Sûppört (EUNE)
: Sylas ulty Bug or Script?
Same thing happening to me right now
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Potatoe (EUNE)
: I am curious, how would these "special class" look like?
As an idea: People that don't have a penalty or a lot of penalty would stay in the "main class", people that get reports a lot (maybe a few penalties) leave that class and you would be able to check a box "don't queue with those people". I think everyone has a right to not queue with obvious trolls. And yes, if they got many reports and a penalty, they are not just cheesy picking.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: You can choose your mates, well, at a little bit. But choosing your enemies. Lol. That would be legit. :D :D :D Choosing for what purposes, to have fun or to climb? :D Choosing your enemies would be a little bit unfair. But choosing your mates ir already a possibilitie.
Of course I don't mean chosing the enemies like "I want to play against bad players" or something like that. Just same chances for them. I don't like playing against feeders or trolls either. To have fun and to climb. I think they both go quite hand in hand for most people (which is why they play ranked I guess) And due to Solo/Duo you can only chose one mate at max. Which I am doing most of the times and 3 randoms is a whole lot better than 4 randoms, but still...
Potatoe (EUNE)
: Yeah, let's make Bank Account Information Mandatory for Registration in Order to gain Access Ranked Games. Come on. Ranked games are complete joke atm :D With all these kids on board, its impossible !!!
I still think you should be able to "choose" your mates and enemies out of a special "class", additionally to the rank. I mean a blind person would still win sometimes, I don't want him on my ranked team tho. Same goes for feeder or trolls. If reported multiple times, I want to possibility to sort them out from my game. They still can play, just not with me.
Hisi (EUW)
: Why we can't have nice things
Agree with that. Some might say "bluh, the negativity comes from the players, not from riot", but the point is that they're not working against it a bit, which they should. Not even only through pentalties for bad behaviour or achievements for good behaviour.
Irarius (EUW)
: Autoattacks wont work after last patch
Actually had this in a game and thought I just misclicked the whole time, until I accidentally found this post. Is this really a thing?
: IIRC it needs to go a minimum distance. Thats why you can bodyslam flash her with w up if you just flash onto her.
Guess it depends on if the champion hitboxes touch each other before the dash..
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: But who are we to judge what is troll pick and what is off meta pick. I mean you could say that it should be tried in normals and then taken to ranked, but honestly you can win normals with completly random picks, even in low elo you can climb with anything + world don't care about normals stats. So what's my point? The game might get little bit more "stable", but there wouldn't be some picks. Like cheesy twitch jng( idk if vayne, ez or tf is still thing), mid Garen, galio, cho, rumble or even ire, not sure about adcs, tf and lulu was kinda fun, all bot bruisers, top lane cass, liss, vayne. I've seen like every champ on supp, sadly. And many more. So I got your point, but I think you can't just implement such a thing since it would take part of evolution of LoL. Plus I can imagine 4 ppl just kickin yas or riven just cuz they are mains. And yes, dodging is solution 3, 10<20. Reporting that Draven wouldn't rly get him banned and it also wouldn't give you your elo back without changing banning system. And if you implement like lp return it could be abused. Dodging would prevent you loss of full lp instead of 3, 10. I can easily imagine how LoL could turn into Dota with this, where when you get reported you get low priority que(matched with trolls, bad players) or banned. So you can't rly try any new strat until it will be smthing that will carry the game and even then they can still rep you. And who will judge if you get camped by jngler or you are trolling? So I would like to have such a thing but idk if it's possible without breaking the game. It doesn't feel right to give such a power to players(from my Dota experiences). Problem might be solved by improving rep system, but since it is impossible to do via bots, I don't think we will see any changes. I can imagine like overwatches like in csgo with maybe some rewards for doing so, after like 10 reps in small time, you will get judged by community(like idk 5+ ppl will watch replay, ppl with like 5 lvl honor, 100+ lvl and activity in few days so they know what is going on in meta), it is propably impossible so dodging is the only way for now. P. S. - You can't demote by dodging, you're losing lp not mmr. You will only be in negative numbers.
