: Meet the Misfits: Europe’s Upstart Underdogs
Why does it not say who posted it?
Kazzushi (EUNE)
: It resets every day.
Yes, they just changed it like 5 days ago or something :)
cloaca (EUNE)
: Year of gaming gone - how Riot stripped me of my ranked rewards.
I do think that cloaca is a little inappropriate, but i do not think you should lose your ranked rewards for it. A riot comment on this would be great!
: Small Black Line appearing on Screen every game
If you turn of the hud will it still show? You can do that by going to settings and give the «hide hud» option a hotkey and then press it and see if the black line is still there.
: nope, only once i release the T button without selecting an emote
Cool, i will try using that and see if i like it :) ty
: About upgrading to mastery level 6/7 in next season (BE cost)
> Will upgrading to champion mastery 6 & 7 still cost the same amount of blue essence? > The price will be scaled up by 6.5—the same amount we're scaling up all your existing BE. So it will "cost" the same in the new system, but the numbers will be higher across the board. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012640908-Preseason-Update-FAQ
: I can, if i press T swiftly it does a mastery emote, if i hold it down and select an emote it does the emote
but if you hold it down it also does a mastery emote right?
: FPS and MS are fine but still getting weird lags
Same, and i have never had it before this week. have talked with other who also have it
Rioter Comments
: I already had my Mastery Emote placed on T, so when they added emotes i can now do both with the click of one button
But that means that you use both, right? You cant choose to only do a emote and not a mastery emote?
: So would it be like an emote that u get for free and if u have mastery higher than 4 on the camp and u use it it shows ur mastery
: But then you can't use both
you can use a total of 5 emotes (+end and start)
: Is the practice tool useful?
Good for learning combos. Lee sin Q-Q-W-R and stuff. Or just test what can be done when using spell+flash. (Ahri can use E then flash; Blitz have to flash then Q etc.) Also usefull for testing jungle routes because you can use the reset game option and try the first clear over and over (mabye test potions vs refill or stating with Q vs E or W)
: Can we just make mastery emote and accual emote?
wïxon (EUW)
: Worlds Orb loot ("Droprate")
Dont think riot ever says anything about the droprate :/ but ye that was pretty lucky :D
Rioter Comments
: This shouldn't be illegal in the first place
You are 100% right. This is just stupid
Fathands (EUW)
: It's illegal to deny stuff and have certain political beliefs? Nice country.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Prison doesn't reduces crimes. It actually increases it. Most crimes are commited by people who already did crimes. If you put these people into prison, they have less chance to find a new job, they end on the street, and they will eventually commit crime again. A life in prison is better than a life on the streets. In Singapore the crimerates are actually pretty low compared to all other countries in the world. That's because they have a different prison system. Prisons in Singapore offer prisoners plenty of activities, like cooking, playing music, plenty of media and access to the outside without strict schedules. These activities encourage people to get a job once the are let free. And because they are treated like humans instead of prisoners, those people are very unlikely to commit crime again. So now that we have that, I want to say my opinion about prisons. In my opinion, a prison should not be something to punish people, rather it should be a system reform people. We see in media again and again how some murderer got a few years in prison while someone who sold illegal drugs or weapons or anything of that sorts gets a life-sentence. Many people are not okay with this, but I think this is reasonable. Let me explain why: The idea is to prevent any further damage. The killer already killed people. May it be families, friends or some sort of that. As dark as this might sound, but he has already done what he wants and he has no reason to kill anyone else. Murderers that are not insane have a reason to kill, and once they did kill sho they want they don't need to kill anyone else. A long sentence isn't good, because the murderer isn't a threat anymore. However the other guy who just sold illegal things still has a reason to do so, even when they set him free again. This is why he needs to stay in prison for longer. Now to that old woman. She did stupid things, of course, but a prison sentence doesn't seem reasonable in my opinion. She is old, she wont live long anymore. So no matter if she was sent to prison or not, she is no threat. If she gets locked away or simply dies, both solves the issue. But since sending her in prison does take money and time, not sending her to prison is a better financial decision. But no matter how the sentence ends, sending her to prison or not, both accomplishes the same. Thus not sending her to prison is the better idea.
We have a amazing prison system (much like you said about singapore) here in Norway.
