: And we (me) hate people who bitch at other when that person played/did better in game than the person bitching about nothing!
"we" who? TROLLS and feeders? I know you are of that category to accept a malphite adcarry
Sefi (EUNE)
: let people play whatever the fuck they want as long as its not ranked... Fuck i'd say do it even in YoloQ. Cause as long as you're not in like diamond+ anything goes, anything can win, so why the heck not? This kinda reminds me of Kennen ADC, people bitching and moaning and sometimes outright sabotaging games where it appeared, until people started using him in the LCS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf4PE9yIRvg
Kennen adc is viable, CAUSE he is ranged, like Jayce adc is viable..
: > [{quoted}](name=Oh My Zed,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NokfLhga,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-03-02T12:05:00.776+0000) > > 2 4 0 is better than 2 2 3?? Are you fukin idiot?? You really have to change game, in league you can't go adc malphite ok? if you want troll like this change game don't type shi3t like this Yeah. You always have to play meta and the 15 champs that are better than the rest. Because if you don't, you can't win the game. Nice CS for a jungler btw. What's your excuse?
Top and bot lost their turrets at minute 13 so (If you know, maybe not) they started stay in my jungle, 87 is still good for what is happened. and malphite adc is not the meta wake up
: Grow up! You had 2-3-3 lee. Malph had 2-4-8 and more farm therefore he did better than you! Ad malphite well. there's nothing wrong with it. Just because you dislike his pick/build doesn't mean it's a "troll"
[img]http://i.imgur.com/Z3ROX98.png[/img] LOL You seriously need some glasses, and malphite ad carry is a troll pick, ask who everyone wants to play league of legends in the right way and he will says the same thing
Joosua (EUW)
: so why should ad malph bot be one?
'cause a team needs AD carry with dps damage? and not an idiot troll that can't even farm, getting harrassed hard, 0 mobility pre 6.. come on don't be an a**hole ...
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Ad Leona Top, troll pick? Yes. 65% winrate? Yes.
Why leona top should be a troll pick?
: He did nothing wrong! Stop bitching over nothing. This crap is why people think league is the most toxic game there. There is no rule stating that you **have** to build a champion a certain way. There never will be. It will remove any fun this game has. Malph did better than you though. Had a better score.
2 4 0 is better than 2 2 3?? Are you fukin idiot?? You really have to change game, in league you can't go adc malphite ok? if you want troll like this change game don't type shi3t like this
: You guys are aware this malphite was supposed to go ADC right? Playing out of meta is picking Shaco and playing it top lane, trolling is picking a tank into a DPS role and building it like a glass cannon. It doesn't work because their kits don't allow it to work. Malphite isn't a marksman.
So you agree with me, that guys is just trolling.. but i hate the people who comment like "he can" "malphite adc is possible" 'cause if they get this trolls in their team.. they surely will say something about the troll.. i hate this fukin "priests" .. goddamn
: Because AD malpite ACTUALLY used to be a thing until Riot nerfed some abilities that made that possible. He's not trolling, he just didn't get the memo.
AD Malphite, TOP, ok.. AD Carry no.. troll pick..
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Rhosta (EUNE)
: You can ask Riot for putting chat restriction on your account just submit ticket to their support.
Is this possible for real? i would like to get like 1000 chat restricted like this maybe i learn to stop type in chat, is possible?
Oh My Zed (EUW)
: Guys help me, read this
Seriously guys, there is no way to unable the Enter button on League? Im so sad
Rioter Comments
Saryn (EUW)
: A friend of mine got RP and 1-2 days after he got perma banned.. So he asked riot if he could have his money back and they gave the money back to him via paypal. not sure if this is true or not but yea.. you should contact them
U serious? I mean that's true that ur friend contacted the support?..
Luis Sc (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Oh My Zed,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=phVETPwR,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-02-23T19:13:25.312+0000) > > No sense answer, please this is not primary school. hm... judging by : > my question is if is possible that i could ask to them to bring that RP to my new account?? ... I'd say it is.. both in reasoning and grammar skills... check your glass roof before you throw a few rocks...
Ahm, i am not english so please don't be the "teacher" anyway, you can understand what i typed. Bye
Larry (EUNE)
: i dont think they would do that, and better dont tell them your new account because they banned you for being a toxic player, so even if you make a new account you are still toxic :P
No sense answer, please this is not primary school.
