: Don't forget that rengar r only provides a bit more movement speed and stealth to a point.
''Don't forget that rengar r only'' hahaha like if stealth isn't one of the most broken thing in this game
: Diana Passive
https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/ZfYjtXAU-give-diana-some-quality-game-play Make Diana great again !!! {{champion:131}}
: Her entire kit is absolutely outdated, isn't it? I mean - why bother playing her at all...
Most champs in league have outdated kit's since riot balance team only balances the same champs over and over and over! Ryze, Irelia, Sylas are examples of that. Won't even talk about the reworks team that only does 1 or 2 if we are lucky reworks per year ...
: By boosted champ you mean? Pretty sure dianana can r to a target to escape and buy zhonyas hourglass but ok we just ignore the obviously stuff with diana then.
Any champ can buy Zhonyas Hourglass that is not a thing that only Diana can do xD, and yes u can use her R to escape but is not that easy to do, u actually need something that u can R next to u so u escape. Unlike Rengar where u only have to hit R and escape ...
: Buff Diana passive is a bad idea, the Diana passive is so broken (no saying DIana is busted, but just see her passive numbers)
I agree with u ,her passive doesn't need more damage just a different way to proq it.
: Ok then make the shield a flat number and not scale off of anything. Rengar has no escape and his heal scales off of ap which he doesn't build.
Rengar is a boosted champion and i'm pretty sure u can use his R as an escape, can't say the same about Diana tho ...
: also her r resets are aids to deal with
If u said that about Irelia that has 3 different ways to reset her Q well i would agree, but Diana only has 1 way to reset her R and is actually pretty easy to counter ...
: Not a bad idea. I would prefer if they buffed her but removed her shield. Assassins shouldn't have shields. Ap assassins 1000% shouldn't have a shield since they get to build zhonyas hourglass.
> [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2cJAAznV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-06T17:52:35.364+0000) > > Not a bad idea. > > I would prefer if they buffed her but removed her shield. Assassins shouldn't have shields. Ap assassins 1000% shouldn't have a shield since they get to build zhonyas hourglass. Since Diana is only assassin that has no escape, is more then fair that she has a shield!
: Everything you said so far, I can agree with, except for the q mana cost decrease. I have played against Diana's a whole bunch of times, and they **never** hesitate to use their q's to farm from afar, or as the player would do usually, harass the opponent. The Diana seems to never run out of mana, or it's just an illusion because your health bar goes down so low, I'd say disproportionately with respect to her mana bar. At that point, not only do they gain a lane advantage, once the Diana hits 6, it's over.
It depends on the match up but as a Diana main one of my problems it actually her mana running out so fast specially against ranged champs like an Azir or Oriana that u can only count on your abilities to farm, to put those mana numbers there i researched the mana of meta champs like Irelia that has an unfair 20 mana cost on her Q. Tho irelia is not actually a meta champ now but still is really strong.
AiFted (EUW)
: Apparantly the quality of life changes this patch made her spike in winrate to currently 52%, they think they have introduced a bug which made her op and are looking for a fix :D.
Zed is op, jax is op, kayn is op, tahm kench is op, but diana she not op, not even close to them ... she deserves these quality games changes and real buffs 2 !
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: https://www.surrenderat20.net/2019/05/522-pbe-update-emote-icon-tweaks.html All Diana changes besides the QoL and Q recode is reverted
I hope that's true but if u go to pbe the changes are still there tho
Zboutos (EUNE)
: SHAME ON RIOT! DESTROYED DIANA! WHOs idea was this? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER HATED RIOT MORE IN MY LIFE!! All i see is bad news for Diana! Over the last couple of months, some 'bug fixes' with Diana's dmg that you didn't know where it was coming from'. ? Are you serious? ( *as you said in patch notes) So you have destroyed her for good now! You never actually help Diana, This is the champion we loved, now you are taking her away from us. Until we stop playing Lol, will you be satisfied? RIOT WE NEED ANSWERS! (Patch 9.8 ' so called bug fixes ('nerf not a bug fix) this OP champion by its very nature) You compensate other champions with mana costs and mana regens, like Cassiopeia and many more. However, as you Riot may know, Diana with one ability her mana drops significantly, you made this champion non viable, and you are also frustrating us, Diana mains. Now you also took away some attack speed, there is no reason we can play our favorite champion. Maybe is just that you don't care off-course.. All you care is to sell skins, and impress the kids with your stupid cartoons. But you are just gradually killing a champion that many fans love. You just hate this champion..or you think is too dangerous for your 'meta'..? Whats going on? What meta when you RIP Champions? What kind of rework is that? SHAME ON YOU! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! REWORK DIANA BACK TO HER ORIGINAL ESSENCE OR I WILL QUIT THIS GAME AFTER 9 YEARS! GIVE HER ATTACK SPEED AND MANA REGENS LIKE YOU GIVE TO OTHER CHAMPS. WE WANT JUSTICE! LET DIANA BE RIOT, OR GOOD BYE!
same {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: i don't know what were the intent behind this changes?
No one knows, riot has their own way of thinking that no one understands ....
: theyve already reverted the changes on the pbe... they might be back at another time but for now they ain’t coming in 9.11
That's not true i just checked and the changes are still in pbe!
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: I feel like her passive is what makes her a burst champion, it does have really nice AOE that works super strong in teamfights but her combo feels really clunky in my opinion and needs some quality of life changes. I don't agree that all abilities should proc passive because it may ruin procing it with aa's. Either way, I do play Diana jungle from time to time and her next patch maybe she will be more than viable for it especially that the reduction cost of the jungle item will let her get that item powerspike quicker with nashors.
Tank meta is coming they are doing that cause they want people to play ap champs and not only tanky one's in next patch, and no one will play Diana jungle u have much better champs for that like Evelyn or Ekko jungle and compared to them diana has no stun or way to get near enemys before lvl 6.
: Enough with the %%%%ing buffs to everything. Look at what the game's turned into. If she's struggling, nerf everything that's overbearing. Zed couldn't assassinate tanks and everything was a tank. Instead of nerfing tanks let's buff assasins. Now look at what that disgusting idiot does https://youtu.be/wBEapHfJnvk?t=81 Doesn't even need the ult damage to 100 to 0 someone with no counterplay. Zhonya is just an invitation to get hit by a combo.
I know what u are talking about i see his videos 2 and zed was never a weak champ, well he was not as good as before but he was a really good champ anyway those buffs just made him way 2 over powerful cause zed is a champ that can easy outplay other champs but diana has no escape no damage and has an old kit that is not updated since patch 9.8 unlike aatrox for example or akali or even irelia that have received buffs and nerfs in every single patch this year! I'm asking for diana to be updated at least because right now there are first class champs (meta champs) and all others that almost no one plays cause they are 2 weak compared to meta champs.
Infernape (EUW)
: She isn't an assassin. She's a diver. Riot need to rework her into a diver/fighter.
No one is really sure what she is, but one thing is sure Diana needs a rework or some type of buff!
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Eambo (EUW)
: [EUW] Pool Party Recruitment Thread and Chat Room
[Server]:EUW [Summoner Name]:Oexterminador [Level]:30 [Additional Info/Restrictions]: Gold V, main {{champion:3}} , {{champion:238}} {{champion:268}} and {{champion:55}} , but i enjoy overall mid and supp, im terrible at adc and im meh at top and jungle. I can curse btw


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