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: Never thought of a story, but my entirely unofficial name for him is Draggles. When he's a ghost (Mordekaiser), I call him Troggles. We have fun times together.
the name of the dragon have to be ''Smaug'' like the dragon from The Hobbits :)
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: ***
hi shiwag i respect your opinion but i lost money in this account man to buy skins give me back the skins i paid in this account and i will create another account , you know how much did i lost here i could say 500-700$ bro , so its not just a normal account, you understand what im saying man ?
: You are not the only one with troubles in real life who uses League as a break from it all. And the last thing you need when you want to relax a bit, is some idiot screaming at you. Do not use strangers as your personal punching bag. Find another way to release your frustrations and leave the rest of us to enjoy our own little break.
by the way i changed my attitude since i quit the job , was having a boss who scream at me everyday , i hate him. and im just asking from riot to give me a chance to prove my new attitude that all ,
: since you got banned directly you probably broke the over the top barrier for flaming (racism, death threat, stuff like that) mind posting the chat you got in an email? but did you say that you quit your job due to the ban? i do understand that getting away from a horrible boss is a damn good idea, but its one hell of a gamble if you do not have a new job ready to take over.. but if you want to play with the community.. then make a new account... and ofc stay away from flaming
the thing is i lost many money in this account and then getting perma ban for some words of flame , i know its bad but people make u really mad in a ranked i mean feeder troll and peoples that you say to them please its my promo or play safe they say i will afk if u say one word or something like that its normal you will get mad
: I'm 19 too and got a fired just a few months back literally for being ill, you don't see me flaming others or giving myself a special snowflake badge because of it. If you're having a bad day it's not likely to change if you play a game of league, since most situations you get in with other players requires you to be calm to deal with. I'd tell you to grow a pair but > [{quoted}](name=Nsh Kamys,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YzrHA85a,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-21T06:31:31.825+0000)i quit from my job because that ban shows me that you're either making a bait post, or beyond saving. I mean, quitting a job because you got banned from a video game? Dude.
i quit the job because of my boss and the ban
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