: You can buy more pages, 6300 BE each.
kinda pathetic if you ask me, dont you think?
: I use only one rune page and I can edit her from 0 in 15 seconds. When you are poor and don't invest money in this game then you need to adapt. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
its sad to ask money just to create a rune page
: lol complaints on this wat... Remember when you only had 2 unless you paid Riot Points and you couldn't edit them in the lobby - AND had to buy runes individually with IP Yeah I hope you didn't have to experience that, we got it soooooooooooooooo easy now
And what makes you think i care about the past? i care about NOW
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DunQ (EUW)
: Chat doesnt works
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
what do you mean that is not the cause? do you even play the game? you know what frustration is? you just saw how many questions i gave you? thats frustration and toxicity. typing your anger instead of hitting your screen and people like you dont see it. fix your goddamn game or end up being broke
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Sarokh (EUNE)
: Hehe thought it would be funny if it actually happened, was just joking btw ;) i hope you understood it
yeah i understand...{{item:3187}} {{item:3187}}
: Odd. I haven't seen this bug happen to me yet. I guess you can try contacting Riot Support. There's a good chance they'll have you run the Hextech repair tool (that downloadable thingy, not the in-client repair option) and ask you to send them the results for analysis.
ive used that thing a few times. it didnt work at all cause it told me the game was fine
Sarokh (EUNE)
: This happened to me aswell many times I began to worry about myself as I was suspecting myself for easily forgetting stuff so I contacted my doctor and she gave me medicines but I guess I worried for no reason
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Sadäko (EUW)
: Handmade Kindred masks
Arnoter (EUW)
: Since she pretty much counters Yasuo and that she is new, yeah she is broken, but its still not worth to buy Ninja tabi first, since her Spells deal most DMG, not her Attacks. And with 0/9/0 you surely cant do anything anymore. She was just fed, against a real matchup its meh to fight her but it is not impossible.
0/9? you mean 0/1 if you read my post
: Could also be that people know how to play Irelia and you don't know how to appropriately counter her and the rest of the team? #gitgud
you know how hard it is to counter someone who does shittloads of damage but have shields? and armor?
: By a {{item:3153}} ... you will shred him
then you get silenced and then he one shots you. %%%%ing ridiculous champion is that
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nicusefu1 (EUNE)
: The New Irelia Is BROKEN
this champion is broken as %%%%
: Low priority queue, accepting a match is bugged and it throws you out of the queue
: The death of league of legends
if you have a youtube channel you will gain subs and lose a little bit. but its mostly about the increase you get every month. you should not give a single %%%% about the people leaving thats how this game stays alive.
Rioter Comments
: ryze with abyssal mask is absolute cancer.
maybe ryze isnt the problem. but the item itself
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: nullyfying orb+hexdrinker=ryze qq. If you ap, ironically you can täke that too as ryze has to get close for his damage, which means yours will have full effect as well.
but what if you play a champion that is ap but has no mana. like kata
: That's why he has such a ridiculously high winrate of 50.06% :D Really no way to beat him, still half of his opponents do it
his winrate was 41% so as you can see it goes up fast
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Wait... if she charms you you actually can do a lot against her as you get a 2.5 second warning, let alone she usually needs to proc it with Q which you can dodge. The problem is when she doesn't charm you, then there's little you can do if you didn't get soem MR.
true the warning is nice but how can you outrun her
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: How that differs from rengar, khazix or kayn?
Rengar your hear a loud noise WHEN he is invisible, Kha zix show a ''hard to see'' animation when he gets invisible, and kayn is visible u can even see from wich wall he comes
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Errm? How do you get hit by that charm?
movement speed when invisible.. she will hit me with anything and them im charmed
Rioter Comments
: Tank dont deal more damage than adc or mages. Of course sion deals big damage with his ult but IT HAS CD. Literally even if tank hurt some with his combo, he barely kills even adc (unless he has few levels advantage), and then all he can do is to punch people with aa. Tank have bad dps, and they keep up with tankiness.
his cd was 36 seconds. thats literally everytime i respawn {{item:3070}}
: For most players getting hit by fully charged sion ulti as as likely as eating full kata r channel, so yeah, he still doesnt do as much dmg as you can. Also, "imagine if the had bought ad"- thats the thing- you are allowed to buy dmg items while he is supposed to invest mostly in defense (not always, but full ad sion is still somehow considered a troll).
i used my full combo on him. i had to kil squishies t get an ult again and i still couldnt kill him. he didnt have {{item:3083}}
Febos (EUW)
: It is.
if you say cancer in game then you wont see stars
Quinzley (EUNE)
: > i play katarina This. You are meant to kill squishy targets, not get hit by the Sion ult.
Yeah you are right. but imagine facing 3 tanks gragas, galio, and a cho gath. how do you even get through them when the squishies are in the back.
Rioter Comments
: Sions ultimate stops at friendly Azirs ultimate
cause its a wall. you cant go through anivias wall. you cant finish recall if trundle puts an ice block underneath you or anivia can cancle your ultimate if she move you with her wall.
: Why is 'Idiot' a censored word in the language filter?

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