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Infernape (EUW)
: You have a support you know. You're supposed to be cannon fodder for Zed and Fizz, they're ASSASSINS. It's literally their job to kill you. But of course ADC must reign supreme. Cait's getting nerfs because she is borderline broken (as someone that plays her a lot). ADCs are not viable yet there's always been a marksman in bot lane since season 1. ADC is the only role that has a consistent presence in the game.
Assassins are fine but there needs to be some tools for adc and even bruisers to use to actually outplay them, currently if u get a zed ulted your dead as adc without doing some odd zhonyas build. And i will agree Cait was slightly broken and needed tuning down but overall adc as a role is extremely weak and as we saw with ziggs bot they could easily be replaced with mages.
: Why have riot destroyed the adc role?
Even with a solid defence item build your still a glass cannon marksman that has no pure defence, after the qss cleanse nerf there is no way to stop champs like zed, vi and fizz. With champs like reksai having there kits over-tuned meanwhile solid adc's like cait are getting nerfs there is no solid way to actually have meaningful adc picks unless you can last out till late game
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