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CLampToN (EUW)
: I swear I am cursed.
errrr.. im looking at your avarage deaths per game and its not pretty
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Häßk (EUW)
: exactly what you said , i think am lacking the game sense , but how can i improve it thank you again mate
This might sound stupid to you but play more simpler champions, just to make the game seem more like flowchart. When you play these "hard" champions like thresh and lee sin you maybe tunnel too hard on something you have seen on a stream, or some specific game mechanic, when you are stripped from these tools you might start to understand how and why you end a game.
Xander880 (EUW)
: what are the most effective Midlaner in late game?
Häßk (EUW)
: trust me am a bad player but when it comes to these 2 champs am really good x_x
i dont know if you farm KDA or you just are the unluckiest guy in the world, but both lee sin and thresh needs HIGH level of mechanical execution to be useful, you probably lack game sense, knowing how to end the game. I still have hope for you you havent really played much ranked anwyay
Häßk (EUW)
: Am lost
Wanna climb out of silver? stop playing lee sin and thresh cause obv ur not good enough on them
Four Star (EUW)
: Do People Get Nicer As Your Rank Goes Higher?
Fk no im toxic as fuck and so is my team ;^)
BrutalHead (EUNE)
: Bad experience/Elo hell
6.9 / 6.4 / 7.9 Avarage kda 2.3 (last 20 ranked sologames) You probably deserved a win on that zed game but there's alot of games that you get carried, or stop ur team mates from carrying. Everybody has winning/losing sprees.
Solomai (EUW)
: We're looking for Plat - Diamond level Jungle and Top !
Hello my frent i play leagu of legend alot, high diamond blayer, invite to team plz icant carry my elo i think hyou have the same problem
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xaapez (EUNE)
: Anyone want to level a 1-30 acc on euw with me? Or just play with me on west hehe
: need a friend for duo q that carry me to gold
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Peddah (EUW)
: Team for the Sivir skin
You dont get it from ranked team
: Coach people into higher divisions, i myself stopped ranking to broaden other things i did, but from experience from people that i trained etc, things are going well and i write these Threads to help others. I do alot of analyzing and research work for higher divisions, being a coach, means you don't rank everyday, but we can certainly help others reach their goals, that is atleast our role :) Personally i find the best Example for Coaches, is the people they coached to higher divisions, that should be their evidence, if you msg me ingame, you can see for yourself the people, i have so far coached and their Progress/Divisions now.
Jesus man... u go at it, it was 100% a joke :D Gl at coaching i guess ^^
: First of all "Bro", I completely understand. The only flaw in your theory, is the fact that all the other players, in both teams, played completely normal on the standard I expect from gold players. So maybe they all had a low MMR...statistically unlikely. And secondly, there is a thing called code of conduct on these boards. It applies to you as well, no matter your rank. I suggest you read through it carefully, and refrain from insults in your future posts.
Yeah your passive aggressiveness is great here also :^) These guys are really great to have in my games. Tryndamere autoattacking himself to death on a Thornmail-Maokai. Its just so incredibly fun to watch, and unbelievably sad at the same time. And its sad that you think that you are better then these players at your elo, when you obv belong there 1k games gold player. Have fun maybe getting to gold 1 with nasus m8
: *edited out the quote gee man if you have 1k games will you be LCD prayer? diamond players have 5k games and yet they never did reach challenger and are pretty much stuck in diamond
what do you mean? i got dia on this acc in like 50 games lol
Nepeta L (EUW)
: A fun champ to play? ;o;
Sion ;))))))))))))))
: Whos the best.. strongest.. most pro.. most fun champ? AKALI?? OR FIORA?? :D ready... set... FIGHT!!
Caraméla (EUW)
: Nope, you just got better in time while you were having a break from ranked and luckier. I'm personally not a toxic player and go with positivity in every ranked but I lose it anyway cause of my teammates. Winning or not is 90% luck.
