: riot reverd akali now
Akali is in an "ok" state right now. Before she was way too powerful. With the Q nerfs they targeted her early game dmg, not being able to use it as much. Her w changes, let's be honest, don't matter that much. As for her ult, they wanted to nerf her escapes. She still has her E and her W, also flash. However they did increase the dmg it deals and they reduced its CD by 40 seconds at all levels which is actually huge. So basically her early game feels kinda bad. But once you hit lvl 9, and you have maxed your Q, akali becomes better than 10.2 akali.
: go away
Nice argument. Now go back to playing bot games so you can eventually smurf in Bronze :)
DeCoqq (EUW)
: I agree. I think cd should be increased a bit. Though, imo stopwatch is more problematic, it is too cheap and you can get it for free. Stopwatch should be completely removed.
I agree with that too, as an assassin player I have to tab every 10 seconds to make sure someone doesn't have stopwatch available or a zhonias purchased. 2 min cd just seems way too short for me,unlike GA, it is available every single fight and it's annoying to play around.
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Pixelbits (EUW)
: So why do this game give me feeders over and over again?
I mean, you're playing normals, so obviously none of your teammates are gonna give a f**k about their performance.
PreDaJ0R (EUW)
Getting those problems as well. Also dodging doesn't work half the time. I close the client during champ select , and when i log back in it sends me in game. Pls fix riot
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Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: AP Zac can kind of do the very same thing? on a much shorter cooldown? Zac e = Malph ult
But he doesnt have 300+ armor :/
Maxolini (EUW)
: Just dont listen him..what a morons live in forums man,asking normal question what respones.Get out and find some life.
oh my bad didnt realize it was 50 fps and not 60. No need for you both to be negative :)
yoxus (EUW)
: I bought skins via the Worlds Tokens and the game is saying I do not own them.
It litteraly says "(golden chroma)", try sending an email to riot support
: When you check the opgg of the person who just called you bad and see he is unranked and got bronze in season 5 :)
Oh and its definitely your pc cause i can watch the stream at 1080p 60 fps
Maxolini (EUW)
: When u see the Excel logo and u know this guy is bad :)
When you check the opgg of the person who just called you bad and see he is unranked and got bronze in season 5 :)
Maxolini (EUW)
: Why the Streams are no longer 60 FPS ???
: the passive part of his W gives him 25% bonus armor (tripled while his passive shield holds) he has 100 base armor @18 assuming he had zhonya (i cant see your match history unfortunatly the client is having a fit... :( ) his armor would be 145. 145 + 25% = 181 (with it tripled for the one or 2 hits taken needed to break the shield this is still only 253) either he wasnt 'full AP' or something is bugged edit: its 30% bonus at max rank, my bad, though this still only makes it 274
He also had ninja tabi that game. I don't know if that would bring his armor up to 340 or so. But thanks for clearing things up for me :) Oh and i forgot to link the opgg, which wasnt this account, my bad.
Inf7nite (EUW)
: What about possible +12 armor from rune shards and +9 armor and +5% armor from Conditioning rune?
: his passive gives him a shield based on his max health...
Well my bad, i dont know his kit well but here is my opgg. Look at the Zed game i played against malphite. He had 340 armor that game.
: Well, armor won't help you if you barely have any HP at all, but his ult has a good 80 second window (before CDR so count it at about 50-ish) where he's near useless against any ranged champ. If your adc gets GA, banshees, some immunity, or malph just %%%%s up, he's as good as dead and at the stage where he's one-shotting that should pretty much mean that the game is won or lost before he respawns. But either way, that one little window of fun when you look for a good r is always great ^^
I know that you can counter it with zhonias and a bunch of other things, but it just doesnt seem right that a champ that can one shot, yet be able to survive against a fed Zed. Plus with runes (ult cdr in domination tree...) his ult can easily be 40ish seconds cool down which is way too low for an ultimate that has so much impact in a split second.
: how does he have 300+ armor if he is full AP?
Because of his passive. Happened to me last game
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viko9987 (EUNE)
: Well it crashed in NA and every single region that has been tested yet. So why are they testing it now only in NA? Your answer doesnt make any sence. I dont talk about releasing clash , only stated that it should be tested in both regions and now is the perfect time for EU because of the amount people that will watch Lec will reduce the servers load.
I think they're first gonna test it on NA, and once they are sure it works, they will test it on EUW. For now they just want to focus on NA which makes it easier to fix bugs and improve the system or whatever.
