Annôying (EUW)
: Looking for a PLAYER for Final Second Team. 3v3's (Active only)
ollioxis i play everyday, am open for skype or whatever u use :p i play since s2 and love to play with a team wich i can help and they can help me
Senpo (EUW)
: LF Top Laner for Ranked 5s and teamplay (Silver +)
Ollioxis no 19 S4 mains: {{champion:36}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:150}} i play all the main champs who are played mostly toplane i'm here since s2 play together with people, learn and feel the joy of climbing together with others i know the game, i play everyday. almost no exceptions and i'm very driven
: Team Eternal Red and Black LF Active Players
Ziaja (EUW)
ollioxis, silver 4, main toplane
: Wat is de verwachting van online beschikbaarheid en wat is de minimum leeftijd?
sorry voor late comment. maakt niet uit we spelen voor plezier.
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: Ranked team( Silver 3 ) zoekt TOP Laner
ik wil wel meedoen Ollioxis Silver 4 main toplane vanaf volgende vrijdag heb ik terug men headset xD
: LF Top laner for competitive team
added u, we can discuss on league :)
: Silver - Gold Team recruiting
Main toplaner S4 IGN: Ollioxis (i prefer discussing everything there) greets Olli
faron02 (EUW)
: join our team message me
atm i don't have mic, but next week i'll have my new laptop and my new headset. so then it won't be problem. now i can talk with mic from laptop but nt hight quality, main toplane S4 IGN; Ollioxis
DH714 (EUW)
: Team LF Players
add Olliois, we'll talk on league it'selve ;) silver 4 here
: MID/TOP Laner Wanted
main toplane/ mid i'll play where needed IGN; Ollioxis age: 18 from: belgium
: 5v5 TEAM RECRUITING ( SERIOUS ) 18+ Silver <3
hey, i'm Ollioxis main toplane, S4 main champs are: mundo, heca, maokai, rumble and kennen i'm 19, belgian but surely knwmy english very well u can add me ingame (prefer talking there) thx in advance Ollioxis
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willitobi (EUW)
: lf people for our new rankedteam
IGN; Ollioxis main toplane/ mid/jungle
CaitCarry (EUW)
: Team for climb- all tiers and leagues welcome
IGN: Ollioxis pm me ingame and we can talk
DragonKoi (EUW)
: Creating a Silver 5v5 team
IGN: Ollioxis division: currently s4 main: toplane main champs: maokai, rumble,ekko, hecarim, mundo, gnar, lulu, lissandra, Zed, Vladimir second main: junle second main champs; hecarim, sejuani, gragas, evelyn more info u can add me ingame ;)
: [XiSE] - Recruiting players: All roles available
i'd like to join the Academy team (silver 4) i main toplane/ jungle mostly; maokai, rumble lissandra, lulu, Sion... (top) reksai, sejuani, nidalee, lee sin (jungle) i'm 18 atm thx in advance. Ollioxis
: SuperNovaPrime wants you!
IGN: Ollioxis Roles; toplane, jungle main champs; maokai, rumble, sejuani, vladimir secondary mains: sejuani, kha zix, reksai... age: 18 rankd: Silver 4 just so u know; atm i don't have a mic unless i use skype on my phone wich is lil less quality. if u really want me to talk it'll be trough skype on my phone. thanks in advance Ollioxis
hallo, ik ben Ollioxis ik jungle veel, vooral Sejuani en maokai maar ik speel zogoed als alle junglers (zelfs mundo etc) ik speel iedere dag vanaf 21 uur. ik ben voor het moment wel S4 hope 2 see u ingame Ollioxis
TrollisLT (EUW)
: [Team Recruitment] Tier's between Bronze-1 - Gold-1 [ENG]
1 Ollioxis 2 18 3 main toplane 4 belgium 5 belgium xD 6 toplane and jungle 7 maokai/rumble 8 S4 9 4 (hardly but if i have a bad day i might
ichigola (EUW)
main toplaner second main jungle i live in GMT+1 playing every evening 21h (my time) ign: Ollioxis
: Creating a silver team LF: top/adc
hey guys i'm Ollioxis i'm a main toplaner, maining {{champion:31}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:68}} feel free to add me and i'll gladly answer your questions, just so u guys know, i have played this champions over and over again, these have 0 secrets for me. also i'll gladly try champions u guys throw at me if needed :) thanks in advance Ollioxis
Ziaja (EUW)
ollioxis i'm 18, play all toplaners (except 1-2) i play everyday after 21h my time (gmt+1) thanks in advance
: Smelly Oldmen Squad (dutch team)
ign: Ollioxis age: 18 main role: top main champs: dat zijn maokai, rumble, vlad, lulu, lissandra, olaf dagen: iedere dag na 21h teamspeak heb ik en ja ik ben nederlands (belg) xD
Hopsins (EUW)
: Looking for people to play with (unranked)!
