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: >Latelly im playing quinn jungel You may be skilled, but it's time to play more champions. Your history shows 100% Quinn games.. In Plat, champs compos begin to matter a lot, while in silver/gold you might carry if you're very skilled with one champions which can snowball. > I need some way of control the game, how will you win if it was 1v5 and ur challenger? If you were challenger, you wouldn't post this thread on forums ^^. So, say you're worth Plat, it's hardly enough to ensure carrying your team alone every game (Besides, this is the wrong board, this one is for new players, you've already been Plat :p) I might have more tips to share (such as why your botlane won't help you at drake), but i won't for now - you need to find other champions you can play, because counterpicking is your next big step. You need your team, and you need it to be efficient against the enemy team. --- I read one of your reply below, where you mention the negative points about champions >elise is too slow >lee, well hes lee. >vi is rlly good,but once you used R is up to your team, so no. >kindred is just weaker than quinn right now. Honestly these arguments are wrong, you misjudge champions, you can't tick them off based on their cons like that. All champions are balanced, some will be more appropriate than others according to the current picks.
There are plenty of players that have made it to Challenger playing one champion, and I originally climbed to plat playing Only Janna support. It's most likely just a matter of becoming better accustomed to a champions strengths and weaknesses and playing off them.
: Was thinking on sit top and do that side of the jungle while warding that side of enemy jungle whit the machete wards, then camp top all game and kill the other jungler on sigth. But that means give up drake, do you know any better tactic?
You can't use the same tactic every game, camp lanes that you need to get ahead, or that are easy to gank and try and read your opponent so that you can be in the correct position to counter gank or do an objective like dragon when the enemy jungler shows top
: Please for the love of God, BUFF JAYCE ALREADY
He's a champion that is hard to balance. We saw him picked in the LCS last season by Bjergson, Fenix and some korean teams when he and Muramana were buffed and he was impossible to deal with because he could deal tonnes of damage whilst being off screen. Hopefully one day they'll get him right but just buffing him straight up would cause problems.
: Budget Pc
If you're only planning on playing League of legends then it won't matter too much what your computer specs are as league of legends will run on just about anything. If you use Reddit there's a great community where you can get help with choosing parts for your computer [www.reddit.com/r/buildapc](https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc)
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: killer of the jungle
{{champion:19}} {{item:3931}} Warwick is quite easy to play with little experience but it is very difficult to gank with him until you reach level 6, and you won't be a big threat until you finish your devourer {{champion:24}} {{item:3930}} {{item:3124}} Jax on the other hand is a little harder to play, but he does allow you to try and gank earlier on using his leap and stun combo, and the buffs to Rageblade have made him a serious threat late game. If you're trying to climb the ladder both will be fine, although Jax has a slightly higher win rate at the moment in the jungle [(Source)](http://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.winPercent&order=descend&roleSort=Jungle) Although really you should just try both champions out, decide which one you like and play him. You're not going to find that you climb the ladder super fast with one or the other, it's all going to come down to your ability to play the champion.
: Beat Fizz Top as Darius
This is a very hard match up for fizz and I don't think you're supposed to win this lane. It may be possible for you to kill him if misplays or if you receive good jungle pressure, but really you should just be looking to farm safely in order to prevent him from snowballing. I'd recommend taking TP and trying to make plays around the map, and so that you can TP Back to lane to try and keep your farm as even with his as possible.


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