: I'm just pissed off by everyone that denies the fact that they are officially events. There's a huge difference between events and gamemodes. Some events may have gamemodes, some don't. Just because the quality of the event doesn't meet your expectation and it doesn't have a new gamemode, it's still an event. Yet everyone is trying to argue against facts, which annoys me. It's like arguing with flat earthers, you give evidence and proof, yet they deny everything. My argument wasn't that these events were good. My argument was that these were indeed, officially called events.
People aren't denying that they are events. They are complaining about Riot not making any effort and giving us SHIT events thta require us to pay to get better useless stuff. They are saying that they aren't what events should be. Now please stop pissing everyone off with your definition of an event. Thank you.
: > We got cash grabbing EVENTS There.
I can't tell if you enjoy these cash grabs and you are defending them, or if you just want to piss everyone off lmao
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Kinluhri33 (EUNE)
: By the way, reinstalling the game and trouble shoot repair didn't work.
I have no idea what the problem is. Try contacting rito support
: > A real event would be something like the project and star guardian events from last year with 2 brand new game modes. Those are events who include game modes, but Riot also have events who don't include game modes. Even Riot call those **EVENTS** for a reason. If they didn't include game modes to events right now your definition for an event was exactly the last events we had last months.
But all they are doing is adding shitty, expensive skins, shitty boring missions (and more missions behind a paywall) and useless rewards that you get from them. It's litteraly the same as league with no event but these things added. They are not events, they are cash grabs and there is nothing memorable about them. There is a huge difference bewteen events we got last year, and this year. Every single event this year has been the same so far, besides the theme of the skins and rewards.
: > WW isn't popular. He's just old TF too None complain about Sivir because she's not an asshole champion Alistar's skins are shit. Kata's skins are shit, nothing special except the last ones Cait skins are shit Everyone is complaining about Ezreal, but not as much as Ahri and Lux MF isn't popular so none cares. They aren't complaining about the quality of the skins, they are complaining about the quantity. > We didn't get an event since Odyssey, and that's a fact that everyone agrees on. Except you. We got events since Odyssey, and that's a fact that's official. https://imgur.com/kqHZWdP
We got cash grabbing events, not actual events. Its like if riot made an event called 'candy party" and they released 2 candy skins. Would that be an event? no it wouldn't, it would be cash grabbing. It's not because they are called events, that they can be considered that. There is nothing memorable about this years project event, lunar revel event (i bet you forgot that one). Even i can't remember whta other events we got this year sicne they are the same, cash gragging, shity "events".
: > And to get more rewards, you need to pay. That is not an event. So none of the championships are events, because you need to pay for the ticket? The fact that some events have gamemodes doesn't make the other events "non-events". Project and Arcade are clearly and officially labelled as "events". Stop arguing against facts.
Wait wait, i am talking about ingame events. Not irl. And its not because they are named events, that they are actual events.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Why don't we have a rune or an item to increase the effects of cc?
Because there is already a sh*t ton of cc already? Increasing cc would make the game so frustrating for everyone.
: If it wasn't an event, they wouldn't have an event pass. Duh. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I can't agree with that. These "events" are not real ones. All you do is play league but you have missions, new skins, and useless rewards. And to get more rewards, you need to pay. That is not an event. A real event would be something like the project and star guardian events from last year with 2 brand new game modes. Those game modes offered something new, and i had so much fun playing them. I used to get exited for events. Now they are all the same, new boring skins that you need to pay for, boring missions and pointless rewards.
: Here's a list of champions we could have a nice vs event with: {{champion:266}} - {{champion:23}} {{champion:136}} - {{champion:80}} or {{champion:142}} {{champion:268}} - {{champion:101}} {{champion:245}} - {{champion:112}} {{champion:41}} - {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} - {{champion:50}} {{champion:222}} - {{champion:254}} {{champion:10}} - {{champion:25}} {{champion:121}} - {{champion:107}} ( probably the best for a vs event ) {{champion:89}} - {{champion:131}} {{champion:127}} - {{champion:22}} {{champion:236}} - {{champion:412}} {{champion:75}} - {{champion:58}} {{champion:516}} - {{champion:106}} {{champion:14}} - {{champion:59}} {{champion:15}} - {{champion:69}} {{champion:16}} - {{champion:30}} {{champion:161}} - {{champion:26}} These are the only rival champs i remember
Don't forget Zed and Shen
CJXander (EUNE)
: Legends of toxic players : This game is dying!
