FantaDad (EUW)
: 0-4 ? 2-4 ? 1-7? If you really think you're too good then you should start carrying. What is your problem? You belong in iron?
i had a bronze 2 toplaner who said he was plat, picked vayne against darius and flamed cause he went 0/3 befor 10 min I had a Janna support who maxed her slow against caitlynn and zyra (that was the 0-4 game) I had a botlane who hated eachother, took farm from eachother and went to other lanes befor 15 min (2-4 game) > (that brand game was me not giving a %%%% and tilt playing ranked) thats the 1-7 every shit kd you can see i can explain. And if you tell me "if you were that good you could carry the game" You cant carry in a teambased game were 3 enemies are fully fed
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: Riot don't like players with more accounts. They will never do such thing.
y pro pleier still pro pleiyer? dey hef mani mani aconts and striem with dem?????????????????
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: I bet they are prepairing something big for next season bcs it will be 10 years of league, so they didn't want to do much this season. I guess it's like that. Or atleast hope..
Shamose (EUW)
: Borders show current rank. You are silver. It's not a bug.
why am i getting the feeling they are just "downgrading" league. 1. The new Ranked system 2. The new (legit 0) changes from last season 3. showing of current rank went into ranked saw my teammates had silver border and the adc had bronze border. Game ended she was 2/6/3 explains many tings
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