Btw guys, he went 0/7 in 10 minutes and as I said he wasn't cooperative in champ selection. We didn't even really blame him, just suggested an other pick for top, because at least one tank/bruiser in team wouldn't be bad. And that's just the example I took from the game I was in selection. There were way more drastic things happening recently. In this particular case, it might would've been wrong to instantly report her. And I know that there can't be a case where players should judge about that and I just said that because I was really mad at this moment. But riot should, and I more and more get the feeling that they don't really care or don't have the resources to really look into it. Because stuff like that keeps happening to me and others again and again and again. And people I report for trolling and harsh sexist and rascist language over and over again keep getting into ranked queues and trolling again. (I have one candidate in my friends list to check up on riots [non-]activity about it). Last 10 games I had at least 3 trolls in my team and 2 trolls in enemy teams. It's just not bearable anymore and I won't play Solo/Duo again, as I used to the last 3 years. I will search for a Flex Team to play with. If your point is now - "well, then everything is fine" - no, it's not. And riot should really look into it to fix it, because not everyone can play with a flex team due to other playtimes as most other people or any other reason. That said - I think you need a HUGE amount of staff to look into every reported action and that sounds too hard to do. But the solution can't be that the ones that take it serious, are the ones that lose LP because they have to dodge due to troll picks or troll-threats in champ selection. I think this 4-vote-kick-system could work, in case you have employees that could live-watch those reports and decide if its reportable behaviour (It's not gonna happen so often that 4 random guys decide at random that one particular person is trolling). Maybe by checking the reported/kicked players Match History or something. It could take up to 3 minutes (remake time) and if it's legit the game will continue. If not, it will be a remake, where nobody but the trolling player will be punished. AND PLEASE, permaban those guys from ranked. They can still play Draft in normal, no problem. Before you say "Oh no, that's too hard and you might not now if they just had a bad game", how often did you read "idc" or "I troll now"? If they don't care or admitted to trolling, where is the problem with banning them? They don't even care, right? I do.
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Garda23 (EUNE)
: how did you climb out of silver?
I'm on my best way with maining Soraka. Doesn't work of course when you have twice the damage of your adc, happened 3 times in last 10 games already
: lmao xddd. So perma ban is the correct the punishment ? I never said you should go unpunished LOL. I am just saying that 14 day to perma ban is the most laughable punishment
Everything is laughable, because you just create another account and keep harassing players. That's the only point of this whole discussion..?!
: > I honestly think this isnt too hard to fix, but sometimes the delay seems to be just not there. Rarely someone complain about this. Is not a problem from Riot. You have a delay and I don't know how you can fix it. Send a ticket to Riot and maybe they can help you. Support --> Contact us --> Tech issue. I had the same problem a long time ago and I can't remember how I fixed.
I am quite sure it's not a ping or fps delay, for I am running smooth on a few hundred FPS and 30ms. Everything else connects instantly and there is no problem with any other connection by any means. You can even see that issue on Youtube on almost every single TwitchStream-Highlight video, because that's the kind of stuff everyone spams "???" or "hello YT" about in twitch chat, justifiably.
Aparation (EUW)
: The ingame judge was tried with the tribunal but it doesn't really work as nobody is perfect and everyone has different opinions on what 'toxicity' is. Also, people could misuse the system to ban players unjustly. In addition, I don't think that instantly premabanning for toxicity is a very mature policy. People inevitably slip up, be it after a hard day or because they're having a very bad game. That doesn't mean they deserve a permaban, usually a short chat restriction is enough of a deterrant. Also, you shouldn't be blaming the other player for annoying you, maybe just recognise that it's some dumb nerd losing his shit on the other side of the screen, mute them and just carry on with your game? If you can't control your emotions that's no-one's fault but your own.
Sadly comprehensible.. _But_ my reaction is nothing you have to take in consideration when talking about how those guys should be treated. What if someone kills himself because of that? You might argue that he is dumb because he killed himself due to some other guy insulting him online. But the point is, you may not do that. And as I said, the reaction or outcome of that doesn't matter at all, as long as no other rules get violated by it. It's simply just the action that one takes by behaving so, because it breaks the rules and that ought to be be punished!
: I am saying that if you are getting offended so easily by words from strangers you shouldn't be on the internet. You don't have to be Einstein to figure that out
You don't even have to be depressed to get upset by someone who's acting like that, insulting you and others and has to face nothing in return. From childhood on we learn that what we do has consequences. And so it should, even in an online game. It's not even a question about how it affects the threaded/insulted person. You don't suck with Thresh, you suck with simple interpersonally content and behaviour.
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Let's be honest here. How can your MMR be higher than the ones you play with, if you have below 50% win rate after almost 800 matches this season? Match rating has no effect on LP gain.
Because I performed bad at the start of the season and well lately. Isn't the mmr supposed to take that in account? If its just your overall winrate, mmr would be useless..?