Yeah that's why all the LCK pros get challenger in a few days rofl, only luck Kappa
: S2 player main ADC siege for (at least) Gold 5
enjoy the report :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Playing SoloQ, and I'm against DuoQ players..
When people duoq they play with people with lower mmr and against people with higher mmr.
: @Riot, got disconnected from SoloQ lobby and received a loss in promo series
if you dodge or disconnect in the lobby you lose promo insta, you dont get 1 loss
Marcua (EUW)
: Why Nerf Nidalee?
just cause bronze/sillver players dont know how to play her doesnt mean that she needs a buff, 99% of high tier players think that she is overpowered, leblanc had a 45% win ratio when she was at her best, its just that 90% of the players are silver/bronze and dont know how to play her
: Need some high(er) elo help.
There's no "glitch", if you got a lucky winning spree to plat and seem to be stuck, maybe you should think about your champion pool. Just face rolling with udyr without any thought could work up until a point, not forever.
: about the matchmaking ...
: Im so done with goldtrolls...
avarage 7.2 deaths per game, ludens on lux, you sure you are not trolling?
TSM DarkPaw (EUNE)
: Is silver stronger than diamond
99.999999999% thats a lie
: Improving mechanics
99% of the reason "pros" seem to dodge all skillshots is not that they have inhuman reactions, its because they expect them coming. When you are confortable enough to trust your self not to make silly mechanical errors, you can start looking for those outplays
FuLLhrein (EUNE)
: Rito please...
i think i deserve those xDD? just look at your match history and see that theres games you carry and theres games you get carried, same with losing
: Broken system of matchmaking
the story of a guy who "I dont have a border cuz my account wasnt eligble to earn rewards last season (would have a gold border)" lol and was plat 3 xDDDD which isnt true, and now you are getting shit on in fking silver vs shittys, and complaining about matchmaking lololol, only way for you to get better is to realize you are in silver for a reason, dont be fking dillusioonal and blame your team.
: Broken system of matchmaking
so you are under 13 correct?
: what do u think about triforce rene
any other dps item is better lelele
: Broken system of matchmaking
m8 you dont even have a border, and people dont drop down to silver cause they want to, based on your most played champs/kda it really lookd like you belong to the elo you are currently in having lower kda then 2 with most of your top picks, and if you were plat 3 why in the fk are you crying about some silver 2 games, you could stop these retarded players that are in your elo lol
: Can you guys help me out with lee sin please!?
if you are in that elo, dont even try to play such niche champions like lee sin, rek sai, just play something basic. and after you start understanding when you are supposd to pressure and how you can start playing more complicated champs.
slaven985 (EUW)
There's a reason they dont play runeglaive ezreal in LCS, its like playing nasus in the fking midlane, ignoring any sort of advantage you can get out of mid snowballing, roaming.
: Broken system of matchmaking
wait a minute.... 8000 games, silver 2, crying about matchmaking, either you are under 13 years of age or you dont understand that you are 100% the reason you are stuck in such low elo not because your team sux gigi
crush3rs (EUNE)
: Good tip but I hear he's hated amongst players so i don't. He's really strong atm if u build right. Also I played only 1 game with Rat. Thanks for input
lele i was kidding, but srs if you keep playing that consistent with ashe just play her, you dont need to be a huge play maker to climb
: Mid-Lane - Gold-Plat Looking for National Team.
crush3rs (EUNE)
: Can you comment and help me improve
play more teemo 100% win ratio
: I'm so tired of afkers, please give a punishment for them INSTANTLY +[poll]
just got a afk in my team... im in diamond, the afk% doesnt go down, you have a higher chance that theres a afk in the other team then yours if you never go afk
: What's The Best Jungler To Get With 4800 IP?
get lee sin always fun to play :)
: Great adc player looking for ppl to team.
PossiXx (EUW)
: Need a person to ranked team
med vänliga hälsningar rofl
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