: Old people, their racism and their punishment
Imo you should not ever be punished for saying what you belive in. Even if you belive that Hitler was a hero or that holocaust never happend. Its just wrong that the government desides whats wrong or not wrong. Take Napolion for eksample: in school i learned that he was a great man and knew well how to command an army (and he has a cake named after him). But he did kill a lot of people, and you could argue that he is as bad as hitler (no hate for that plz). The point is that noone would go to prision for saying that napolion is a cool guy, or for beliving in what napolion did. So why is it suddenly super bad when someone does that with hitler? Imo the old lady did nothing else that use her freedom of speech!
: The most basic and important thing you can do to prevent yourself from getting hacked is to have some **common sense** and avoid anything that is offering paid content for free. If you think you already fell for the scam, your best bet is to do a virus scan then change all your passwords on everything. Stay safe and remember: **_the only free cheese is in the mouse trap_**
I like that last part about the cheese, never heard that one before :)
: [Not so in-Depth] Champion idea, Marksman Support.
Soraka with full lifesteal build, spamming W would work the same
: [Not so in-Depth] Champion idea, Marksman Support.
Would give to much sustain, unless the numbers are super low, but then he is useless in fights :/ It is a lot easier to aa an ally in lane that wants to let you, than to aa an enemy that dont want you to hit him.
: The way matchmaking works causes this thing called winning-losing streaks. I will give you an explanation and quick example how it works. Matchmaking is using MMR to match you with people but not in the way it is said. There is actually a certain range of MMR for every division. If you exceed that MMR by having lets say 70-75% total winrate you have that occurence we call skipping division. So now back to the matter. Average MMR of whole team is being counted. Let's say you get matched with people from silver 3 to silver 5. Their MMR let's say is 1000. So the average team MMR is also 1000. But the moment you have a winning streak and you gain much more MMR than usual (I'm operating on fictional numbers and extremes to show you an easy example) then to make your team's average MMR the same as it is for that division you have to be matched with players of lower MMR. So let's say you increased your MMR to 2000. In order to have your team having around 1000 average mmr, you have to get matched with people that have 750 MMR which is much lower than 1000. That is what from come players who play bad in your games or completely look like they have no idea how to play. While enemy team's MMR average is still 1000 as yours they have 5 people with around 1000 MMR while you have 4 people with 750 which is much lower. Those people with low MMR are probably on a losing streak additionally. Of course enemy team also may have similar situation. That is just a matter of luck. That's why we see situations like: you are the only one not feeding and going rampage 10/0 trying to carry your feeding team and enemy team also has that one player going rampage as well while his teammates are bad. Then it comes down who of you will utilize the score better, but also who has that worst teammate who will screw things up in the most important moment. Yeah its sad but thats how it works. Though situation I just described doesnt happen that often and usually you are in the team with low MMR players. This is how matchmaking works. Riot wont admit it cause they would have to admit the failure, but the fact that winning- losing streaks work like this and you see bad players in your games after winning more games in a row than usual is a prove that it works like this. Plus there are actually companies that used the same matchmaking method and after a while did admit it works like this and effect was exactly the same like we can see in LoL.This leaves no doubts.
Season 8 comming soon, we are still using this shit system :/ This is why i like normals better, raked is just BS
Grips (EUW)
: You'd lose access to most of your important accounts, be it PayPal, passwords for social media, stuff like League. Whatever the hacker wants from you.
JungLee (EUW)
: I was Keylogged which led to my account being perma banned Help!
Alex3995 (EUW)
: i would argue that lee needs it the least since he can just ward jump
PumpkinX (EUW)
: Is Yasuo op? (With poll)
Is he OP? No. Is he a pain in the a** to play against? Yes!
xGunna1 (EUW)
: playing double supp with double redemption items is more worth than that useless jungler
The team will get so much less gold and XP, losing out on all that jg farm. Also gifting buffs and other monsters to enemy jg. And no smite for baron/dragon. And no ganks early.
: When i press launch, League wont open (MAC)
Why would you play on a mac? Lol
: I'm not sure how you get level 16 players in your ranked game, but if that's the case, I guess your account is haunted or something....
