Lösnus (EUW)
: I'll add you and we can talk this weekend.
Thank you very much, i will try to accept :P
: Searching for ADC , Top and Midlane for an Serious Team for Dynamic Queue and Tournaments
Hello! IGN: Nymsico Age: 22 Rank: Dia 4 Role: Adc Got mic ts skype w/e
Lösnus (EUW)
: Gathering semi-serious team för RAGNARÖK (Diamond +) EUW
TE Tranq (EUW)
: Plat Team Entering Tournaments (won FaceIT) LF ADC
Hello there summoner! My IGN is Nymsico and i play league of legends everyday about 8-12 hours. I'm always looking to improve my game play and love playing together with other people. I enjoy having conversations about what we could have done better and how we should improve for next game. I been playing this game on and off in season 1-2 in season 3 i started to play seriously and got plat 3. Then i took a break season 4 and got back in 5 were i got plat 2. Now im plat 5 hope that wont be a problem tho, there is always a solution! ^_^ Im 22 years old and live in the cold north hunting polar bears for a living. I'm talking about Sweden ofc ^^ I cant really say much about myself, all i do is play league of legends, its my life, my passion not my girlfriend tho (That would be weird) I speak fluent English and have a mic, no worries! =) When do i play? Early mornings into late nights. I only work 4 hours a day! Amazing! :D My favorite champions: Lucian (Obama) Ezreal (Justin bieber) Cait (Megan Fox) Missfortune (No idea) Still learning Croki aswell. All the high tier adcs basically is what i play. I can always adapt to what the team needs however. Old saying: "If you can play one adc, you can play them all" Word! ^^ League of legends is my life, its been a amazing jorney this far all i need now is a SERIOUS team that take this game seriously who i can spend my time with! <3 Much love and take care, would love to be apart of you're team! Just hit me up in game if interested ^^ PS: Sorry if this got messy, im at work writing this not much time, hopefully you guys wont die from a brain fart reading this :p
WaiiiKz (EUW)
: Need people for ranked team 5v5
What roles + what rank do you need? :D IGN: Nymsico
: eSports Org looking for Gold Players!
IGN: Nymsico I would like to join =)
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Rejnols (EUW)
: [S5 Plat+] - LF Top/Jungle/Adc/Supp for Dynamic Queue Team (SERIOUS)
4 IGN: Nymsico Role: Adc Rank: S5 plat 2 S6 plat 5 How active: Everyday, work late nights tho 17:00-21- 00 From: Sweden Age: 22 Work 4 hours everyday, except for Fridays then i work 3 hours :D
ShadowArt (EUW)
: Creating new ranked team, the new "NIP" Swedish only EUW
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Jamix95 (EUW)
: Plat Supp LF ADC main
Hello Adc main here plat 4
: LF adc plat3+ for ranked 5s.
Hello im intressted to join, plat 4 atm use ts3 and skype :)
: LF adc plat3+ for ranked 5s.
> [{quoted}](name=Like Yasuo Irl,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=Ttsm0c03,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-05T14:30:10.861+0000) > > Hi > looking for a decent ADC main who&#039;s at least plat3+ for ranked 5s. > Write downthere (dont add this acc its my smurf) if u wanna join us and ill add you. we&#039;re semi tryhard team. > ask questions below if u have any Hello i main ADC im plat 4 atm hope that wont be a problem :)


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