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: Unfair Permanent ban.
Poor guy, if you're not a popular streamer you will not get unbanned. Why? Because you're not being *that* useful to Riot, you're not promotinf their game. Not like that bald flamer guy which everyone knows as 'hehe xd ' and still got unbanned. The one who said ' I love league of legends but I wish it was run by a better company than Riot ' really needs a thumbs up. Have you tried contacting the Support ?
: This would be pretty difficult to balance in terms of power. Currently runes provide minor stat boosts to your character, but these stat boosts give you an inherent advantage over other players - and you have to buy them with IP, which is the same currency used to buy champions. This makes them a barrier to entry to play effectively. This is one of the reasons for the update. You mention further down about balancing champions instead of runes; this is not mutually exclusive. Bear in mind that champions right now are inherently balanced around runes (the jungle is a particular offender here). Removing the stat variation that runes provide makes for a more level and predictable playing field, making balancing champions easier. As for keeping them side by side, that would mean that we'd have to balance these minor stat boosts with the power of perks. That would be quite difficult. For example, how much would you quantify the stat power of Thunderlords Decree being? Note, I'm not on the team that is working on runes - I'm just trying to have a candid conversation :) As for the other things: - The new/old summoners rift - I wasn't part of Riot at this point so I cannot comment. - The new/old client - This is mainly for technical and resource reasons. A big obvious one is that having the option of using either client forces us to support both versions of the client at once (they use completely different tech stacks that are not interchangeable and have little interop potential); additionally, a lot of features we wanted to, or have, added are just not possible on the legacy AIR client - like replays.
: > It's not impossible to keep the old ones, Yes it is impossible... keeping both would cause massive balance issues not to mention be pointless because why make a change if your gonna only half do it... especially a change with this much balance implications.. Seriously 5 people have already told you that it's impossible... one of which is a rioter... at this point you've gotta face facts. > Riot doesn't care about what players want if they're minority. If what the minority wants is either impossible, is harmful for the game, or stands in the way of what the majority want then of course riot isn't gonna listen... why should the minority be catered to at the expense of the majority... and ones that are harmful or impossible wouldn't happen even if the majority wanted it, even if riot themselves wanted it it wouldn't happen. Hint, your idea literally falls into all 3 categories... So there are 3 reasons why riot is ignoring your request.
no ?!!! you're wrong and mashed is right. i want the current runes to stay, the others can have the new ones, i want the current ones forever. riot already changed a lot of things, and it's not that fun, you know. if some players want the current ones to say, they should keep them. because you know, the new ones will be more powerful than the current ones as far as i have seen, but the current runes also have some good stuff. which means that the ones who will use the current ones will have a little bit of a problem which i don't fking mind, i want the current ones to stay.
: New Runes in the next Preseason
Oh hey, it's you again c: damn, this time u were ahead of me, wanted to say the exact same thing ! they really need to get their shit together and keep the current runes. or just make both of them optional, i agree with u
: Skill is been able to adapt.
Well it's a game, not a life, I want to have fun, being good and not having fun is useless ^-^
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