Cypherous (EUW)
: > MMR is higher than normal for my elo People really need to stop looking at op.gg, they do NOT know your MMR, and as evidenced by > Everytime I play an S+ on Soraka I get 16 LP straight. When I lose with A+ on Soraka I lose 21 LP. This means your MMR is lower than where you are placed, the rating you get in a match has zero impact on the LP you gain/lose as that amount is decided before the match even begins > Now I dropped smoothly on 0LP in S2 (from 19LP -19LP on 0LP) and the next game I am instantly demoted and on 75LP. That means I lost like 25LP (+ the promo games I have to do again). Was there any insight ever on how this works? Thats by design, the 75LP is a static figure, its there to stop people immediately bouncing straight back in to promo's after a single win
Wait, it is really measured BEFORE the game starts? Now THAT is the most ridiculous implementation I could think of xD Second, I really have a good winrate with some really good games lately, especially with Soraka, I got from S4 to S2 in 2 days, why am I still getting so few LP..? I totally understand those 75LP tho, but I think dropping immediately when being on 0LP (you even start on 0LP), they could make that 2-3 games and then drop you on 50LP.
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Real0wner (EUW)
: A few suggestions to nerf Akali
Everyone downvoting or complaining about such thoughts is a) playing her aswell b) always blaming their teammates, so they can't see the enemy champ is too broken and not just fed (because there is a difference) The problem with Akali is not her damage potential, but her ability to escape, be almost untouchable during her cooldowns (even under towers, come on riot) and being probably the most mobile champ during fights. She was mobile enough before the rework, now she has a dash on seemingly every ability. I know it is cool and stuff, but it just looks like riot has one staff member for each champ and everyone tries to have the coolest champ. This is just not okay anymore. If you want to stick with that kit, you MUST nerf something about her SEVERELY
: Was with that intent.
Competitive BS'ing is allowed tho, remember! :D
Erarrion (EUNE)
: Yesterday after a stupid FB death of my jungler I just wrote "...". Thats it. He responded with "no gank for you" and started yolo plays all game. Our adc said i am toxic. Maybe I shouldn't write those dots, but seriously... what is wrong with our community?
Best thing is if they give you the fault afterwards, because you said the unsayable. Oh no, you tried to give tips or dared to speak out issues.
: maybe in 2 or 3 months
Maybe even longer, I don't care. How many years do we have this problem now? And it's constantly getting worse as far as I can tell. Edit: acutally I do care, but the earlier SOMETHING starts, the earlier this problem is solved
: I'd be laughing. People already added me and gave me death treats but why should I care tho ? It's probably a 12 y old kid that got angry from the last game or a 40 y old virgin living in his mom's closet.
The thing is, many people would maybe not even start insulting and stuff if they knew they would face at least SOME kind of consequences. Watch up one of VirtuallyVain's Videos, where he would find location and name of those guys online through legal IP tracking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gac3y9JvWDM I didn't like it the first time I watched it, too overdrawn and so on, but actually that's the only thing I've ever seen helped with those guys.
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: Yasuo Ult Range
You guys didn't read that properly, did you? I am not talking about the range he can engage on you. I am talking about the range he has WHILE BEING IN HIS ULT
: Question: Do you still have fun playing League ?
Good question and I would like to seperate the answer. First of - No. I don't actually have fun playing it. There is always this kind of pressure on you. Not like in other games this "I have to win this", but more of "Hope my team doesn't lose it". Might sound like whining, but that's it most of the times. Not only for me. And sometimes I am the one performing bad and taking the fun out of the game for everyone. Because (and thats the second part), the game is lacking something essential for having fun without winning. That might just be the LP rewarding system, that takes 21 LP from you, when you are 25/3/10 and your midlander disconnects half through the game. Pls spare me with "iF yOu caN't cLosE tHe gaMe wHen yOu'rE fEd liKe tHat, yOu dEseRvE iT". We (and by that I can only speak for everyone I know and have played with) need something more or better to have fun in just PLAYING. Clash might've changed a bit in that direction. I still play tho, not because "It's addicting", but because it is a good feeling to win. And that's the only thing that keeps most people playing. To think that you are better than anyone else and for once show that's everyone elses fault when you lose.