i'll add u, we can play later if u like :) Ollioxis
: Team looking for Toplane, silver-gold pref
i'm a toplaner ( i have answered on your previous post) :) thanks in advance :) Ollioxis
: Creating Semi-Serious Team
i'm a toplaner, current silver. if u don't mind i prefer if we talk ingame i can say that i mainly play maokai, rumble, liss, mundo.... but i acctually play almost all champions, toplaners or not... xp if u have more questions feel free to add me IGN; Ollioxis thanks in advance
: Ranked team looking for enthusiastic patient players
i'm a silver toplaner, last season i was gold but i'm struggling now to get back up ANYWAY if u want u can add me ingame as well IGN: Ollioxis however i do have to notice that i only play after 20 english time in the week... since i have to work untill 19h... we might be able to arrange thanks in advantage
KeaZi (EUW)
: New Team With Permant Roles (Roles) EUW, Bronze - Silver
hey i'm a main toplaner, i must say that i work in weeks untill 20h.. so i'm only online from 21.... in weekends i mostly am totally free IGN: Ollioxis if u want to talk. i'll cya there :)
: The Revived LF 2 Fillers (Silver)
Ollioxis i'm a toplaner/support/ mid i have TS no problem i prefer giving more info on private chats xp IGN; Ollioxis
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Griner (EUW)
: 1) Jarlekin 2) Yasuo 3) Yasuo, Talon, Top Annie 4) ADC 5) Yasuo, Yasuo, Yasuo, Vayne 6) Yasuo 7) Yasuo
not filling in the questions already shows me u are not in the position to join the team i am sorry but i'm giving u one more chance Ollioxis
Serioso (EUNE)
: 1) Serioso (you are looking for serious players, and my name... well it means serious) (same name EUNE and EUW) 2) adc, but can go support also. 3) Caitlyn, Kalista, Tristana 4) As I said, support 5) By far Morgana 6) Want to have some serious fun. 7) Ehr... competitive fun?
i'll be adding you 2morrow since i'm just going off to bed now xD
: Team LF Top laner Silver-Gold
main toplane, Ollioxis (allionax) u know me from be4 xD
: Main supp plat 4 ATM. Serious Swedish player Looking for team to own the world.
im making up a team, i'm only a silver but i have good experience in the game if u want we can talk btw: nice Sabaton quote... LOVE IT Ollioxis
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: LF Silver Top Laner for Ranked 5s
i'm main toplaner, gold V last seaon getting back now from S5 after horrible provisionals xD
Wibbix (EUW)
: Gold+ Team looking for Top laner
i was gold last season; however i had a big throwback since i started S5 trying to main jungle i went back to maining toplane and went back from S5 to S4 now... still climbing up again. i usually play starting at 9 pm until i'm 2 tirred to go on xD more info u can add me ingame; Ollioxis
Kwepp (EUW)
: Guardians looking for an Analyst.
i'm myself a Silver player however i know more about the game then i am good at playing it... u can add me if u want to talk to me, however i can't skype (talk) tonight IGN: ollioxis
TheSw0rd (EUW)
: LF toplaner
i play every day from 9pm tilll i'm falling almost asleep xD if u want i can help u guys out my rl name is Emiel i'm 18 mostly play: maokai, lulu and rumble but i can play many champions so no problem i hope to hear from u again ;-) ign: Ollioxis
Ollioxis (EUW)
: hey there i'm Belgian 18 years old now toplane or support toplane; maokai, rumble, lulu support; leona, annie, thresh
btw u can add me anytime, i'm playing from 9pm till i'm to tirred xD
: Making ranked team silver-gold
hey there i'm Belgian 18 years old now toplane or support toplane; maokai, rumble, lulu support; leona, annie, thresh
Zambit (EUW)
: this is why I'll never get past Silver
welcome to Riot games... it's been like that ....ALL 4 years so far... so not gonna change in the 5th year anyway... u better get used 2 it
: Sometimes Legit Wants YOU!
ign: ollioxis we can talk ther i main toplane
DragonKoi (EUW)
: Top Laner Wanted
main toplaner Ollioxis i prefer giving more info in personal messages ;-) thx in advance
: Want to make a low elo(silver team)
: Brand New Team " The Rebelion " Recruiting
u can count me in S4 (promo's) ollioxis
: DoubleBunnies Ranked 5's Team Recruitment
most played champs: maokai, rumble, lulu Silver V (promo) Ollioxis toplane 1 year around that 1i have relatively good laningphases where i farm up good 2 in teamfights i don't forget to target squishy enemies instead of tanks weakness) i'm not afraid to try new champions wich can put me in akward positions and i sometimes can become angry in myself when i don't get any help against a strong enemy toplaner dedication: !/10 i played with a team before wich i'm still in but they became less active and i am looking to play with awsome people and have a gr8 time just playing together thanks in advance ollioxis
: Starting a team
Ollioxis dutch and english silver 4 Gold 4 toplane all toplaners GMT+1 will be from 9PM till i'm 2 tirred xD
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