: Pretty sure ult wasn't global before already. And it was just as predictable before as it is now.
Noobs never noticed the circle or knew what it was, so it's more predictable now, because with this form anybody can tell it's dangerous what's coming.
: the skill lvl of pantheon is now wayyyyyyy higher then before. every pantheon i now get in my team always feeds terrible so i now perma ban him out of misery.
Exactly, completely a different champion. I hate how everybody's like I play Pantheon and then they just feed so much...
: The idea of a rework is to remove an outdated kit not add a new one in... so yes the entire point was to delete pantheon and keeping him and adding this one in would accomplish nothing. Pantheon was extremely anti fun thanks to his play patterns, and his point and click nature made him extremely linear and uninteractive. Now he is much better. I get losing your main, Ive gone through the exact same thing... but it’s better to move on then get caught up on it, he ain’t coming back faster you accept that the better it is for you.
I feel sorry for you that you have been there. Sadly I must agree. I've found another game and I move on now... However, why would uninteractive point clicking be no fun? XD
: ult changed alot he cant jump anywhere on map now, and his ult make him very predictable, it should be less predictable i think.
Completely agree. It's kind of the same, but totally different. Comparing these two ults is like comparing Neeko and Amumu's Ults. They're alike, but completely different.
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