: > you call Pantheon some guy with a spear * and pizza feet
took me a while to realize what this means xD
: I mean like your saying this like Aurelion is a god and Zoe isn’t... both aren’t true. Aurelion Sol is just a star dragon... he has immense power but he isn’t near godhood... he just has the power to create and direct stars... that’s actually not as strong as Zoe. Zoe on the other hand is litterally a god... she is one of the aspects of Targon, the exact same as pantheon... so while pantheon is the god of war Zoe is the god of mischief... this means she is as strong as the others. And yeah panth got obliterated by Aurelion Sol... it’s a star vs some guy with a spear it’s not a competition... Zoe is more complex. Pantheon doesn’t have much if not anything in terms of power, he is just a super human... he’d beat any normal human in a fight but he ain’t gonna do too well vs magic... Zoe we know just from the small extract on the client that she messes physics up... her just being somewhere makes the world not work the way it’s supposed to... she doesn’t even control it. That’s why zoe is stronger than Aurelion... I’d doubt they’d ever get into a fight but Aurelion’s main way of killing anyone, let alone a targonian is to throw a star at the problem... forming a star relies entirely on physics working how they should... that’s something which isn’t guaranteed when Zoe is in the mix. So yeah if Aurelion dropped a star on her it would kill her easily so long as she stays still long enough for that... but that’s dependant on if Aurelion can form a star near her which is why he is on the same power level as her.
you call Zoe a god when god means creator in the case we talking about?...you call Pantheon some guy with a spear , Sol just a star dragon...! also claiming the only power and weapon sol has is dropping stars at problem. you dismissing all others including aspects,while giving zoe a bit too much credit. I guess by that logic this makes Leona just a girl with a shiny skin and Diana just a brat with anger issues! > He battled chitinous beasts that tore at the fabric of this universe. He clashed with other cosmic entities, some of which he had known since the dawn of time. For millennia, he fought Targon’s wars, **crushed any threats to its dominance ** _beasts that tore at fabric of the universe and cosmic entities as old as dawn of time!_ that does sound like Zoe doesnt it? i dont know which point to argue here!
: It is actually quite sad to see an aspect being in the cosmic tier...
i myself cant accept that she is.
: I mean, Zoe is also basically a God who's very presence alters reality around her, even if Aurelion is powerful enough to create and destroy stars and galaxies, Zoe was powerful enough to basically create her own dimension Just only has the appearance of a child because she's the aspect of youth, forever staying young There's no reason why Zoe wouldn't be stronger than Aurelion, even her gameplay revolves around tossing stars around and playing with dimensions Sure Aurelion is strong lore wise, but it's just the lore so there's no reason why they couldn't create someone even stronger lore wise
They can create but should they? Every new character release, should undermine some of the old characters powers and turn the new one to the new big guy of this universe to prove its power? Many of us know and respect Sol as one of the most powerful beings of this universe, that aspects were nowhere near as powerful as him. now suddenly one of them can treat Sol as a play thing? Besides they are aspects of creation, that phrase alone explains a lot about them. Zoe clearly holds no value for life and creation when she decided to kill all those people! and she is just a kid isnt a justification for how she is. because according to her lore she Merged with an aspect! she is no longer just a kid! What i like about Zoe is that her appearence matches her character.She is like a kid who is given a powerful tool and is not aware if its true meaning , potential or its consequenses.
: Thought the same, but nah, im sure i was not on another topic yet. And the fact that an Aspect can face Sol in terms of power gives me nothing but anger towards the person who made this cannon
i thought that [topic](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/JA6nFYMZ-lore-power-levels-revised-the-cosmic-tier) might have been the reason you made this post now. as i said in there too Sol doesnt even consider these aspects a threat. maybe if all of them band together but just each and every one of them...!
: Whoever did this, go have a serious talk with him.
Aye! were you also in a discussion about this in another topic? the cosmic tier? when i read that,i thought alright Zoe is more powerful than most of Aspects but in Sol tier? just listening to Sol lines gives me the chills! but when i think that an Aspect (lets not even mention Zoe) can be as powerful as him?! that doesnt sit right with me!
: Racism
have you ever said something real plain/ simple,and someone in the room twist it and get something real nasty out of it ,without you being able to comprehend how they got from what YOU said ,to what they claim is being said? like cant even connect the dots? i dont know if im making sense here but this is one of those cases!
: I actually looked into it a few years ago and I realized that the community provide better content that I will be able to provide, sites like mobafire and nerfplz or the [summoner school](https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/) on reddit have enough info to last for a life time :)
yes but for some reason it never feels the same once you hear it from the mighty game masters :D thank you for the links by the way much appreciated.
: Good job man! I got a good advice from a high elo Rioter lately, he told me "pick one champion for ranked and play only that. Once you get so comfortable that it's almost boring that's when you start climbing. When you feel about playing something else, go normal, go aram, but stick with your champion in ranked." It's working for me, I'm getting out of bronze in solo :)
if you guys do this kind of stuff to guide the players just with useful lil hints like this we will appreciate it so much!


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