: League has always been like that. This is not something new. Learn to handle it or don't play.
Nah, I'm just gonna keep intentionally ruining games while Riot will NEVER catch me. :)
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Sëttt (EUW)
: Tyler1 most toxic streamer around, and he is not getting punished.
Riot cares ONLY about money. Tyler brings Riot a lot of money. Why would they ban him? Think about the market. Who cares about "average" players when they don't produce not nearly as much money?
Etherim (EUW)
They don't care. Their developers are a bunch of dipsh*t undergraduate fcks.
Hananim (EUW)
: Because a master player suddenly having 2% winrate in 60 games is being bad. Get your head out of your behind.
I also joined them. Riot can't fix it, it's pointless. Might as well intentionally run it down. Currently in ranked as full AP Senna. :)
Hananim (EUW)
: Reminder that trolling wont get you banned
Riot doesn't care. Bunch of dogsh*t designers.
: Please just give us a real soloqueue
The designer are braindead r*tards, why would they give you such thing?
: Does Riot really have a balancing team?
They have one, unfortunately they're pretty goddamn useless and incompetent.
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Luqiez (EUW)
: Conqueror is so %%%%ing broken
Riot doesn't care about balance, so it doesn't matter.
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: Season 10 - The worst Matchmaking of League's history
The programmers are a bunch of undergraduate dumpster people who have next to no idea how a matchmaking system should work. At the very least they should be homeless.
Sëttt (EUW)
: A guy in-game and post-game & in a private chat real life threatening people.
: It's honestly wasted breath on their part. All a report does is trigger a review of a game. Think of it like: IFreportvalue=0<; review triggered So adding more to those numbers doesn't change anything. And if they didn't break the rules, nothing will happen post review. Usually if theyre calling for reports over a lost game where no one was intentionally feeding, or flaming or whatever, and it was just a game that you happened to lose, it's usually a mentality of: https://imgur.com/l1zRrcq
Can you mods stop being so disgustingly sensitive and STOP banning accounts on Boards because of your personal vendetta already? You legit banned my College Failed acc because I said "cry to your mama Riot", while you leave obviously provokative topics and comments open? Like.. it is so disgustingly obvious that you ban because of your dislike toward a specific person and not for their content. I wish we had the old forum with the old GD, where none of you were there..
: >IOW Kat: moron This alone justifies the ban. You've been notified with your 14 Days Ban report card, that ANY slightest further transgression will result in a permanent ban. This punishment is just the culmination of a series of previous punishments.
That's bs. I told several people that they should die in a sewer, you just gotta use diff. language and subvert the filter so it won't recignize you.
Rich Boii (EUW)
: Trollers in every other game?!
Trolling is the only way to show Riot that their system is flawed. Since they think flaming is a bigger problem than trolling, it is actually just more fun to create new accounts (or buy ones) and let them know how bad their system is.
: Hi there and welcome to the game! Don't get frustrated, LoL can be VERY hard at first for beginners but it gets better after a while. The initial losing streak is something many rating based systems feature. LoL is a bit slow in detecting genuinely new players, apparently, but eventually the system WILL match you up against opponets of a similiar playing strength. If teammates flame you, remember they are playing the game longer than you yet get matched with you in the same matches. Meaning they are not very good, and probably are frustrated. Try to not let it affect you, haters will hate even if there is zero objective reason. Continue to play and after a while things will start making sense to you and you will see your performance improve.
Why would you welcome new players? They are ruining their lives because of how trash this game is.
Morrhen (EUW)
: Leona has been there for ages. Untouched most of the time. She barely changes. One BIG change was her W nerf/improvement. Other removal of empowered AAs after she ults. If she had those, she would be shredding every single composition on botlane. With exception of Morgana supp as enemy. But yeah, Leona is very powerful and you have to build around her. You don't? You don't have a carry who can shred her before she reaches enemies? Guess you lose. Edit: To also add up. She won't get nerfed. Don't be counting on that. Recently she got a skin. It's quite for champions to go untouched once they get their skins. Same can be said why Diana didn't get nerfed. She has a Dragonslayer skin coming. Not that she entirely deserves those nerfs. Part of her tankiness comes from items. You get those items by assissting. You don't get ahead early on? Her tankiness falls of, since she's heavily reliant on her items. They scale both with her aftershock and her W. Also, buy items with armor penetration if she's THAT tanky. Dominik's regards exists. It gives you 35% armor pen. For low cost of 2800 gold. Very good if enemy team has a juggernaut who stacks a bit of armor... or if they have two tanks. Nautilus serves another role, by the way. He can dish out a large portion of damage. Unlike Leona. Nautilus is a HOOK champion. His ability to catch up with opponents is superior to Leona's. Unless Leona literally sticks to you by spamming her QE combos. In that case you're dead anyway. His ultimate is point and click. You can't miss it, unlike Leona's ult. On top of that, he has actual escape mechanics. Unlike Leona, who can't simply escape by hooking a wall. :) One thing you're right about though. If you want to ''fix'' Leona, it's either via removal from the game OR rework. No matter how you nerf her, she's useful because she has 3 stuns. That's it.
Dude, Leona is the biggest cancer in League..
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