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: My friend, I can tell that you're not a bad guy, from the way you talk. Yea there might be stupid bugs in the game, and frustrating matches, but don't forget that you're risking losing your account, over an argument with some strangers. Bugs are present in games since the dawn of gaming, I'm pretty sure they are working on fixing every single one. As it happened to you today, it'll happen to an enemy tomorrow, and you'll get back your lost LP in no-time, the same way as you lost it. About yi, if he bothers you that much, it's worth permabanning him. My permabans are Lulu/Vayne/Graves. No matter what the meta will be, I will be banning these champs. It's not worth pissing away years of dedicated work over some frustrating situation. Take a small, couple of days break from the game, and cool down. Wish you the best, The Lane Police
I am pretty sure myself that they're trying their very best. Though they don't always succeed, just as me with my behaviour. And I am already permabanning Jax and Darius. And I freaking know it's not worth it a single bit, but punching the bully that's been on your ass since 4th grade could feel quite charming, right? But we all know it will never happen and he will keep bullying you :)
: A complaint to Riot
Saying this for many months now. All my friends were strict against my opinion, but now some big youtubers found the time to talk about it (maybe they did before and my friends didn't see them because they might just watch german YT's) and now it's the spoken truth. Not that I care that much about how my prefaces were ignore, but.. My main argument always was - It's not the balancing, it's the pace itself, there is just too much. Of everything. Watching Skooch's "can we talk about this", which is already on.. 50-60 episodes/champs or something, you start to wonder how 50 champs can be broken and op. And then you start to realise that it's just too much! Even started a thread about it a few weeks ago, which got obliderated in the forums..! Most people roaming the forums just search for a post in which they can look like they have the ability to successfully discuss and debunk a bad argument anyways. Most likely these are also ingame trolls, feeders or about platinum players, which in my practical experience don't get influenced by the changes that much, due to pocket picks and their generally huge ego.
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Èclair (EUNE)
: But your mistakes don't suddently disappear when match trasist to mid-game. You have to play accordingly to your situation, sometimes that means to lay down and wait for enemy to make a mistake you can exploit.
Sure, I am aware of that. But it doesn't seem to work out or change anything, because as soon as you have that advantage, you wont lose it as fast as it used to be a few years ago. I liked it better as it was before - if I don't just imagine that.
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TakeBreath,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hy8mi31i,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-29T12:20:17.252+0000) > > I still stomp the Ori mid that outplayed our Cassio like a freaking genius. Just because I am twitch and pop up next to her and she has barely enough time to get her ball anywhere. Then it's her own fault she got caught out of position by a roaming carry. > You might say "her team will helpt her". Well I have a team too, and sometimes an enemy lane is 4/0 in minute 10, not so much opportunities to roam so much, especially in low elo. As I for myself play mostly in silver No, you're describing completely different situation than that of being stomped by your lane opponents. Actually, being pushed to the turret by the enemy is the greates opportunity for the team to gank. I don't think it's the game's fault that people in low elo can stick only to their lanes without even thinking about why and what they want to accomplish by that, > To the Jgl changes, I dont think they're a bad idea nor a good idea, because I don't play Jungle that much. And I said that right to the beginning. Um, so what? I never brought that up either.
I am not so much talking about my lane opponent, but the whole game. Especially when laning phase is over. What elo do you play in? Maybe in Platinum/Diamond you dont have these at all. But since I never played there I don't know, which is why I opened this topic
Cosmic Fart (EUNE)
: Always first pick. Why? :'(
I think it depends on the order you join the Lobby. When you open the Lobby you might be first pick every time.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TakeBreath,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hy8mi31i,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-29T00:04:11.416+0000) > > but in my opinion the jungle is less of a problem than the lanes, because the Jgl usually doesnt have that much champ-to-champ confrontation In what MMR do you play?
Silver mostly. But that the Jungle has less champ-to-champ confrontation ist the case in every elo. However, I don't think that's a problem and even tho I wouldn't mind if they change it.
