: I don't care if she is among the playable champions. I just think it's nonsense champion that doesn't fit this game. She sparked 0 heat as she is goofy and that's whole her theme. Like once again "dared"? There is plenty of whacky characters and this one is made to be "whacky try hard". Taric lore was great. Bilgewater was good and even If I don't play Bard his introduction was great. He is even balanced. And Zoe? Carbon copy of whacky character that tries too hard. And you come here praising like it's best thing ever and that topic that raises heat :D Go back to making sandwiches...
> [{quoted}](name=GrîmoireWeiss,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iozOEzun,comment-id=0003000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-03T19:56:34.988+0000) > > And Zoe? Carbon copy of whacky character that tries too hard. And you come here praising like it's best thing ever and that topic that raises heat :D > **Go back to making sandwiches..**. Case and point.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Artistic choices are all designs on a character. Not just color but anatomy, clothes, color on skin, hair and so on and on. What you described is essentially why you would choose to design her that way, not because of limitations of the system. Maybe I have understood te previous argument wrong, but OP argumented that because of a small mouth wouldn't give expressions across, the big mouth needed to be added to show that expression. This sounds to me because of technical limitations you need the big mouth, because you couldn't show it otherwise. But because of Poppy and Tristana I doubt that. The point I want to get across is however that it most likely isn't, it's just an artistic choice, because it can underline her character. Sorry if I am taking this so seriously and that I am this nitpicky, but I am developing my own game currently and I put so much value in character design. And to have a great character you need to know what you can do artistically and what you can implement in your game. Both visual and artistic decisions influence each other; you need a good balance between them and you definetely need to be aware of both of them.
I think we misunderstood each other, not much more than that. I agree on several of your points as well as standing firm on some of mine. Sorry I don't have time to discuss further though as I'm leaving for the night. Have a great weekend :)
: Since they started making reworks they art and design team always did great work... You can find a champion any style or personality. Every new champ people behave like this one is something else than rest. Yeah that champ is unique but there are plenty of similar stuff to choose from. Give something goofy and flashy suddenly it's something no one has ever seen or heard. Like it's such child like behavior.
You're getting awfully defensive for some reason. Nobody has stated that we've never seen anything like Zoe as a character. Just that it's a very refreshing tone on a game that's taken very seriously by many players. That I liked this character more than the rest of the new one's and brought me back to the game is my opinion and mine alone.
: And you do what? Create few textures? Unless you point out games and exactly what kind of work you done it won't matter. I could say I made games too! While is was studying IT I made plenty of games... Bard is goofy but he is interesting as well while new champ is just goofy and that is supposed to be the only thing about her. If after all new champs and reworks this one made you to come back then seriously you don't understand much about games. They didn't have to dare or anything. They just made a goofy character and that is it's whole theme.
I am not here to argue with you or try to change your perspective on things. I'm glad to hear that you've been through development with games as well, good for you! I still stand that Riot has to dare to release a character like Zoe. She's not just "goofy" with her personality and style but also very childish and her kit is way out there! For such a "caring" community such as League's I'd say she's sparked up some heat already. I'll take you as an example.
: Eh, less disney and more mediocre moe anime. I've watched disney movies, at least the old ones. I can't think of a character like this. Maybe its different now, idk.
Wouldn't say she's close to either of those. She's just very cartoon:ish.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Idk, I think it just works well with what I've seen in the teaser. She sounds very big mouthed (ba-dum-ts) and many of the 'sticking tounge out' animations (which I assume are used to further hint at her personality) won't work nearly as well with a smaller one. I think there is actually a very very small area of visuals that don't interact with personality in one way or another. I personally would put the big mouth choice more into the technical aspect because of above's explanation, but it can also help to just grant a big smile which seems to fit quite well. Artistic choice to me would be more whathe her clothes are pink, orange or green. Personality wise they are to be bright and somewhat noisy, but the actual colour doesn't diferanciate much. Then again, I'm not all that knowledgable in art stuffs so I'm just guessing. <.<
: Disney character with most likely broken kit = well done riot... The thing is character doesn't fit. Goofy characters are fine but this one is too much. It doesn't matter how many non serious characters you release because competitive games will be always serious. We get some serious characters and then we get {{champion:427}} , {{champion:432}} , {{champion:3}}. You make it sound like they don't make any fun or goofy champs with game modes. The game has plenty of everything so stop acting like this is first thing to brake the ice :]
> The game has plenty of everything so stop acting like this is first thing to brake the ice :] "Thank you Riot for daring to create such marvelous characters with interesting flair both in design and gameplay." - Me That does count in several other interesting champions. Just happy that their art/champion-team is doing some great work :)
: > [{quoted}](name=WolfX10,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iozOEzun,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-03T14:52:08.361+0000) > > I do not understand people who complain that she &quot;does not fit&quot;. Riot is trying to create something cutesey like Tracer ... they tried that with Jinx but the effort fell flat (pun intended), so now they toned down the "craziness" and upped the "playfulness" and they hope for the best ... as far as I am concerned, ability kits and gameplay is what matters most, but I am not young anymore and I am not part of the demographic which Riot wants to target with cute stuff ... I'd guess others are in a similar position, ergo they do not care enough for the appearance of the new character and choose to nag about it ...
Well worded. I agree to a certain degree that they wanted something more cutesy. Wouldn't say they tried the same with Jinx though. Jinx has her own darker quirks, great backstory and for quite a while reeled in a lot of new players because of the style they chose for her. I am not that young either, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating or loving designs that are facing against the norm of, in my opinion, stale looking characters.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Isn't artistic choice = tool for visuals and thus a visual choice too? :o
Rismosch (EUW)
: Your explanation is crap. Poppy and Tristana also have small models, but animated mouths. The big mouth is most likely an artistic choice, not a technical or visual one.
My explanation is crap? That went bad real fast haha. I don't know about you buddy but I only took a guess from what I understand from working with games for a couple of years. You can take it or leave it, but keep it civil :) Artistic choices are visual one's by the way and they roam in the technical aspects as well when you're animating. You wouldn't like to have a move that you can do while you're in momentum that doesn't project to you, your team or the enemies what's happening right?
Rismosch (EUW)
: I don't like the design. It's too cartoonish. I mean have you seen that mouth?! Why is it so big? Gameplaywise I agree, her kit looks amazing.
If I would take a wild guess I would say it's to further emphasize her as a character. She is very petite but expressive in her kit and how she moves. To nail down her expressions so it's easier for us players to notice they probably had to make some of her proportions bigger, in this case her lips because she's very mouthy. The rest of her fluid movement and skips on the rift screams out "playfulness" and "mischief" already, so it would be fitting for her with a more vivid face. Just a wild guess though as I said but makes most sense to me.
: How do you rate gameplay based on a Teaser? She looks fun but who knows how she'll play out
Nobody rated her, I did however say that I think she's amazing. Both in design and gameplay from what I've seen. Played Mobas long enough to take certain aspects of champion kits I see and somewhat understand them. How she actually plays out to be is something to talk about later. Just wanted to share some love for funky characters and kits to Riot :)
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