: Feeders in Ranked games
get over it and get better and win
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Insta-Lock problem
why do u play blind pick than..ffs
: My ranked problem
you are getting matched with the players with the same elo like you..and if u want to climb stop crying and start carrying your teammates
Dafrow (EUW)
: It really depends on what you play and what ranked you are. If you are higher Rank, you're most likely to have a very long waiting time as there are less players available the higher your Rank is. So if you are a high rank, then you must get used to that I'm afraid, but also if you are experiencing this in normal game ques as well, it could be a problem with your internet. I've heard some cases of certain routers such as (Virgin Media) blocking a lot of server properties that find games and connect to your closest server. If that be the case, you should consider changing to a new operator. If I could help, I was Glad. Good Luck <3 {{champion:74}}
im Plat 3 so there shouldnt be a 6 min queue am I right?
: Sounds like leaverbuster. Queue up, when that screen pops up don't close it.
yes dont worry i know how it works but i dont think im high rank to wait 6 mins for a game
Solash (EUW)
: What your Summoner Icon says about you
Henrioks (EUNE)
: Riot can you give my 50% back on champin sale i am whaiting
Sorâ (EUW)
: I got Perma-banned on my smurf.
Ofcourse its not allowed to buy accounts?? why is there leveling than...we dont want a guy who never played league of legends to go and play ranked, the path to being allowed to play rankeds are easy anyways
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: Since you can't log in completely, I don't think so.
i can but i cant connect o chat (reconnect to chat button)
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: Report the leavers. That's all you can and you should do.
why would i do that it doesnt help me at all
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