rengar started flaming Top Player: tbh Top Player: rep rengar for toxic Top Player: u did nothing for the team Top Player: yea Top Player: u lost Game 2 In-Game Top Player: lee go blue so u can lvl 3 bot Top Player: lose is improve Top Player: ok Top Player: ok Top Player: ok Top Player: ok Top Player: ok Top Player: ok Top Player: ok Top Player: ok Top Player: ? Top Player: akali Top Player: thefk ur doing sper m Top Player: do something Top Player: nice nice Top Player: u ded Top Player: akali u sad %%%%% Top Player: do something in this game Top Player: %%%%ing useless Top Player: trash Top Player: i dealt more dmg than u Top Player: akali ur ruining my kda Top Player: and zed stop going for 1-1 Top Player: jax Top Player: U got soloed by me Top Player: shhh Top Player: ??????? Top Player: |ur silver Top Player: stfu noob Top Player: cya Top Player: LEE Top Player: WHAT ARE U DOING Top Player: game is done Top Player: ff WRONGFULLY BANNED ECHO CAMBER
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I am so sick and tired of this early game, high damage meta that we are in
yeah either i win my lane lvl 1 2 3 or i wait until 5.6 tbh aslong as u can farm and not get run over its fine, but be careful catihlyn trap into bard stun is 100 to 0
: Sylas W is too strong
when u build greivious wounds against him does it stil heal equals as much?
xweeti (EUNE)
: stuck in silver and cant climb.
dude, twitch ??? ure abusing stealth and cannot rank up? LMAO ok, well tbh ama give u 1 tip why are u stressing about ranking up? ive been silver for last 6 years who da %%%% cares about rank mate. sure u think ranking up gonna make u feel better but at the end of the day youre frustrated about ure rank . like i am silver but i would think myself of a plat player but who cares, when my teammates gonna belittle me and tell me i am sobad every mistake u make? but they cannot for the love of them ping their intentions`? WHO SA %%%% CARES just paly andhave fun lose or win ure teammates doesnt care enough to communicate THEIR FAULT THEIR LOSS have fun next time assholes i think to myself. its more fun lower elo then stressing about getting high rank. {{champion:63}} I JUST WANNS EE THE WORLD BURN-
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I never understood the appeal of wanting to get a penta kill and the emotional pain when they don't
its the same as being ignorant kid, archiving something in hes life like a penta, sure it happend but was it all just you no it wasnt. they belive it was only their take so they are ignorant and feel like 15 year old when hyped...once u grow older u start to brush of these easy archivements... for more challening..
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: New Ban System
rather having the strict 2 week ban then a perma after that is harsh! i rather they had 3--5-8-15-25 gamres restrictions.. but sure thats to much for them i quess. becus in the first place u shouldnt be toxic u shouldnt be mean , you shouldnt ragequit but people will do it anyways and take awavantage of it so no we cant have no things therefore its a short punishment system...
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Since when is trying hard beneath some players?
its just a human factor, some dont wanna lose face and feel ashamed, some embrace shameness and become stronger, look at john wick hes the example of a shameless yet a strict guy with focus and intentions of some force as a godlike being right so. it all depends on someones mental. cant get lucky most cases.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: For everyone that defend RIOT with nonsense
i had 78 out of 80 gold coins.. couldnt get the golden poro in arma :( fak my life
: So servers are down or is it just me? client laggs while lagging logs in chat offline.
yep, i cannot have any streams up that uses internet, all outage is considered off.. league so slow but barely snails into the client and i can play. kinda wanky riot.good i know how to use a computer lol.
: So servers are down or is it just me? client laggs while lagging logs in chat offline.
RIOT THIS ISSUE CONTINUES TODAY TOO! please wtf... i have restarted my computer i have simply issues being able to play your godamn dumb game. i made it to aram yesterday after this, but i serious closed out ALLL PROGRAMS in task manager. i cannot HAVE 1 browser up? does chrome take so much internet that i cannot login into league are you guys good at patching the client????
: So servers are down or is it just me? client laggs while lagging logs in chat offline.
quisquose (EUNE)
: When team is too shit :/
yikes, FeelsBadMan.{{champion:63}}
Rioter Comments
: nice anti cheating software
LOL! really? i am having login issues, takes 1 minto login and then no friends online so i cant start a match hilerious
N00rage (EUW)
: Placement Bug from diamond to iron ?
in my opinion i think that riot did make everyone go to iron to reclimb like refreshing to new season and not be like hey am high elo lets continue to mingle with our beloved toxic teamamtes we always que 10 hours a day with ... instead of new a new envoriment is being built from the ground and up.
: Servers Bugging?
Still experiencing the issues: - Unable to login / relog - When able to login, hextech shop takes 2 minutes to load - Store does seem to load after switching tabs enough - Cannot see chat sometimes (Unable to connect) - Changing gamemodes seems impossible - Accepting the match is invisible
: It is not allowed, where did you find the rule that this is allowed? Or do you expect a Riot member to literally track him down and force him to play?
nah i just wanted to highlight it. becus its multiplayer i know stuff can happend but its really ANNOYING when it happends every 3rd game.
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Eambo (EUW)
: [EUW] 06-Dec-18 - Emergency Platform Restart
CABLE MANAGEMENT RIOT !!!! {{champion:240}} AHHHHH!!!! UNINVITED !!!{{summoner:14}}
: Meanwhile at RIOT HQ
i laughed so hard i almost died please sthap this dangerous memes
DutchPro (EUW)
: was just chilling in champ select at 0 seconds for 3-4 minutes. Game started tho
did the same "check your connection xD
: What are you on? Have you read the post or did you just watch the video? Because that is not what I had complaints on. Red team outskilled every one of the members in the Blue team except Caitlyn **Round 4**, which was a fair and square round were Blue team (Caitlyn) won. The maths in the _**"TOTAL SCORE"**_ still does not make any sense to anyone who has ever heard about the subject of math ever, and that is what I am asking about. I am also asking about how it is so inconsistent, or if it's not, how the game mode even works. Because the perspective from the premises I presented, it looks pretty %%%%ing inconsistent.
oh you dont know of riots comebackability then. i see am sorry.
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: I think if people don't leave, the game will start eventually. But since everyone leaves after about 20 seconds, it means that game won't play...........
nah tried 3 times, tellsme to check my internet xD
Koriuki (EUW)
: I am applauding you. First messing worlds quest, now patching in an error. I played this morning and just you though to mess up the game....how fond of you. I demand comprehension.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} free skin of choosing or sth {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
fill everyones account with 500 rp Kappa
: 5th champ select, kicked out again. Riot games everyone... better get compensation for wasting our time{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
just dont que up LUL
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