: Now more people get why some can't get out of ranked. Riot forcing people to teamplay is it's downfall.
i dont think team plays the downfall, its just the community and the ego of players is actually insane people just assume there the best thing as soon as they hit low plat as it is and it just progressively gets worse i just hope more gets done about the way players act because it isnt fair
GreenFearX (EUNE)
: I've been silver and now i'm gold, but i've also watched a lot of streamers play in different divisions (plat, diamond, masters) and i can tell you based on my experience that feeders/ragers/flamers/afks are always there and always the same no matter what division you are. To climb you have to play a lot of games and improve your game mechanics, i feel you when you said it's just like a coin flip.
im not saying there not there but if you actually played in the elo rather then any of these problems happening every other game its legit every single game, again i have been silver and i have been gold before and it was no where near as bad as this, i dont want to believe the coinflip is a thing because for me it wasnt like that at the lower elos so i dont want to believe it but so far the only thing that can be suggested is to keep playing which im just going to try and do
: Nah, D4 is the worst rank by far. The only thing u can really do to get out of it is to keep playing and wait to get a lucky streak without trolls.
: You just play and play till your MMR stabilizes and then try to raise it up above D4 so you can play with players with equal skill level instead of it being all over the place.
fair enough bro, that sucks but still thank you
: Well, some D4 players don't care about the game and play ranked just to prevent decay, some players get boosted, sometimes you find smurfs.
thats actually disgusting, how does someone even get out of that ? im open to learning and trying to improve an all but jesus this is hard
: Yes and after you get to D4, your mmr plummets.
would you say its possibly the worse rank to be ? like silver gold and even low plat was no where near as bad as this but like it actually feels like a coinflip in a sense of whos going to be more mentally stable in your games, dont get me wrong my performance recently has been awful compared to how i normally am but this is just insane
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looonster (EUW)
: I won a ranked game and didnt get LP for the win.
i have also had this issue bit annoying tbh ....
KaShootMe (EUNE)
: believe it or not riot does not control your data path to their servers and believe it or not not all games servers aren't connected to the internet to the same route
yeah i get you like im not blaming riot, sorry not too good at wording things, is it something you think i should take up with my net provider ? thank you for the response x
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LuckyGp (EUW)
: do you have the champ? Do you have essence to do it? And maybe you have unlocked it. you just need to click unluck on the card
nonno i got all of that i own every champ, and its a permenent its got a gold border just wont let me redeem it
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Crazydogy (EUW)
: Same issue here (also using Virgin media)
yeah i am too dude it sucks
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi TMP Zer0, Do you happen to be using Virgin Media in the UK? If so, there seems to be some routing issues with VM and their parent company, Liberty Global. Unfortunately there's little we can do from our end, but some players have been posting on the VM Forums - no response from VM at this time unfortunately.
okay thank you do you think i should contact my provider ? thank you for the response
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purešupp (EUW)
: ppl dont focus on good playing... they only focus on report and crying for toxic players. And rito's politics is about that... Noone wants to play good. better send perma for chat. not need to fix matchmaking when all time 30-8 or 8-30
like i dont really moan i just dont understand why i can go from plat 2 promos to plat 4 15lp with every game someone intenting or trolling ?
Weelah (EUNE)
: Because of people's mentality Some people get to Plat and think "Oh Im in Plat that makes me an amazing player already so Im gonna crush my lane with crazy MLG / Faker plays" Then those plays fail because "oh that lucky mother ducker but its ok Il get him next time" Next time he fails again now he is super behind he is annoyed as hell his ego cant take it and you get something like this "Pfff this fucking jungler 15 mins and no ganks report him" He then is tilted doesnt pay attention to his lane and is instead flaming in team/all chat and gets ganked by the enemy jungler (for the 1st time) Then you see something like this : "See their jungler ganked mid 5 times already mine is doing golems" and you should know what follows thats pretty much my observation of high Gold 1-2 so im guessing its the same in Plat
i didnt even get that in gold dude i was suprised but yeah what your saying is that i dont even flame i try and make people do better if you get what i mean ? like encourage them rather then moan at them ? if that makes any sense, its just a continuous loop i really wanted to get diamond this season too guess that plans ruined :/
: Welcome to league. every division is like this.
i mean i got this in silver but when i got to gold i hardly saw it, get in plat then its every game ? how does that make any sense
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ZseLotH (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=b9JtsV3w,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-25T22:41:16.560+0000) > > The corki skin will always be here, the championship skins will usually be available throughout worlds so end of September to end of October... but play it safe and get the championship skins not corki, corki isn't going anywhere. This CS skins are legacy which are not always available to purchase. there are also other cs skins ; thresh kalista shyvana riven zed
yeah i got the others just dont have riven and zed :) thank you ill wait then
: The corki skin will always be here, the championship skins will usually be available throughout worlds so end of September to end of October... but play it safe and get the championship skins not corki, corki isn't going anywhere.
thank you dude for the advice :)
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Lazo2001 (EUW)
: I got only the icon and not the skin
ahhh okay then brother fair enough
House x33 (EUW)
: Does it matter when you get either of the things ? I'm really sorry for those who have to moderate the boards right now with all these anniversary spam threads
no no i was just asking mate i understand they got to do alot at once i was just saying because my friends got both and i only got one sorry ?
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: LoL is like gambling in soloQ. when you hit the play button you are matched with 9 totally random player. sometimes the luck is on your side sometimes not. it does not matter what league they are since the matchmaking puts the same mmr together. the only way to avoid bad players is to queue with premades to decrease the % of "bad players" in your team.
i second that, like i said in the post above i Guess i just had a bad day need to just work on it and move on, and as much as id like to duo with people all my friends are bronze/silver, so i just simply cant, occasionally i get someone from my game asking me to play but thats only for 1 2 games then i never speak to them again, thank you for the response dude
: Well, not much exept play your game and always try your best .... I cant really give you any good advice since Im plat 2 and its a fking struggle..... Just accept that you can change your temates and dont stress about it, there is no point...
yeah i see what you mean, guess i just had a bad day and need to move on, thank you for commenting i appreciate it mate
: Playing between 1 division ( plat 1- gold 1 ) is kinda normal, you cant expect that every time you press play button there will be exactly 9 more plat3 players just for your match... and on the other hand, rank doesnt really means much, its about mmr players have, so if a gold 1 is on a large winning streak he will play with and against low/mid plats since mmr decides your temates and opponents not their rank...
dont get me wrong i understand i dont expect 9 others in plat 3, but i just so happen to lose my games and they feed there lanes 0/6 within 12 minutes, as an adc main what can i do ?
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Arcessam (EUW)
: Two possible reasons. If both teams have silvers, you might simply fill as an outlier since the system couldn't find enough players near your rank within reasonable queue time. Or, if there are only a few silvers, it might be that these have superior MMR (around the high Gold/low Plat range) and thus they are being matched with you as reasonable.
oh okay that makes more sense xDDD thank you dude :)
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