Rioter Comments
Larry (EUNE)
: Better not spend money on this account since your next ban will be permanent. :P Seriously though,add RP when your account is unbanned.You cannot spend them anyway until you get it back Little suggestion to avoid getting another ban, minimize your chat through the interface,so that you cannot see what people are typing, and remove the "enter" keys from your keyboard.
Thanks, i think i surely will do that, but what about if i'm premade with other 1 or 2/3 ?
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: That's why I play support. The carries need help.
Ok dude, we are OT too much. Keep play as support and don't judge who plays REAL ROLES to carry :) bye
: I just see who the community sides with, and it looks like they agree with me.
Weak guys need help :)
: Please get some game knowledge, then we talk.
Wow what an answer :) Classic of who doesn't know what to type gg bro learn how to supp (easiest role on LoL)
: False. The support carries laning. He zones the enemy botlane so the ADC can farm, he sets up kills/trades and wards whenever possible. Just shows how much you actually know about this game.
He zones? Yes maybe if u are Brand or Karma and you have 2 kills of advantage, maybe you can do this.. but with Janna what the hell you have to zone? with soraka what you have to zone?. Is all at the adc to freeze lane and poke him (Soraka - Vayne, OP Botlane 'cause vayne poke, soraka heal minion dmg) But well you maybe don't know what is a real support :)
: If you don't see how toxic and childish you sound here I can't help you. And nope, i can carry with mid and jungle too. I just prefer support. But I see why you hate supports. You think it's the ADC that carries laning.
LoL please i'm not acting like a child, don't be a victim please. Ehm the ADC carries the lane, the support help him to do that.. for example. I'm Vayne 4-0-0 at minute 9.00 i can do 1 v 2 easy.. you are Braum?? 4-0-0 u can't do 1 v 2 so i mean this for "Carry the lane" , the support should help adc win his lane.. the most of times this don't happen so the poor adc has to play a lane 1 v 3... i think you are part of this supports (You say that you don't call any ss) :)
: And what exactly do you think I am doing? I am a Support main, i even ping if the freaking toplaner is missing. But People like you make a Drama if: a) you don't spam them with pings and force you to back with those pings b) ping only on the missing lane and not on every other lane too, so they maybe have it on their freaking Screen c) you don't ping because they got killed and god knows where they are At least now i know why you got 6 14 day bans, you are overly aggressive.
I'm not aggressive, as i typed, i hate players like you.."MAIN SUPPORT" is better type "MAIN GET CARRYED EVERY GAME" 'cause real supports are from plat onwards .. anyway if i kill my enemy i don't start spam pings.. but when the time of his respawn ends and he is not coming in lane i call SS...if i see the jungler walkin' around the river i call ss in that zone, typing "care kha/lee/jax". So, you should know how i play and how i am with the game and not shot sentencies like "I know why you got 6 bans of 14 days". PLEASE.
Silisa (EUNE)
: Try giving this a thought, and you might realize that there is nothing to "forgive" your teammates for. Most players are just like you - they want to do their best and they want to win the game. When you make a mistake, you are probably upset about it, right? Well, so are they. They know what they did, they don't need you to play Captain Obvious and point it out to them, they don't need you to rage at them about it. What they need you to do, what your whole team (including yourself) needs you to do, is to help them fix the damage created by their mistake, and help them not tilt because of it. Some players are just bad. It's not an insult, it's just what it is. For them, this is just a game, and it's one based mostly on luck - they believe that they win when there is someone on their team who can carry them, and they lose when there isn't. They won't get in your way when you are trying to carry, but they won't really help either. There is no point in raging at them. They either won't understand what you are angry about, since they don't know what they are supposed to do so they can't tell when they are doing it wrong; or they will have some understanding of what their mistake was, but won't care and will think that you are a lunatic for freaking out about it. Finally, there is the third group. Players who know what they are doing, and are making mistakes and failing on purpose. To trigger people like you into flaming. Again, there is no point in raging at them - you are just doing what they want you to do. They won't stop when you rage, they'll only do it more. So just don't. Just one final thought from me - you might want to stay out of chat entirely. No risk of getting punished for toxic behavior then.
Thanks, for your words i will surely remember this when the ban will expired (20/02)
: If I'm mid I always know where all of my enemies are (and predict where the jungler could be). I tend to ignore people asking stuff like "SS?" If that happens I sit behind my screen thinking: You got 2 eyes, you got a minimap, you can think rationally, so why exactly didn't you think about getting ganked soon if their bot is missing and their jungler was moving towards your lane?