He said nothing about ranked games
Smerk (EUW)
: There aren't that many junglers that really need flash. {{champion:9}}{{champion:254}} and {{champion:79}} are the only ones that come to my mind that need it for better combos
Lee need it for R. Also usefull on ALL junglers
xGunna1 (EUW)
: soo the new rune "press the attack" got nerfed and gave ranged ADC indirect buff and melee adc nerf
>stupid riot balance team they didn't thought about that I think they have thought a lot about that, and desided to make it the way it is now
: The giant complain thread (about champions)
When this is in off-topic, but it fit perfectly in champions and gameplay. Tilted
etimologia (EUNE)
: make swapping for support count as Autofill Protection
Or add an acuall role-swap to champ select, just like trading champions
: Wow I was struggling with this fr! thank you so much you must be so cool I wish I had friends like you!!!!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Cant tell if this is a joke or not :D
: Worlds Legacy Orb bug
I think you were thinking you open the orb, when you were crafting it.
Cantabrum (EUW)
: Why exactly is this unfair? You had multiple warnings, yet managed to proceed to a 14-day ban (and that is quite a feat, you have to flame **a lot**), then after your 14-day ban you still cannot apply yourself. And you receive the permaban, which you were explicitly told you would receive. So, how is this unfair? After your 14-day ban (which dont receive for a little bit of passive agressive chat or rare minor toxicity, only for hatespeech or A LOT of flaming over MANY games) you had the task to simply not flame. You did it anyway. Since even the threat of a 14-day ban isnt enough to stop you, you get kicked out. What should Riot do?!? Chat restrictions and 14-day bans simply do not work on you. You really left em no other choice. And second, spending money doesn't give you any special rights, you got the RP in return. So, you might as well stop mentioning it - it doesn't matter at all. > . on top of this it seems unfair to ban me on the reports of the children in the game You dont know, who reported you .. or their age. Further, wether they are 12 or 20 or 50, why should it matter? You either flamed, or you didn't; doesnt matter who reported you. You didnt get banned because of their reports, but because of your behavior. Also, > without looking into what happened. It was looked into. As you said yourself, you flamed. As the reason for your ban said, you flamed. So... I guess you think you are allowed to flame if someone else is doing it. Nope, you aren't. You flamed, so you got punished .... THat is exactly as it is supposed to work. > I'm pretty sure that riot never unban accounts, So it looks like my time on league is over because I refuse to play on a different account when I've spent so much. Today's a pretty sad day for me. That is correct. Riot doesn't unban permabanned accounts, unless there was a mistake. That is clearly not the case. Leaving the game for good is exactly what you are supposed to do (you can also see this below your chatlogs).
Good comment :) i was thinking the same thing, but did not feel like using 10 min to write it, so thank you for doing it. +1
: WW is immune to CC during his R, and I'm quite sure if he does his Q hold he is also "immune to cc". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjBsyAoIZJI
Yes, mid-air ult and Q he is immune to CC
qko pate (EUNE)
: First it was just a joke over here but the .. Second question FIRST 10 BOX and you already got all champs AT THE FIRST 10 boxes that cringe me out...
A lot of us were playing long before hextech crafting was a thing :)
RigonIsHere (EUNE)
: pbe
Please repost this on the PBE-boards. This forum is for the live server.
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: Ignoring someone while you can still read what they are typing is hard for some people - distracting even, hence the mute option. now Smart pings can be used in SO many ways. if you dont want them to fight? then ping "be careful" etc need 100 more gold for an item before you wanna fight? ping the item youre buying, it will say how much more gold is needed, you could also ping "be careful" at your team if they walk up to the enemy etc. I always use Smart Pings before chat, its easier and people rarely mute them if you arent a spam-pinging prick.{{sticker:sg-poppy}}
Sadly «/fullmute all» is a thing beeing used alot :( it mutes everyone in chat and pings and make it impossible to communicate, almost like playing with a bot
WladMarius (EUNE)
: New emotes
This is a bug
Rioter Comments
: Sorry Riot
If you got permabanned 14 times i dont feel like you deserve to keep playing the game at all.
: New item idea to combat ardent meta
That is a long list of passives for one item :D
: Can this be done by buying the item and pressing undo or sell?
Also: The players in your match had a normal build, but sold it near the end when it was already lost.
: is it acceptable ?
Can this be done by buying the item and pressing undo or sell?
Inckblot (EUW)
: How do you fix bad team morale in a losing Ranked game?
This is why i stoped playing ranked after getting g5 (for that ranked-rewards)
: Notifications
This is a must fix!
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