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TakeBreath,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hy8mi31i,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-29T00:04:11.416+0000) > > Everything is too.. influencial if it just worked the right way in that particular game. Skill doesn't matter that much anymore, at least for everything til Platinum. Actually, skill matters far more than meta picks mostly in low elo. Below high Diamond you can literally pick up a dead dog from the ground to beat your enemies with and still win. You don't have to abuse strong picks or even stick to the meta. If you're good enough, you'll climb. > If you're like 20% better than any of your enemies, you should be able to kill someone that has 20% Gold benefit with about a 50% chance. But you have like 10%. You get what I'm saying? No. You're **assuming** you're 20% better than any of your enemies. And if you cannot act on that, the assumption is just false. _____ You want my take on jungle nerfs? They are doing a damage-control over the fact that they severely limited early vision with replacing sighstone with items you need to power up and then removing bandit, wich crippled sighstone progression for good 3 minutes and then, on top of that, they allowed people to pick up Oracle Lens from the get-go. It has nothing to do with jungle being too impactful, it's about them opening a window for an easy early game ganks because of the changes I mentioned allowing junglers to snowball easily. But I don't think that matters in low elo anyway. People don't usually care about vision control there, do they? ____ > Of cause, if there was a 4/0 Jax in the enemy team, that I would first encounter on minute 20, I would get killed and I would've even known it before, because I am not blind and can see his stats. Ok, so if you can look at stats then why didn't you help your teammate before 4/0 Jax became 4/0 Jax? After two kills you should notice that toplane is having major problems, gets pushed and is easily gankable. Mid can roam to help, jungle can roam, hell, even in most extreme cases support can roam to help out with Jax. Why did you let him become 4/0 Jax and why do you think it wasn't your fault? What kind of objectives were traded or did you just let him feed on your teammate while doing absolutely nothing? Not to mention that four kills is far to little to allow that Jax avoid getting punished for his mistakes. If you can catch him off guard, you can turn the tide of battle without any problems. > because the Jgl usually doesnt have that much champ-to-champ confrontation, which give your champ these huge advantages. This is... sooooo wrong.
First of, this is NOT a complaint about enemies being too strong. I suck sometimes, I stomp some times. Most of the time I am 20% worse than my enemy. But with 20% gold lead (because I got a good support or a worse enemy) I still stomp the Ori mid that outplayed our Cassio like a freaking genius. Just because I am twitch and pop up next to her and she has barely enough time to get her ball anywhere. You might say "her team will helpt her". Well I have a team too, and sometimes an enemy lane is 4/0 in minute 10, not so much opportunities to roam so much, especially in low elo. As I for myself play mostly in silver To the Jgl changes, I dont think they're a bad idea nor a good idea, because I don't play Jungle that much. And I said that right to the beginning.
looonster (EUW)
: Botlane is to important for winning and losing games.
You mean like this? https://ibb.co/hkQWeH
Arathreon (EUNE)
: Report for picking role not assigned
I heard that riot could have a smart system that can track on which lane you played the game. And with the quite new role assignment system you can easily tell which lane you were assigned to. If there was a legit swap can simply be discovered by the chat, which Riot seems to have sight into, even if the game was already played hours or days ago. Only empirically.
: Riot destroying Jungle role once again
I think they think that they're heading in the right direction. Because their reason is right. Everything is too full-packed right now and needs a nerf. Why it should be the jungle is quite strange to me, because in my eyes the jungler has the least potential to be overpowered (champion picks aside) Here I wrote some more: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/hy8mi31i-major-problem-assumption
: Do I deserve this?
Well you were toxic. But first off you can mute players, they can also mute you. Second, I totally get your point. You're writing much, less then 10% is flame or toxicity. It might annoy one, but you're just writing in the chat. Which is its intended purpose?! And saying things like, "Shit, I died", "I didn't expect him there", "Why is he here again", and so on are *not* flame
Hansiman (EUNE)
: That's an extremely selfish way to look at things. You are not more important than anyone else ingame, and you shouldn't say that it's fine for people to intentionally ruin games as long as they're blocked from doing it in your games. Riot will treat every player the same, and thus breaking the rules isn't ok regardless of the queue you play.
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pep5zV0W,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-28T17:41:47.220+0000) > > That&#x27;s an extremely selfish way to look at things. You are not more important than anyone else ingame, and you shouldn&#x27;t say that it&#x27;s fine for people to intentionally ruin games as long as they&#x27;re blocked from doing it in your games. > > Riot will treat every player the same, and thus breaking the rules isn&#x27;t ok regardless of the queue you play. Well, I guess I should be more important than players that don't take ranked as serious as I take it. Because I think it should be taken seriously. Of course you can't tell where to draw the line how serious you have to take it to "deserve" it. And yea, it's a selfish thought, but its also selfish to play Ranked with 4 teammates, well knowing that you are tilted, having a bad day, having a bad internet connection or any of the stated things.
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: Here is my general troubleshooting flowchart that I use, and now I'm passing it down to you. Usually works around step 3-4. Step 1: restart your PC. -> ->Step 2: Try repairing your client, if it doesn't work, -> ->Step3: reinstall the game. If you still encounter the bug, -> ->Step4: download the hextech repair tool [ https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool ]. If the problem still persists -> ->Step5 : Contact support, write a ticket [ https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ]. Best of luck ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you. Just heard that deleting the game.cfg file should work in this case too. Will try it soon in a normal game, I'm on 0 LP {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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