Well Riot tbh isn't the best company in terms of balancing and listening to the community (sometimes they do but not always) I mean for example the Irelia "nerf". Anyways, the problem isn't the toxic players, because there will always be toic players. The problem is that riot have trouble finding the real toxic players. And if you have a problem with them, please, use the mute botton. And, henestly, I think everyone has been toxic at some point. Everyone has. (Not inting, but flaming teamamtes) It happens to everyone. To me, your post is looking like you are attacking toxic players for no reason. Just don't be a snowflake, and deal with it.
253IQ (EUW)
: Thanks <3 {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Another tip i can give you is to die as little as possible. Because being dead means that you miss out on XP, gold, kills and well, being alive and helping out your team. You'll notice that as players climb the ladder, that they die less. And you'll notice that in challenger games, players die less. A friend of mine told me to try and die 4 times or less every game. I myself have to work on that too. Since I main Zed, I tend to die a lot. But yeah you'll notice big improvements once you start dying less. Also try to cs as much as possible.
253IQ (EUW)
: Repost "Help from high elo players"
The best way to improve is gettign a coach. If you don't want to pay and imrove by yourself, watching replays can be very helpful. Try and look for your mistakes. Then play a game, and try to stop making those mistakes (being greedy, not farming enough, not roaming enugh,...)
SAD Gekyume (EUNE)
: I wish someone told me that a bot bans people for some certain words without hesitation .____.
Yeah that really sucks. Just be careful now, because 1 bad game, 1 little swear word could lead to a perma ban, once again, dished out by bots. Which is kind of ridiculous in my opinion. But yeah good luck getting back to honor 2 and i hope you get this problem resolved.
OwOlaire (EUW)
: Last 2 seasons diamond 5 , but now I am a proud hardstuck D4 :DDDD
SAD Gekyume (EUNE)
: League of Legends Support
Takes a while, especialy when a lot of players right now are sending tickets, because they either got banned or chat restricted, asking Riot to remove them because it's the end of the season and they want their rewards. That's just my guess lol. Maybe they have problems atm. It usualy takes me about half a day to receive help about a ticket. So it's not normal.
: My Fanart of KDA Akali ~
Looks awesome! Gonna use it as a wallpaper :D
: ADC main. P2 during preseason, was really hoping to go for diamond. then mid season patch, dropped to gold. G5 now, see if i drop to silver before the season's over xd
Yikes, that sucks, good luck next season.
: Just as expected. Did placements got silver 3 in both solo and duo. Played a few games on both queues, then suddenly stopped because I remembered that I am scared of ranked, and completely abandoned it, again. 4th season I have chickened out. Because I am trash and filth.
I used to be like that to. I was bronze 4 seasons in a row because i played like 20 games each season. At the end of season 6 (1 week before the end) I decided to go ranekd and i ended up silver 4. The next season (season 7) I decided to not chicken out and face my fears. I ended up getting plat 5 and this year i got plat 2. So just play, you have got nothing to lose and it will really help you improve.
: Flex from Bronze 4 to Gold 5
Mortal333 (EUW)
: Well i started bronze II in on month reached Silver 3 went to Silver 1 Then in 1000 games a was always Silver 3 - Silver 1 always ranking up and deranking , when i was one game away for reaching gold V i had someone running down mid with {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:1}} ... I got on rank up but expected way more with the time that i expended so it was horrible this season , i hope i can get some decent teammates next season...{{champion:157}}
1000 games? Wow thats a lot, at least you made it to gold!
Somb (EUNE)
: I went from S4 to Plat 5 I mostly played Jax and Kled and it worked out pretty great Hope you hit diamond next season!
Wow that's great, that was what happened to me last season. And thanks :D
: solo > from gold to plat flex > from gold to plat TT > abused the old nunu to get from gold to plat c:
: Solo : Gold 4 - Dia 4 with 65% win-rate, than a tilt-demote to D5 0LP, in the last week. Flex : P2 - Dia 3, in 60 games or so. I'm not satisfied at all. Gotta invest more time next season if I want half-decent rank.
Gold to Diamond is great tbh wow
: from B4 to G5 (hit it yesterday and won't risk playing anymore till the season is over :D )
WhiteLiés (EUNE)
: from 2 permabans to 9 permabans
leprakil (EUW)
: im honor 5 and dont get keys, but yeah i like that idea as well
Or maybe Riot could allow every player to buy 1 chest per week/month in the store for like... maybe 1000 IP, for people who have tons of it.
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