I swear, i hate players like you, there is a teamgame u don't have the obligation to call SS but you can do it for help your team.. is just press V + left click mouse! And if i'm mid i have to think about : 1. don't lost any last hit (if mid laner doesn't farm, it will sucks) 2. try to poke/don't be poked by your enemy midlaner 3. be careful with a possible jungler ganks. EXTREMELY careful when the enemy jungler is Shaco or Lee Sin 4. ward your bushes... a good jungler should ward the bush in the river while i'm warding the other bush in the other river, if not i have to do both. So after this basically points, you, that you are in the freakin' botlane why the fuk u can't press V + left click to call a fukin SS in the way that i can play in the opposite side (in this case toplane) ? If you want to play without make any pings, and any things to help your team, go fukin play aram or go fukin change game!
: Welp, you could always type "Ss botlane?" and if they said "I did", check history and if true, then you know you are at fault for tunnel vision, if false. Just say "It's not there." and end the discussion.
Trust me, if i'm in wrong (in this case they called ss and i didn't saw that) i'm the first to ask SORRY to my teammates..everytime i start i match i would like that we help each other..
Silisa (EUNE)
: I would add: 4. Listen to music, it will help keep you positive. 5. When you are not feeling well, you are on a tilt, or upset about something, etc - skip playing for the day, or just play some relaxing, non-tryhard modes. ^_^
I have the habit to don't listen music while i'm playing, i mean : i tryed to listen music but i really prefer listen any sounds of the game.. i think when i will get unbanned i will start take off the "ENTER" button until i will be able to "forgive" my teammates in case they commit any error...even if my game should be ruined 'coz of that.
: HOW CAN YOU HAVE 6!!! 14 Days bans.................. how much money have you spent on league
I don't think is for that i just have 23 skin on league... i think is 'cause RIOT watch my chat logs or pings and i'm the classic player that try to carry the team, call objectives, type any ss even the ss of others lane, type when the enemy jungler could be. But (i'm sad for this) maybe i expect too much from the other players so when one teammate doesn't call ss or any shi2t i start to be toxic AND I DON'T WANT THIS , because 9 matches on 10 i'm extremely fine with my teammates, i just care to win, normal or ranked that is.
: Disable or remove enter button from keyboard and now you can't open chat ggwp and gl.
it is possible?
BadumTssXD (EUNE)
: U got those bans during some years or only this year? o.0 Btw. i though they give u perm after 2nd 14 days ban.
I got 6 bans of 14 day since 10 june 2015.. i'm happy that riot didn't permabanned me, maybe they know that i can improve my behaviour
Rioter Comments
: And the ones who don't pass the AFK check. Happens about 5+ times before I get in a lobby and if someone dodges, the cycle repeats itself. What are they even doing to not respond!? I was in queue for 70+minutes one night until I gave up and went to bed, having only played one game. As I write this on my phone, I am in queue. I had 2 failed AFK checks, then I was put in lobby, but last pick didn't lock. Its been another 23 minutes and 4 failed AFK checks. I want a game you sloths!
holy moly 70+ minutes that's crazy, i don't know why that new selections is so fukin' slow, and who leaves the match doesn't receive the right punishment im pretty sure of this.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Yes. The law has a self-defense cause where I live as well. But here's the trick - it only works if the value of the good you defend is obviously higher then the value of the good you attack by it. Hence the example with car radio and shanking the thief. And by flaming whomever you consider a troll or whateve, you are ruiining the game for 3 other people. So, no. You are not excused. But please, feel free to delude yourself that it is evil Riot with their inhuman automated system and that you are a victim of circumcstances, the opressed guy whose excuses no one wants to listen. After all noone can demand from you not to substitute the reality with your own.
Damn dude you look blind, if u read EVERYTHING u can see that i typed that the ban is right 'cause i flamed him hard... MY QUESTION was.. WHY people that make other people flame with their behaves (troll, taunts, stealing cs as Support, following you all around the map, spamming ping in your head) have to continue to play? JUST ANSWER AT THIS if u have the answers.. but i know , you don't have the answers for this.
