: It's a bug yea. In 2 weeks, we all lose the borders anyway, so I'm not sure if they'll invest time/resources in fixing it tbh.
Hmmm feels like Rito shifted interest from "making sure the game runs properly" to "how to make the most money with chromas with as less effort as possible"... But you are right forgott we will loose the borders because of the new ranked system. Kinda sad {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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: I send a ticket now bc that thing is annoing as f*** and I can't find the right setting for it. Can't see when my enemy gets lvl 6 and lost some lanes bc of this. I will let you guys know what the support answers me. Hopefully with a solution.
So the new font size is a bug and will be fixed asap. Here is the answer i got in german unfortunately: > > Hallo, > > danke, dass du uns diese Fehlermeldung gesendet hast. Dieses Problem ist uns bekannt und wir arbeiten mit Hochdruck an einer Lösung. Leider kann ich momentan noch nicht sagen, wann das Problem genau behoben sein wird. Um die Spieler nicht zu verwirren oder zu enttäuschen, geben wir die Daten der Veröffentlichungen von Fehlerbehebungen erst dann bekannt, wenn wir den Zeitplan mit Sicherheit einhalten können. > > Ich möchte mich für deine Geduld, dein Verständnis und dafür, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast, uns diesen Fehler zu melden, bedanken. Bitte lass es mich wissen, falls du weitere Fragen hast. In case you don't speak german just copy paste to google translator I am to lazy for it.
: New small in-game font since patch 8.20
I send a ticket now bc that thing is annoing as f*** and I can't find the right setting for it. Can't see when my enemy gets lvl 6 and lost some lanes bc of this. I will let you guys know what the support answers me. Hopefully with a solution.
: Odyssee Gem: Which one is the best bag?
ok I rolled for Birdy.... Got super galaxy Skinline which is 7 epic and one ultimate! I had so much luck {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Which Bag to pick from the odyssey gem?
Have the same question. But I think the Birdy is the most risk but most rewarding one. You can get 2 skins or 17! The Revel would be the safest since you get safe one Legendary and one Epic. On the other hand the Crab can get you one Ultimate or Mythic skin since Ultimates are not in skin series (only mf but hers is really weak). However I can't make a decision myself.
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Scroobus (EUW)
: If people voted for the skin on the champ and riot made it for that specific champ, though champs with already a lot of skins would get skins again (though equally I do think some other not as popular champs would get skins considering the circumstances) it'd only be economically beneficial to riot. All those people wanting the skin will just buy straight ahead. Or most at least..
Yeah my thought. One of the biggest arguments in new skins is always that they say some champs have more skins than other champs but why is that a problem? Sure you will make more skins for popular champs since you will make a larger group happy (and get more money). It just makes no sense to spam for example a lot of ivern or morde skins since nobody likes or plays them (sry ivern and morde mains)
: yeah, i agree. true, poppy is one of my mains but i already have snow fawn and star guardian so i really don't feel the need for that one. there could be the problem of their "lore" because, i think, all hextech skins are tied together, as long as riot is the one deciding who gets a new skin, there should be no problems but if suddenly fans start to pitch all sort of ideas then the creating process might get delayed a lot. One solution would be for them to ask fans which one of two or three champions they want to get an hextech skin, that would be reasonable
Hextech -Skins have a lore? Might want to share the source haven't known that. My Idea was that Rito starts a survey which gets featured on the main screen in the client and every account has one vote they can use. The champ with the most votes gets that skin. This can happen twice a year ( I guess that is the hextech-skin frequency).
Zyzyx (EUW)
: I'm against it, because that would lead to those champions getting those skins that already have shitloads of skins, because they are very popular. The prime examples are probably Teemo and Lux. It's pretty save to say that one of those two would win the voting, due to their immense popularity. Both champions already have A LOT of skins. Personally I don't mind, because I am one of those horrible people who enjoy playing Teemo, but overall I think it's better if Riot decides which champion gets an hextech skin. And I also think it's better if they make hextech skins where they have good ideas how to do it in an awesome way and not just basically being forced to make it work, no matter if they have good ideas for it or not. Forcing Riot to create a skin for a certain champion by community vote would certainly affect the quality of that skin.
I have to disagree for the popularity because thats what I think would be a pro since so many want that skin for their champ. and if they get it is only a good thing. But on the other hand I aree with your worries about the quality of the skins. I haven't thought about that so far and i have to say you are right. It could really turn out bad.
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Lına (EUW)
: that's the best name ever and you can't delete an League of Legends account, the only way is to contact the support, they obviously can help you with that {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Yeah the name is good maybe i should keep it... but thanky anyway for the help {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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SpaceKoks (EUW)
: Getting the Hex-Chest
for me nothing changed. It's as easy as it always have been. Just try to get a good K/D/A and a good vision score those are the most important things. And it doesn't really matter how your stats are in early. Had a yasuo player a few games ago in my team who was 0/4 in early and in the end got a S- (dunno how that worked, probably just another yasuo feature...)
Fajerk (EUW)
: As far as I know Yasuo has free pass on inting, since that is intended gameplay for him. On other hand if Yasuo does not feed, you can report him for cheating.
ah you are right thank you for reminding me about his third feeding passive. Will now take a closer look when I play with one ;)
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: [Patch 8.3] - Client Stuck In Pre-Game Champion Select [CLIENT] [EUW]
got the same problem and lost lp and got a ban for it (3 times in a row). wrote support after and the sad it's my bad i was unlucky i should activate lol in the firewall ant that was all. was pretty angry after that as you can imagine{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Alinax3 (EUW)
: I know about this indicator but this is a bug report and not a "yeah dude you know just avoid the bug by doing this and this...". It shouldn't be like this, you know? Its a bug. It should be fixed.
It does not have to be a bug maybe it's just a visual inaccuracy bc of the werid viewing ancle lol has. and it's not a "yeah avoid this bug" but more like a legit function implementedin the game so nobody has to cry about it. ^^
Alinax3 (EUW)
: The botlane bush
a few bushes in the game have the same problem and i've made painfully experiences with it. but I have a tipp: if you are going to place a ward hold the button and you get the range indicator (if turned on) there you get a cross which is usually blue but if you hover it over a bush it will turn green (which indicates the ward would be placed in the bush reveiling everthing in it) like that you can move around anf find the real corners of a bush which are mostly not the same as shown from the visual. so just make sure before placing a ward if your cross is green.
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: Icons and emotes on chests
I'm with you I just want some Champ/Skin Shards in order to craft and all I get is some emotes i never use. I deactivated them since they are only for troll and bm. so I basically get nothing for my chest{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Šhαco (EUW)
: Is it just me or is orange essence harder to get?
I have the same problem! {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} the last 8 chests I opened were 7 emotes and 1 icon (as far as I remember you got icons as a bonus to a skin or champ in the first place). Feels like Rito wants you to buy the expensive chests since you don't get anything from the weekly ones.
: Same here. Can play the pick/ban part by closing the game. The screen light up. Plus, random cliqus can select a champ while blacken
Try to repair client it worked for me{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}


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