: And this excuses your behaviour how? Because even if Tribunal was "human" (or did you mean "humane"?), the result would be the same. People posting here are pretty unanimous - you deserved punishment. Yes, even with the knowledge of the terrible harm, the grievous attack on the very core of your being that Kennen commited by stealing your farm, the judgment is the same. And if the Tribunal voted on your case I am pretty sure, the vote would be for punishment still. Because if you got check Summoner's Code and rules in general the law laid is not _"do not flame, unless someone did something wrong to you, then go all out"_ it is _do not flame, **period**."_ If you see guys stealing your car radio and you brutally shank him right then and there no one will exculpate you because he was thief. Same rule applies with flaming in League.
I don't know here u live , but following ur example if i see a thief stealing my car radio i can do something to him for the law of the "self-defense", in League this "system" is a robot, it reads only the bad things u type but no the bad behaves that the players have in the game
Oh My Zed (EUW)
For all people that are typing that this is a troll post, i invite them to read everything, I SAID THAT THE BAN IS RIGHT, as u can see on chat logs i harrassed him hard.. what i "ask" to RIOT Games is that i would like that the tribunal should be more "HUMAN" and go deeper on the things and what happen in the game , WHY one player should start to flame another player, just this. I flamed him. i did wrong. I flamed him 'cause he stole my farm since minute 1.
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Working as intended. Keeping your own cool is your responsibility. Mute players or drag the chat off screen if you cannot stop yourself from flaming.
what can i do if the support steal farm? mute? mute what? he will continue to steal farm, leave? i don't like leave matches? what i have to do?
: You gotta be kidding me. Just the fact that you posted all your insults here is ridiculous enough. No comment.... nope....nope....nope.....
lol if i don't post chat logs u cry typing "post chat logs" so i did
: > HOW WORKS THIS TRIBUNAL? Basically if someone reports you, your behavior gets checked. If you violated the behavior rules (Terms of Use + Summonerscode) in LoL, you get a punishment. Flaming is one of these violations. > Why shitty PEOPLE HAVE TO PLAY AND WHO WANT TO PLAY GOOD HAS TO GET BANNED?? You play with people on your skill level, so there is no need to forbid players with low skill to play, you will never play with them anyhow. Your ban ist not connected to your skill, but your behavior. You flamed quite a lot and since flaming is not allowed in LoL, you got banned for it.
for "GOOD" i mean who wants to play respecting the rules of the game (example : ADC has to farm SUPPORT doesn't have to steal farm) i did not meant the skill of a player
Rioter Comments
: Just report them at the post-game screen, that's all you have to do. It's your job to report him, not to assure that he gets banned.
I did, but i'm pretty sure Tribunal system can't notice this type of extremely toxic and disturbing behave...
TheGauntler (EUNE)
: report him. and keep reporting him till he gets banned. i spammed supports when this situation happened until they removed him for quite some time
You mean , report at the support? And how can i do to get them consider my report to this extremely disturbing player?
Rioter Comments
Oh My Zed (EUW)
: Swain
Yes but, why Morgana must have 3 seconds root at level 6 and Swain 2 seconds at level 18? or why Lux must have 2 seconds root at all levels and Swain no? At this point RIOT should nerf Lux and Morgana's Q...
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: With a 55% Win-Rate (56.1% in Bronze, 55.41% in Diamond), I Think he Needed the Nerf.
This dates should be on "10 rankeds" 'cause people don't usually play him.
: Land his E for a DoT and amped damage, then quickly his Q (both click-ons, not hard to do) for yet another DoT and a slow. This slow gives you enough time to land the root. At this point, early on, you are only left with your crappy basic attacks, which don't really deal that much damage even with your E amplifying their damage. Plus the attacks are ranged, so it isn't like you can't keep attacking your target after they recover from the snare. So the early snare nerf isn't that bad, you get your birds at level 6 so it really is making it fair for others so you cant just sit there farting pigeons at them for an age.
I prefer land the W using the brain and predicting where he will go and then using E + Q..i am not saying that Swain is weak, Swain is op versus AP is just that he doesn't need a nerf.. 'cause it has played a little.. and with this nerf he will disappear #FREESWAIN
Alttu (EUNE)
: Riot doesn't even care anymore. they are just nerfing random chmpions for no reason. (tf, brand, anivia, skarner, rammus and swain..? i never even see swain or skarner in a game.. i wonder what they will nerf next. maybe zyra or yorick?
u're right and they let that fukin Irelia do what she wants in the toplane...#FreeSwain
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